Things Undefinable

Things Undefinable

Lets put what’s in our hearts; the sacredness of the love we share with another into a book with psychological subtitles. As soon as we try to define it; we destroy it. Some things are just meant to be felt. Don’t limit it with your earthly vocabulary. It is of the whole universe. Only fathomable on a quantum level. Micro particles dancing harmoniously celebrating your growth in love.

It is seeing a garden bloom in the sweetness of spring. Seasoned so aromatically. Open your mouth. Taste it. Stop looking for the recipe.

The only true translation of love is in parables, poetry that ends with you wanting more, a painting that opens a door in your soul letting something out you didn’t know was there. Accidental, surprising, a beautiful discovery. There’s a spark that can not be limited to words but will send your body jolting if you touch it. Even with your timid fingertips and salty tears.

Take my hand and walk in the dark with me. Love is the blackness of space, infinite in its place, a formless utopia of what you make it to be. The supreme ingredient of all alchemy.

It is the super position of all super powers to have the bravery to embark on it’s unfolding.

By Janell Hihi

Copyright 2015


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