Let it be


Letting Go

Don’t let go; Let it be

Letting go assumes you were holding on

But nothing in this life is really ever grasped

Everything, everyone Is fleeting

Let it be what it is

And all it ever was

All it will ever be

Is beautiful

Trust. The. Flow.


The most common phrase I heard or seen in meme’s repeatedly in 2015 was those three majestic word, “Let it go!” I really thought about the phrase and what it means when I got a chance to unplug this weekend. I realized while meditating that to let go of something has a bad and very negative stigma to it. It echoes loss and failure.

With such a negative connotation attached to letting go, there is no question why people continue holding on. It’s a painful thing to do, letting something go, be it yourself, others, experiences or things. What I found to be more real and a much more positive outlook, instead of letting it go, let it be!

Let it be. It is not a passive stance at all, but it is superior, it is the ultimate form of acceptance.

Don’t try to alter what a thing is, look with your whole heart and accept it. If it does not serve your higher purpose let it be, we can never really let go of things, people, places or experiences that have shaped us, we wear them and they are a part of us. Don’t let it go, let it motivate, inspire and be a catalyst for your self- growth.

Trust the journey. Every person, place, thing, experience is all part of your becoming. You are a mosaic of fragments of every experience you collected on your journey.

It’s 2016

Don’t let it go

Let it be


By Janell Hihi



6 thoughts on “Let it be

  1. This is so true! We never really let go of someone we love, they are a part of us whether we part ways or not… It’s time to examine how we use language and how it shapes our realities. Just changing sayings we use daily can make a huge impact. Thank you for this!


  2. Isn’t letting it be still holding on without changing anything?
    Limbo status? Maybe it’s not a good look to let it be…. If it’s unhealthy
    Or is letting go and letting be essentially the same thing?
    I guess it’s true because according to your quatum physcis blog multiple realities can exist at the same time!
    Talented and beautiful… Janell;-)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is awesome, can’t read your upcoming book! So many of look at things the wrong way our whole lives because we refuse to “think” outside of what we have been taught. I love YOU! Come back to visit us in ATL soon, baby Jazzy misses you and gives kisses.


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