Love for the Ambitious

There comes a time when all old things, some of our most cherished traditions and belief systems must come to an end. We continue to fail because we cling tightly to what worked in the past regarding love, family and shared values. Times have changed and we have to redefine a few things.

I want to focus on redefining love specifically for those who categorize themselves as “Ambitious.”

If you are more content with life, satisfied with working 40 hours a week for a great company, and you look forward to coming home to your loved one’s every night and planning weekend outings that is great! The ambitious partner may not be for you. Your feelings could easily be hurt by a few of the common sayings below;

  1. “I like you but I don’t have time for a relationship.”

Most traditional relationship advice gurus would tell you this person is just not that into you. That is not the case if you simply verified their credentials; they really and truly have a full time job and are trying to get 2 businesses off the ground! They may also have a kid.

This takes serious juggling. If you are the type who needs constant attention this is not the relationship for you! If you place the value of your relationship based on the amount of time you spend together, the ambitious love interest is not for you. Below is another very frequent saying among the ambitious…

2. Sorry honey but I am going to have to cancel our date this evening, I have to get this proposal finished.”

3. Running late! That meeting lasted longer than expected.

Disappointment is natural when anyone who has set plans and their significant other is running late or has to cancel. However, if your partner harbors resentment this is a huge red flag. No matter how dedicated and supportive they claim to be, they really do have an issue with your frequent cancellations but unsure of how to deal with it.


Expect lots of bickering, tit for tat revenge tactics and frequent arguments. Fun! They often begin to think your cheating, not very into them or full of shit. As they have the right to! If they don’t understand your incessant need to get shit done, knock out goals and start new projects… well, then your not compatible!

How do you determine the difference between the noncommittal type and the ambitious?

Simple. Non-committal guy/gal has free time but has to accommodate several love interest, leaving just a cinch of time for you as opposed to the ambitious guy/gal who just has no fucking time! Literally, most of their time is actually working. Usually when time frees up it’s for friends, family or you! No further analysis needed.

The ambitious have goals they work hard to attain. They feel just as passionate about those endeavors as they do love and relationships.

It is an even playing field. As a result, the time and space needed to complete those goals and fulfill their dreams must be honored and their prospective love interest must understand. Those who understand us the most actually share that ambition.

There are few love prospects out their content with the simple life and vow to help you and support you in following your dreams.

However, the risk of them being resentful because it is all about you will eventually come to the surface and the hurt and the pain it will cause is not worth the risk. People who are content with simple lives have needs too, you will have to sacrifice and be able to meet their needs as well. Why go through all the trouble and sacrificing when you can just find someone who you’re actually compatible with?

It is best to have a partner who also has ambition, who also needs space and time to get their dreams off the ground. You will appreciate not having to always explain yourself.

Needless to say, love for the ambitious will not work with a traditional relationship foundation. Dinner will not be cooked every evening by 6:30pm, weekends may be spent in the office instead of at home in each other’s arms and quality time together in general may be very limited. You may not get a good morning text every day and occasionally a really important event in your life will be missed by your significant other who is in New York hosting an art exhibit.

There are people who need to do things to help evolve the world besides reproducing, it’s in their divine order to create art, businesses, literature , inventions & much more!  They need the space and time to do those things. Anyone or anything not conducive to that won’t be a compatible love match

It is really simple, define love how it fits your life! If you do not know what your life is about stay single and uncommitted until you find your purpose.

Ambitious people who believe once they are “Not so busy” they can settle down and be in a “traditional” relationship are truly disillusioned.

If you are truly among the ambitious, as soon as one goal is accomplished, 2 new goals are put on the table. Most of the time you get more busy the more successful you become. The contracts multiply. And why stop the momentum to be in a relationship? That would be a sacrifice you should not be willing to take. This is what you live for, who you are. Accept that!


Not sure who is the author but I found it on Pinterest and it resonated with me. We must accept and be okay with our goals and ambition.

We must understand that holding back in accomplishing our goals to accommodate a relationship is a disservice to ourselves, our significant other and the world!

Embrace your inherent desire to create and drop any concept of love that is traditional, you are a mover and a shaker, a trailblazer. Now apply that knowledge to your love life and redefine it to make it work for you.

Don’t “Settle down,” in the since of slowing down your ambitions. Except, If it is to stop sleeping with 4 people and narrowing it down to one, in that case I am okay with that saying.

The truth is the ambitious don’t ever settle down, nor do they slow down, until they die. Love them or Leave them alone. Everything in between will be an unfulfilling experience.



One thought on “Love for the Ambitious

  1. But 2 ambitious people could cancel each other out right? Meaning neither have time for the other which would result in no contact, no contact no relationship… This could get tricky either way but usually someone would have to sacrafice something.


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