Power of Clarity

If you are unclear about anything stay uncommitted. The universe only responds to clarity, if you are confused, everything in your life will be confusing. Results only come when there is Clarity.

When there is clarity, a decision can be made.  A decision is a powerful force that moves us forward. Indecision and confusion does the exact opposite. Sometimes clarity is accomplished by introspection or gathering the facts. Other times, it’s just deciding to take a risk and see what happens. It can be intuitive and without reasoning. Either way, decisions are not easy to come to.

So what is the hard part? The difficult task is deciding. That can be a journey within itself. Sometimes it’s finding yourself, who you are and what career path you should take. Other times it’s waiting to see how your body responds to a new medication, researching to see if the move across the country is worth it or getting to know a potential love interest before deciding to take the relationship to the next level.

I will elaborate more on this in regards to relationships in my upcoming book!

Whatever the case, the journey we must take to decide must have a time limit. Life only happens on the level of movement and events.

Failure to achieve clarity and not make clear decisions will result in our lives being stuck in one place, in limbo. We can’t grow in that place. Attain clarity, make decisions, make moves. That is all.

By Janell Hihi



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