Assuming Feelings

Some people really believe they can tell you how you feel. About them, about life, about specific topics, events, etc.,

I always find it fascinating when your dating or in a relationship with someone who tries to tell you how you feel. It is almost intrusive, if someone truly believe they can “see into you,” as if they know you that well or have some keen psychic ability you didn’t know they possessed.

It is quite simple to just ask someone how they feel and also evaluate their actions. This can give you a good sense of what it is they might be feeling but that is not definitive. Asking someone how they feel and waiting for an answer then accepting that answer is the true mark of a humble person who knows their place and that is not to tell YOU how you feel!

It is arrogant and really dismissive of how you really feel to have someone assume they know more about you than yourself. Make it clear to everyone asserting your feelings for you that you are capable of sharing your feelings without their judgmental interruptions. Their issue is not being able to receive the feelings you share. That’s another blog topic.

By Janell Hihi


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