Asserting Our Feminism

The responsibility that comes with asserting our feminism

To be a feminist, there is much more to it than a verbal confirmation you elect to post on social media, there is a bigger responsibility than posting meme’s on Facebook and quotes from earlier feminist who made positive changes in the lives of women world wide

Asserting feminism is a quiet oath you make to yourself and the universe. A whispered promise you make to every women who is not allowed to speak. A commitment to be your authentic self and never down play your feminism, indulge your creative whims, be moody and assertive when the full moon empowers you, be quiet and graceful when you are called to nurture and give love. You are many things, not singular, you are powerful mimicking the ways of nature, you are variable, multiple, plentiful and beautiful.” Janell Hihi

To bring about real change in the world is to balance the male and female energy. To participate in the balancing movement you do not have to literally join a feminist group or start a cult,  you don’t have to hate men, you simply make a vow to never downplay your emotions, your unconditional love, your humanity and your intuition because you were told it was socially unacceptable.


Release all the lies from religion, society, culture and the establishment. Be a women, fully and authentically and power will emanate from your very being.

Acting like a man in any way is actually counterproductive and prolongs the balancing of the male and female energy because you are adding more masculinity in an already overly masculine world.

Also to blast stereotypical views of feminist; a real feminist doesn’t hate. In fact, her job is to teach the world how to love. Love is her specialty. Along with warmth, grace, strength and humanity. The feminist loves men, but not more than she loves herself. The feminist knows balance and that balance of energies has the power to transform the world.

Women can no longer afford to be victims. Confidence originates from self love but throughout the generations women were taught to love others first. Her moodiness is a problem, her ideas foolish, her intuition psychotic. However, the greatest disservice to the world was the women not loving herself. As a result, the women can not love fully and this gets passed along into her intimate relationships, her family, her children, the world.


In addition, women accepting victim roles and denying her own ability to defend herself makes us the fragile sex in need of a man’s protection. But what happens when the protector becomes the offender? Women need to fight back and I mean literally. Get a gun license, buy a gun, become skilled with your weapons. Also learn intermediate level self defense. We need to educate ourselves and our daughters on the patterns of common psychological issues to be able to identify them in others and protect ourselves.

Ninety percent of rape victims are female, only 5% of rapist face jail time. The message is clear, both legislatively and figuratively… it is okay to violate a women.

It is okay for them to rape our daughters, assault our sisters? What are we doing as women besides reciting statistics and asking other men to help us and hear us out. The results we get from asking? Slim to none. We need to take a proactive stance rather than reactive and create our own safety measures.

She who can bare birth to a child can bare the means of defense for herself and that child. ” Janell Hihi

If we truly want our assigned place as equal to a man, the thrown is empty next to him but he won’t willingly invite you to sit, you must show him your are capable in your own feminist right. The first step is just taking that seat, that alone earns you the respect.

Take it! 

Don’t ask or wait for the men in the world to give you the green light. Assert your position.

Authentic feminism means standing in your intellectual power, it is knowing your brain power is also needed. Your intellect, intuition and flourishing hearts has the ability to consciously capitalize in business without hurting our planet, our children’s future or threatening the lives of others overseas to provide superficial conveniences to Americans.


Take your power, assert your position and lead as a women without a cinch of influence of a man. Simply put women are cut from a different cloth. Bravery and fearlessness is needed to assert yourself from a feminist perspective but you can do it. You can handle it, all the pressure and all of the pain, you do it everyday. You slay the roles assigned to you by society and you can slay the roles your passionate about in or outside of a boardroom.

My call to action to all women all over the world is to be yourself and embrace every riff and raff of your natural feminine cycles. Be you unapologetically and then encourage other women to do the same.

One you have captured the love that is produced from authentic feminism your heart will overflow with it. You will stand in your power, take care of your home, which is this beautiful planet they are destroying day by day. Take care of our beautiful children, let your love overflow and drown them with love and teach them to be brave and courageous. Then watch patiently and gracefully as your love transforms the world and evolves human consciousness. Ladies let’s get in formation, let’s get it out, all that we truly are!

By Janell Hihi



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