Are You Afraid to Want What You Really Want?


Today’s Running Meditation.

Are you afraid to want what you really want?”

What do you really want? Let that question sit with you and if you meditate, meditate on it and see what comes to you. If you pray, pray about it and let the answer come to you. While running start thinking about all of the “wants” you keep suppressed out of fear of upsetting others. For any reason you are not going after what you want, once you realize what it is that you do want, ask yourself this;

“What is stopping you from wanting what you really want?”

To want what you really want is to be brave and fearless. If you really want something that is outside of ego and that is in the realm of love and compassion, it is awesome that you want it is essential to accept that you want it. To deny wanting something that you really want is not living authentically.


The bravery to stand in your truth means that you are no longer afraid to want what you want. If you always wanted to be an artist and you make that clear, set the intention and start doing the work to get into that industry of the art you desire then you are living authentically, not out of fear and embarrassment or validation of others.

What does it take to live authentically? Self-love and fearlessness.

So if you are afraid to want it, fight through those fears and live in your wanting. As you fight through your run to go faster and run longer, accept who you are and boldly go after what it is you really want.

Happy Mindful Running

By Janell Hihi



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