Don’t project your fears unto me, stay with your own negative energy, it is not essential for you to share it with others, rather it is suggested you simmer in it by yourself until you boil into higher consciousness and awakening.

Today, don’t let them give “their” hostile energy to you. Refuse to let it even scathe your skin partially, don’t eat it up when they serve you up a projection of their jilted selves disguised by saying it is you! I am whole-heartedly myself. What you are saying I am, you are that!

What you are saying I am

You are that.

It’s easier to deflect the image in your mirror unto someone else. I am not impressed with your attempts to try to “read” me, I am more so saddened by your in-ability to evolve by avoiding that test we all must take, of accepting your own reflection in the mirror rather than denying it and saying it is me.

It is you.

I am growing past that phase I originally met you in

You are resistant of my growth because it is calling you to do the same

You are not brave, not willing, and I

No longer attracted to the stagnant inability to progress that you possess

I am reveling, rebelling, unstuck

Calling you to this elevated place

By Janell Hihi

copyright @2016


2 thoughts on “Undeliverable

  1. People who refuse to grow resent you when you decide to flower. We all go through things and may go through a down and out phase. We meet people who are also helpless then when we transcend and they stay on that level there is instant friction.


  2. We grow out of people and situations. Trouble is when u allow them to hold u back when u know you past the level there still on


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