Forbidden Discussions

Mother’s day just past this Sunday. I spent the last 3 months introspectively looking into the dynamics of the relationship I have with my mother.

Actually for the past few years I have started to realize and accept the wedge between the relationship with my mother and how it all began.

I believe that the physical or mental absence of a father is overly exaggerated and the mental or physical abandonment of a mother is rarely observed and if so on a very miniscule level. However, both parents having an equally damaging affect. Although I will regress and be a bit biased when I say the absent mother is even moreso devastating.

I can’t begin to tell you how to reconcile the issues you may have with your mother. Denying that they are there because society demands us to honor our mother’s despite their impetfections. Despite our own wounds, and despite our growth. We go on swallowing our own blood because initiating that heart to heart conversation with your mother makes you believe you are focusing on the negative and unappreciative of all the love she has given you.

This is simply not true. Thankfully, I moved past the stage of denial and accepted that there are issues between my mother and I that need to be explored further. I’d like for my readers to briefly set aside daddy issues and focus on the forbidden. I dare you to look at the dynamics of the relationship with your mother and pay close attention of how it is affectiving your life today.

I will continue to share my journey as I become more enthralled in it.

Mindful healing.


By Janell Hihi




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