Success after Sacrafice

My Reality Check. The quality versus quantity of time revelation.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting with two very important people in my life. My literary agent and my life coach. I was humbled by the information, guidance and advice I received from these individuals.

I realized a few issues in my life that were holding me back from my success. Some of the issues are circumstances out of my control, others can be changed with persistence and dedication. I realized that I had to make my writing a top priority and that means that I would have to make a few sacrifices. I talked to my personal coach about what I was willing to sacrifice in my life to make way for the writing career that I desired and it was a tough conversation. I realized I can have everything but not at the same time, so for now, until I get to where I need to be, I would have my social life pay the price.


My daughter is a priority, and although I realized I’d much rather spend quality to with her than have a buzzing social life, it does hurt a little bit to give up a little of my freedom as a sacrifice for my career. But there is no other way around it, if I really want to be a writer, I will have to work my ass off!

My coach reminded me that if I am not willing to sit at home in the summer on an entire weekend and write, I do not have what it takes to excel. I don’t want it bad enough.

The remorse I feel when I go to an outing rather than finishing a chapter in my book is real, it follows me like a shadow… taunting me to go back. Go back home and write. Feeling out of place because my place in this phase of my life is to write. Home is my face to a blank screen, typing, creating… I have so much to share.

Yes, I have the creativity but I also need the other ingredients to the formula of success which is sacrifice and complete dedication. Turning down social invites, perhaps getting less than 6 hours of sleep most nights and when I do have spare time I need to take care of myself and tend to my child.

I learned that quality of time is much more important than quantity of time.” Janell Hihi

If I give my daughter my full and undivided attention for a few hours, it is much better than giving her an entire day of my wavering attention.

Quality versus quantity when spending time with loved ones. I’ve learned as a single mother my time is so scarce; I have a career yet I want to branch into becoming a writer.


I have so much on my plate, when I get time I will treat it as precious as it is, giving those I am with my complete and undivided attention. Being fully present with them for the small amount of time I have with them. Tucking my cell phone away and mentally blocking out my “to-do” list is key.

The difference is magnificence. So, as I hone in and settle down into my writing. I realize I may get lonely, I may be tempted to party, but I must persevere and get to where I am going.

I either sacrifice my dream for this life I am not content with or sacrifice this life I am not content with in exchange for my dream.” Janell Hihi

The decision is clear. It’s time to bring the dream to the factory and build it, tirelessly and relentlessly.

I hope to see my fellow dreamers in the trenches with me, doing the divine work you were called here to do!

Nothing will be left unfinished.


By Janell Hihi




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