Emotional Censorship is Not Representing The Feminine


Unfortunately, I’ve notice a trend. More and more people are invalidating the power and insight of emotion.

It is a common theme in everything we see, read, and hear today in our everyday lives, especially in the practice of Buddhism and the trend of spiritually awakening. I see people denying the feminine, by denying everything beautiful. Emotions are little red flags that lead us in conjunction with logic, intuition and experience.

However, being emotional and exhibiting “emotions” more and more is being looked upon as a weakness. Especially negative emotions. The entire universe is made of dualities, this is physics 101. Negative and positive charges are equally significant and equally relevant on a scientific level and a human consciousness level.” Janell Hihi

Trying to repress negativity by being happy when your sad, positive when your negative, etc., means you are not being REAL.

Realness trumps spiritual awakening. Authenticity emits emotions through balancing not being too emotional yet not repressing an emotion just because it is negative.

Being charged by negative emotions I learned many things about myself and other people. It is ok to be negative sometimes in fact, it is essentially needed to maintain the balance.

The rise of the feminine is all about embracing our feminine energy and feminine qualities. Feminine energy is about encouraging authenticity despite so-called societal norms.Unfortunately the world has denied feminine energy for centuries and masculinity is far more abundant and dominant.

This is exactly why emotions are being outlawed, we are now being taught by so called Zen masters to remain emotionless is self mastery. No! Balancing the feminine and masculine energies within yourself is self mastery.” Janell Hihi

As a result of mastering the feminine and masculine energy within yourself, you help the world do the same. How is masculine energy trumping feminine energy and how is it hurting the world?

Your heart and your emotions LEAD you in divine order and with the flow of the universe. Your heart KNOWS when something is wrong and it emits emotions to you to emit signals that something is wrong or when something is right.

The overly masculine energy on earth dictates us to believe that thought, thinking and logic is the correct way to make decisions in your life. That is a lie.

The heart is the authentic center of your life. Thinking with your heart, there is no over analyzing, no weighing options, it’s a gut knowing. It is the doorway to divine intuition. This is all feminine energy. That which is lacking in the world today, we are too cerebral as a people. Our challenge is to balance feelings, instincts and intuition with logic and cerebral reasoning.

Operating from your mind alone is a tricky trap that breeds depression, mental disorders and personality disorders. It breeds abuse and narcissism. Disconnecting with your heart center is dangerous.” Janell Hihi

If people used their hearts instead of their heads the world would be a completely different place. The biggest misconception is that your heart will fool you. People say your thinking with your heart so your blind!

No, your thinking with your head and ignoring your heart and that is why your blind! The heart is better than the brain. In fact, your heart will tell you, “This is not right” You think that’s your mind but that is your heart in conjunction with your gut-intuition telling you that.

Your mind tries to analyze what your heart is telling you and that is when you play yourself. That is when you open yourself up to get played by others too. This is when you become conflicted and confused.

Instead of asking yourself or others what do you THINK about this, that, and the other, ask yourself how do you FEEL about this, that, or the other. What you feel is always what is right.

What you think is only a reaction to how you feel, it is the mind trying to rationalize feelings. Feelings are far more authentic and instinctual than thoughts.” Janell Hihi

The heart drives you toward your passion in life, it drives you toward authenticity. It asks you to be open and vulnerable, loving, trusting, compassionate and forgiving. The mind asks you to be untrusting, closed off, narcissistic, manipulative and evil.

Your mind tells you to ignore your heart. And when you ignore your heart you literally stop living!  Just think for a moment the most successful people always say the same thing once they make it, and that is “I followed my heart.”

Following your heart and people follow you. They see that you are real, they run towards you because in a world that despises the heart, feelings and emotions… you are representing what is repressed.

Following your heart you are doing what we are all afraid to do. You are living a “Heart Centered” life. This is what really what drives people to become obsessed with artist and celebrities.

Following your heart is challenging, it is accepting both good and bad truths, but most of all it is about accepting TRUTH. Truth about you, and truth about others. Follow your heart relentlessly and you can never, ever fail. This is what the divine feminine is here to teach you.

The script has been flipped. The heart, feelings, and emotions are no longer considered weaknesses and inferior to the brain. The heart shall be recognized for the energetic intelligence that it harbors. The rise of the feminine demands we get reacquainted with our hearts.” Janell Hihi

The common slang phrase “Your in your feelings” is actually not an insult as one would expect. It is a compliment. In fact, you want to be in your FEELINGS. They are smarter and less likely to be confused than being in your thoughts. Feelings tell you the truth about every situation.

Why do you think Buddhist and spiritualist who practice meditation tell you to look at your thoughts but don’t react to them? Because thoughts are actually irrational, cerebral and non-psychic. They are NOT generated from the heart so they are irrelevant and should be ignored.

LISTEN TO YOUR HEART and stop confusing your heart with your brain.

Your mind confuses you. It makes you analyze and miss the “spirit and energy” of a situation. Most women don’t know this but the mind is easily tricked, the heart is not.  Ignoring your feelings and thinking only with your head and logic sets you up for narcissistic abuse and manipulation.” Janell Hihi

The world lacks what the feminine energy can bring to it to create a more balanced existence for humans all over the world. Below I listed what feminine qualities are missing and how the world is suffering:

1. Love: The world is suffering because lack of love is creating inequality, lack of love is disconnecting parents from their offspring. More and more people are superficial lacking love.

2. Emotion: The world is trying to make us void of emotion. It is asking us to be neutral which is not at all possible. The universe is made of negative and positive charges that work in harmony to keep the universe functioning. Many people believe showing emotion is a weakness, so we are in the age of repressing. Feminine energy represents the power of  emotion and repressing emotion is NOT representing the feminine.

3. Compassion: Real woman in touch with her feminine self is the epitome of compassion. She is that shoulder you can cry on, she transcends anger and see’s the real reasons behind behavior, she knows we are human and make mistakes. She is the big heart seeing past all your imperfections. The world lacks compassion because compassion creates responsibility. People want to be more about money and ambition. Sappy compassion just gets in their way.

4. Forgiveness: To forgive is a very feminine characteristic. A mother, a woman, a creator has the forthright to let go of sadness and anger from the people she herself gave birth to. Even more so she knows the dangers of not forgiving, it is more an act of self sabotage than anything else.

The rise of the feminine will teach all men this feminine truth. Unfortunately, many woman are denying their power to forgive and acting more in a masculine manner which is to all humanities detriment.

5. Intuition: A woman belongs so much to nature, she has animal, wolf like instincts. She changes like the seasons and the moons, she sniffs out mischief and is guided by a distinct power of the universe that let’s her in on secrets about people, events, circumstances, danger and the recognition of real love. Unfortunately, women have been taught that intuition is crazy, because men have told her that repeatedly.

Since men do not have the same intuitive qualities as women, especially those who are overly masculine, they really truly believe highly intuitive women are bat-shit crazy. Yet they are still mesmerized by her ability to see through things and people. Accept your intuition or fight with it. Either way it will stay with you as a woman, lurking and reminding  you of your gut truth.

6. Protection: This may appear confusing, typically people believe males are to provide protection. No, that is false. In fact, in the animal kingdom women are far more protective by nature to our families, offspring, communities and our own hearts.

Society has taught woman to be docile and weak because her man is “supposed” to protect her. However, woman are naturally just as protective or even more so than men. Especially for those who need the most protection, the vulnerable, children and the elderly.

7. Creativity: The women who is not creating is suffocating, she is not living. Whether that creating is sewing, cooking, make love and making babies, creating a home, creating peace, creating rage, creating revolution, creating a poem, a story, a novel, a dance, a song, a rap song, a hairstyle, new make up techniques, creating a new business, creating a strong man, creating fucking chaos.

If she is not creating she is dying. Creativity is divinely feminine.

The more creative the world becomes, the more higher the feminine energy will reach. There is a such thing as creative destruction, similar to how R & B music is becoming less about love and vulnerability and more about sex, lust, hatred and money.

The feminine only creates from an authentic place. If it’s made of love, like momma’s homemade cooking, it is divine femininity.” Janell Hihi

8. Humanity: Women emit humanity, we love. We love ourselves, our neighbors, our families, our lovers, animals, our planet, and the world. Regardless of race, religion, culture, sexual orientation or gender the feminine energy loves all humanity and craves humanity and equality for every human on earth.

Seeing the world in such discord, all the hatred, genocides, child abuse, mass shootings, legal injustices, literally sickens me. If feminine energy rises, we will see less destruction for our fellow beings and a lot more love and humanity.


The rise of the feminine is what each soul needs to develop within, and what the world needs to heal as a whole. It is that simple.

If you are a women reading this do not think like a man and act like a woman, act like a woman through in through, from your scalp to the tip of your pedicured toes, be emotional, loving, kind, patient, a humanitarian, compassionate, protective and creative.

Let’s be who we really are because it is exactly what the world really needs.

Rise of the feminine within.


By Janell Hihi


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