The Difference Between Alignment & Ambition

A client emailed me a very heartfelt letter. She asked a very interesting question regarding ambition versus alignment. First of all, I want to answer by first defining what each word means. Spiritually, ambition is the action and execution one takes to accomplish a goal. It can be any goal.

The issue with ambition is that the goal may or may not serve the greater good. On the contrary, when you are in alignment, the sole beneficiary of your work serves the greater good. Ambition is a neutral word so it can be associated negatively or positively behind a set of action depending on the end goal.

Ambition is exhausting; Being in alignment is empowering.” Janell Hihi

The ego is closely tied to ambition because being ambitious does not necessarily mean that you are in alignment. For example, Tom was very ambitious. He worked hard and even went so far as to step on a few co-workers toes to get a promotion.

If ambition means getting to where you desire to be by any means necessary, it serves the ego. The ego is never satisfied so the destructive behavior continues. However, when you are in alignment, things just flow. You work hard but your work does not turn into an obsession.

When we are in alignment our work does not include stepping on other’s toes to get ahead. Also, when we are in alignment we are operating from our higher selves and work is no longer work, instead it becomes your mission.

Passion is an emotion and emotion has a higher vibration than a thought. Emotions manifest quicker than thoughts because emotions ride on passion. Ambition is driven by thoughts. In contrast, being in alignment is driven by passion created from emotion. This is exactly why highly successful people are passionate about what they do.

If it wasn’t for their passion, they would have never made it so far.

Ambition is more like a get-rich-quick scheme. It is not necessary based on what you contribute to the world. Instead, it is based on what you can get from the world.



I believe that we all vacillate between being ambition and being in alignment throughout life. After all, we have bills to pay so being ambitious to keep a roof over our head is essential. However, deep down inside, we all long to live out our passion.

People who make a living doing what they love is a prime example. The common misconception is, most people believe that they will not be able to make a living pursuing their passion and that mind frame is what holds us back.

Regardless, the bills are coming due and we have to put food on the table. The missing link is, being in alignment has a synchronicity domino effect on your life. Being in alignment is being your authentic self unapologetically and fearlessly following your own heart.


When we follow our hearts, things begin to just work themselves out magically. Feelings trump thoughts and passion arises that propels us to walk in the direction towards our dreams.

Soon people start to show up on our paths to help us along away. Opportunities are given to us to accelerate our vision. Alignment also allows us to work tirelessly without fatigue because we are making an impact on the world.

How to get into alignment:

  1. Take the time to get out of your mind and into your heart. What are you passionate about? What would you like to contribute to the world? (Do NOT ask yourself what the world can contribute to you; be selfless).
  2. Have courage. Going out on your own requires tough skin. Do not let the critics get you down. Remove toxic, and unsupportive people from your life. Move forward despite who or what you may lose along the way, and keep the end goal in mind.
  3. Fight your demons. Delve back into your childhood and face all the issues head on. Whether it was neglect, abuse, abandonment or despair you should acknowledge it. Forgive those who were responsible and unpack that baggage once in for all.
  4. Trust divine timing. It will not be a smooth road, there will be bumps along the way to test your resilience while you are pursuing your dreams. Stay consistent in your endeavors, keep your faith and trust the journey.
  5. Develop friendships with people who are also pursuing their passion in life. Like minds cultivate a higher vibration. It is motivational, supportive and inspiring to be in the company of like-minded people.


By Janell Hihi


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