Inversion Awaits Us



Subconsciously, I am wired to notice the inequality in the details of some of the most insignificant interaction with others. I’d often wish I wasn’t so appalled by their bias that slips from their lips in an unknowing manner. Yet, it stood out to me like headlights of an SUV blazing through a dirt road in the deep woods at midnight.

It’s a glaring red flag to my psyche and it never goes unanalyzed. Of course, despite the acknowledgment of my own imperfections, I am more inclined to pick apart others. Specifically, when it comes to them expressing bias, blatant hypocrisy or double standards. I live in an illusion that everything is supposed to be fair.

There is something very disturbing about people who are not in touch with humanity. Most of all, I fear them because they show no mercy in their passion to rationalize human suffering by dissing a specific political party. It’s always someone’s fault, except our own.

However, our own minds lay in bed with denial regarding the fact that we have to change our perceptions as individuals to elevate the current state that we face. No left wing or right wing party can do that for us. Political parties only reflect who we are, because life is what we are, it’s a direct reflection of the inner turmoil that all of us negate. In our denial of the truth, we refuse to look in the mirror, so we break it with our fist, bleeding to the bone, and we are proud of it.

By Janell Hihi



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