Zodiac Tales: The Lion & the Water Bearer

I once put a leash around a lions neck.

The Leo’s loyal heart that desires to stay with you can quickly turn into the courageous heart that will leave you if you if you do not give him the fuel to maintain his flame. Leo’s need love and affection. Leo’s challenge me to come out of my shell but sometimes as a detached aquarian I need to go back into myself and retreat from others.

This is where the trouble begins between the Aquarius and Leo. The Aquarius runs out of fuel to stroke her strong and passionate lion who is always hungry for the parts of her that are the most tender, the parts she refuses to yield unless it is literally forced out of her. Part of her will always be unreachable. She will always be his loyal friend but only in increments. She is selfish that way, she refused to give all of herself away.

I am that Aquarius that thinks, giving it my all, is giving it all away. Do you have a Leo in your life growling at you? Those fire signs who are hungry for you to come out and play? I guess a part of me is afraid that I will be his prey, and then he’d leave me for another Gazelle that would challenge him to a more exciting chase. This man would literally eat me alive and clean his face with my wetness. When he finished, there was nothing left but dryness from his scorching heat.

Smitten but also annoyed by the Leo’s Pride.


By Janell Hihi



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