Zodiac Tales: The Capricorn Adorned in Stealth Armor.

A Capricorn man is like a Minnesota winter, make sure you can handle his cold. Unlike the Aquarian girl, he is not detached, he is removed. He sits on the entry way of the bridge of his heart like an armed guard, always contemplating whether or not you have the qualifications to even attempt to walk across the bridge that leads to his heart.

It’s like playing a game of survivor, the walk is riddled with endurance test, and it is seen as more of an obstacle course. But once you finally pass all his well-thought out, strategic test, he will NEVER ever let you go. His loyalty and devotion is his reward to you. He will be persistent, consistent and the very foundation you can set your dreams upon.

His work ethic is like a magic wand manifesting everything you could ever want. He is a shelter, he is a rock. He remains reserved with his emotions like a wise, elderly man and he shows you how much he loves you by the things he provides for you. The truth is the Capricorn is terrified inside that the investment of his heart and time will be taken for a ride. He is a careful investor because failure to him is like a million knives piercing his skin.

By Janell Hihi

2 thoughts on “Zodiac Tales: The Capricorn Adorned in Stealth Armor.

  1. Ha Ha, I’m not sure what a Minnesota Winter is like but I’m guessing it’s approaching freezing. Other than that I’d say ….Nicely put. I’ve never minded the description of Capricorn’s as cold because the work ethic always seemed to make up for it. But, I realised that we’re not especially cold, it’s more a case of not speaking emotions, choosing to show love by what we provide. My wife took years to understand that my not saying I Love You easily made it mean so much more when I did say it.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


    1. Exactly David! It’s similar to the theory of the Five Languages of Love, Capricorns express themselves more in Action than in words. We all want to hear tender words but seeing is believing and Capricorns show and prove!


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