Zodiac Tales: Super Hero Sagitarrius. The Archer who uses arrows as magic wands.

She’s just a girl but she’s on fire! And I mean it in song, like that unforgettable track from Alicia Keys. She is everything that is hot. She can warm your soul with her generosity and she is naturally a solution oriented vault of quick wit, charm and admirable enthusiasm. You have a problem, she has an answer.

The Sag is an encyclopedia of resources but completely unaware of it. She is also a walking, talking mardi gras parade filled with sass, pizzaz, beauty and sensuality, but she is also that ally you want when you have to go to war and battle. She holds her bow and arrow with strength and precision, sending arrows lit with flames to her lucky targets. She will get what she wants! But sometimes what she is aiming for is safety, not expansion.

You are probably thinking, who the hell wants to be hit with a flaming arrow? You, if you’re lucky. Sometimes life get’s cold and we need that fire. Fortunately, the universe created Leo, Sagittarius and Aries to pack the heat that will warm us all. The Sag girl is like the first hot day after a long, freezing and miserable winter. She is also that beautiful fireplace that sits lit in your home. If you are cold, sit next to her, she will warm your soul.

Talking to a Sag when you are sad is like Chicken Soup to the Soul. Her phone line stays lit like her presence when she arrives late but right on time. Don’t fault her for her beauty, she shy’s away from mirrors because she wants you to show her she is beautiful. She desires you to heighten her fiery flames with attention, validation, flirtation and loyalty.


Her heart is as big as her planet Jupiter and she will ride for you when she falls for you. Trey Songs wrote a song about it “Jupiter Love.” The lyrics below perfectly describe what it’s like when you win the heart of a Sag:

Don’t you be afraid to
Let me elevate you
Welcome you to
Super, Duper 
Jupiter Love

Trey Songz


She is that half archer, half horse that will get you to where you need to go. If only she can shine the light she gives to others on herself. Kind of like how Jupiter swallows comets that could potentially collide with other planets, she’s always taking L’s for us.

Her natural charm rings alarms and she is presented as a confident hunter ready to shoot at worthy prey.. but that is far from the case, there is something deep inside of her that is shaking and afraid. So she focuses her energy on making you feel great by avoiding the shadows of her own self-doubt.

She thinks big and wants big and sometimes tries to take short cuts to get what she wants because she does not want to enter the order and discipline of her Saturn ruled Capricorn elder who awaits her with tedious assignments. Of course, she is the visionary who would rather hire a Capricorn to be the CEO of her company because the day to day grind is not aligned with her heart. Sag will write out a vision statement that will inspire you to act! She is lucky like that. Call her the law of attraction, she is eternally cheerful and optimistic, so the universe continuously rewards her with what she gives to the world. Sagitarrious buy a ticket to the lottery every day in a metaphorical way, they live by the motto, “What if I win?!” Imagine having that kind of vision and optimism every day? Yeah, I am slightly envious of the Sag too!

Sag only see’s the big picture and hides from the devilish details as if they were trying to rob her of her grandiose Sagittarius soul. She can work a room but she refuses to work on editing the novel she just wrote. If the Sag knows herself she knows that the only way to manifest her big dreams is to hire a hard working team.

The Sag who knows herself is a forced to be reckoned with, I’d have her by my side as an ally rather than an enemy. I mean I have felt the wrath of Jupiter’s crash and it is devastating. When her gigantic heart breaks it’s like a 9.8 magnitude earthquake, shattering everything you thought was real about you, making you question every strain of optimism she had ever given you. Her negativity can be just as powerful as her positivity. Don’t let her fiery wrath swallow you too. Her arrows can pin you to a cross.

She can make you feel big but in the same breath make you feel small too. Although it breaks her heart to shrink things because she likes all things to be BIG, she will cry tears of kerosene as she scorches you and reduces you to ashes.




She can spin big tails because her mind is as expansive as a library of fiction. To her, she is thinking outside the box, to other’s she is a skilled liar. You be the judge! She cuts to the chase when she wants to know the answer. She won’t hesitate to put you on the spot having the fiery audacity to ask the questions others won’t dare to.

I’d often call my Sag for advice and since I am an air sign that tends to beat around the bush and over think things, she blazes through my bullshit fast and just asks, “Why don’t you just ask..” I cringe because I am not as bold as her. I envy her child-like aura when she tosses aside her filter and tells it like it is.

That’s that fire that heats up my air and gives me wings… I steal pieces of her when I need to share my feelings because feelings make me afraid. I can express everything with ease except my feelings. But not her. She professes her love cheerfully and proudly. She is the epitome of the Disney character Brave. I can’t count how many times she has saved me. Sometimes with her generosity, opening her wallet willingly. Other times, being that shoulder I can rest my heavy head upon. The sag is a savior in her own right.




Sometimes I have to retreat from her when I am sweating from her heat because sometimes her energy is smothering to me. Like damn, turn the heat down shorty, it’s too hot in here. Aquarians like to sleep in slightly chilly temperatures, we are more familiar with the cold and the distance.

Aquarius are human cabins somewhere off into the wilderness of consciousness, fascinated by solitude that allows us to hear our own thoughts. There is beauty in the hibernation of winter. Sometimes, I run out of dodge so the Sagittarius won’t melt my snow with her torch. Sometimes I like to be in the cold so I  can build snowman’s in the fire signs absence. Of course, if sag ever heard I was building snowmen without her, she would be hurt that I didn’t invite her. She is social and loves to be included. I am torn between being introverted and extroverted and often lost in between.

What would I do without my sag? Jupiter has targeted me and I am prey falling to her feet, I need her strength to lift me when I am hopeless, heavy and shaking in my own cold.

Written by an Uranian-ruled, outcasted Aquarius who is humbly appreciative, and in awe of the bigger than life, Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius.

By Janell Hihi


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