Attachment Destroys Relationships.

Okay ladies, this one is especially for you, although it can apply to men too. Clinging is not an expression of love. To cling to someone or something is an expression of fear and abandonment. You know you have arrived when you can let go of those who are letting go of you with grace. When you realize the true meaning of life, suffering, happiness and the seasons, you realize that it is inevitable that things come and go. Everything is fleeing yet you stand in a field with a net and a jar chasing after butterflies because you want to confine their beauty.


Sometimes, when people leave it is not the act of them leaving that hurts so bad, it is the act of detaching ourselves from them that hurts so bad. I think women, specifically give men too much credit.

Losing a man you love is not what is painful, it is facing the pain of detachment that frightens us to the core.

Naturally, it is normal to avoid the things that frighten us. However, doing so stunts our spiritual growth. What frightens us is what awakens us. There are no shortcuts.

If you can find the courage to hold the door as people make their way out of the exit door to your heart, you have achieved the grace of goddesses and you are rewarded with the crown of respect.

Clinging is not natural, it will not save a relationship that is dying. Clinging will repel your man further from you.

There is nothing more unattractive then desperately trying to hold on to someone who is showing you they are letting go of you.

If you want to save your dignity detach, if you want to be a doormat, by all means, cling. Stop obsessing over the guy who never text you back, stop criticizing yourself and questioning your own worth because your man is cheating on you, stop staying up late at night waiting for him to come home when you know in your heart he is with another woman.

Let them, let go. Offer no resistance, no complaints, and no revenge. The only thing you need to be offering is to hold the door open while they pack their shit and leave.


Ladies, use your power and stop giving it away. You may think that being a slave to loyalty proves how much you love a man. You may think that clinging is a sign of strength that you don’t easily let go or easily give up.

However, that can’t be further from the truth. Let go, sit with the pain and release it. Do not be afraid of suffering, suffering is a part of life. Luckily you’re a woman and God created you to be well equipped to handle pain.

He gave you the strength to transform it, and grow from it. Living a life of avoidance is living a life of fear. It is time to stop being afraid, and gracefully let go of who is walking away.

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Janell Hihi

Copyright @2016




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