Astrology Explains Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Turn Into Pipe Dreams

Every New Year’s, it never fails, everyone is determined to change their life for the better. It’s like a scratched CD playing the same weak ass lyrics over and over again, when you just want to get to the good part of the song. Everytime we hear someone recite they’re over ambitious New Year’s Resolutions, we roll our eyes and smirk because we know it’s bullshit. We all feel this deep influx of energy and determination, and we start off strong in the new year eating salads every day, going to the gym, and even meditating. Some of us go so far as to removing toxic people from our lives. This energy of empowerment lasts about a good thirty days. Why does the energy always come on so strong and just abruptly go away?

We all fill this deep influx of energy and determination as the old year ends and the new year begins. Ahh! The excitement of new beginnings. We take off like a rocket and crash land before we reach orbit. Have you ever wondered why this keeps happening year after year? Astrologically speaking, I may have the answer!


The New Moon in Capricorn is the Astrological Knight in Shining Armour. He is everything we dream of and possesses all the qualities we wish to encompass within. The Capricorn energy is the Mac daddy that sweeps us off our feet! He smells good, dresses well, has exquisite taste and he is intoxicatingly charming! He passes us an anchor to set plans in motion and to push dreams into reality. He gives us focus and discipline to carry through all the necessary steps to accomplish our goals. We stop dreaming and begin working. Results start to manifest in our life and we feel even more empowered. Our stride is steady and our pace has us moving towards the finish line then suddenly, an earthquake hits us dead in our track and the very ground we are walking on is shattered. Damn! What the fuck just happened?

The funny thing about Capricorn energy, is that you need to know which parts of the energy to use and which parts to throw away. If you take in all of it, you will fall to the Saturn born, horned goat’s, trap as prey. Capricorn energy challenges you to be smart. Make realistic goals not grandiose, egotistical goals. The Capricorn is out to get what he wants, and his energy comes into your life to see if you are really about what you say you are about. The Capricorn test you to see if you are full of shit. If there is any inkling of fear, doubt, unpreparedness, laziness or naivety within you, the Capricorn will exploit your weakness for HIS GAIN. He will make you feel it in the worst way… betrayal, stupidity, heart break and broken dreams.


If you are on point and focused, you won’t get bamboozled by the Capricorn influence, so look at the Capricorn energy as a test. The Capricorn will only open the Gates to manifestation if you stay focused and don’t drink the Kool-aid. Don’t buy the fairytale he is selling, read between his blurred lines and focus on what’s true and what is real. Do you have what it really takes to accomplish the goals you set out for yourself for the New Year? Or can you be easily lured off the path to your destiny? Will you make the mistake and be deceived by the big bad wolf dressed as a little old lady just because he wears a wig and a dress? Just because he dangles your dreams in your face like carrots, sending you on a wild goose chase. He doesn’t love you, he is trying to vet you, he doesn’t love to love, he loves to teach! His lessons hurt us to the core. I know because I am still burning from his scorch.


The gate is closed until you charge through that bitch like a bull and open it! 

Every new year, Saturn influenced Capricorn challenges us to set goals and accomplish them. Every January he gives us the push, but it is up to us to continue to be propelled when February arrives and the Capricorn energy subsidies. The New Moon in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus will throw you some curve balls, it will take you out of your ego which Capricorn firmly planted you in and inspire you to think about the big picture. How will your personal goals influence society? Will they benefit humanity? Don’t give up and allow Uranus to stop you on your mission, instead, stay steady, persevere and slightly revise your new year’s goals in a way that they can positively influence the collective as a whole.

Each new month a new influence diversifies your end goal, so gather pebbles from each celestial influence as you go. Never surrender to Capricorns cold, be stealth in accomplishing your goals.

Happy New Year’s

Plan Smart, stand up straight with your knees slightly bent so you can withstand the winds.


By Janell Hihi





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