How I Learned to Embrace My Clairvoyance

Often times, I receive random nudges of insight created by my heightened intuition that whispers to me until I take action. It literally beckons me to the point that I become obsessed with trying to decipher it. There is no silencing it. My intuition always demands to be heard. I often fight the revelations  I receive, especially those regarding other people’s real intentions towards me. It’s hard to accept when your intuition tells you that a specific person is not right for you.

I meet people hoping there is a divine connection, and sometimes my intuition destroys that hope with an inconvenient truth and I must chose between acceptance and denial on a daily basis. My challenge is accepting the truth as neutral instead of labeling it as negative. I’ve learned the truth is the truth, and whether we receive it as positive or negative is up to us.


It doesn’t necessarily mean the person you are getting bad vibes from is a bad person, it just means that they are not good for you! Since “feelings” are not valid arguments as to why you should cut someone out of your life, I had to learn to remove these people from my energetic field without explanation. Of course, the alternative is trying to explain to them why I believe they are not energetically compatible with me. If they are not spiritually awakened, they will likely perceive me as being bat-shit crazy!


It’s hard to play dumb when you know people are being dishonest or disingenuous with you.

I played dumb in the past, and I am still paying for those mistakes until this day! The amount of anxiety and stress caused by intuitively knowing something without acting on it is unbearable! I refuse to ignore the great whisper, and instead of being afraid of receiving intuitive flashes, I now embrace them. I know that my internal guide is on her job, and instead of working against my intuition, I work with it! I’m no longer afraid to believe when people show me who they are. When the content doesn’t match the label, I cut the energetic cord. I am choosing not to suffer anymore. If you are an empath, you have the power to determine who you allow to enter your energetic space.

We live in a world that values thinking over sensing, yet our subconscious minds are much more powerful than our conscious ones.

Obviously, I am more in touch with my subconscious mind, therefore I read people’s energy more than I do their words and actions.  When I encounter someone with extremely heavy energy, I feel consumed by them. Their heaviness takes away my life force and I become physically and mentally fatigued. I can’t change the fact that I am an empath that easily absorbs others energy, so I learned to accept it and use it as a guide.

“Intuitive Feelings,” is your Subconscious Intelligence at work! It never works in your favor to deny the energy you see emanating from others regardless of how charming, enlightened, or nice they appear on the surface.

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By Janell Hihi


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