Return Negativity Back to The Sender

It is very important to return negative energy back to the sender. Unfortunately, we can’t predict other’s behavior but we can make a conscious choice how to react to situations that do not serve our highest self so that we leave negative energy where it is, instead of taking it with us.

So many spiritual gurus warn against the dangers of the ego. However, the ego serves us well when we utilize it correctly.

The only effective way to keep negative energy with the negative person conjuring it up in the first place is to let your ego take the wheel and drive.

Might sound scary based on the ego’s bad reputation in the spiritual community, but speaking from experience I pretty much mastered it. Low vibrational people create low vibration situations that they will invite you to attend through manipulation and deception.

They approach you encroached in their ego but then try to tell you that you need to get out of yours. Of course, if you turn the other cheek when faced with a dark energy, low vibrational being, they use that as a queue that it’s okay to continue to disrespect you.

Example, a wife allows her husband to physically abuse her, by not initiating her ego, which would give her the pride to defend herself and get out of the situation she chooses to stay with him which allows the abuse to continue.

Ego is too proud to tolerate such awful behavior without retaliation. If you know how to use your ego correctly you know that smart retaliation is the best retaliation. Keep reading…

The ego is a master at recognizing negativity and it will allow you to see a person or a situation just as it is. No filters!

The ego also allows you to separate yourself from others by giving you the power to differentiate what is good and what is bad for self. The ego is overly concerned with self but there are situations that warrant an over concern for self.

Approach another’s ego with your ego. The only weapon sure to destroy another ego is another ego. Taking the spiritual high road won’t work with snakes.
Look at the state of the world, the egotistical 5% of the population is triumphing over the spiritual community. It’s time to get a little more gangsta and fight back!

For example, having pride can help you set healthy boundaries so that when people disrespect you, it’s really nothing to cut them off and move on with your life while at the same time making them pay restitution.

The ego helps you separate what’s real and what’s fake.We may all be one, but we are not all the same, know your tribe.

I’ve been in situations where my ego made me pop-off, when I had to aggressively assert my worth in my inability to accept nothing but exemplary behavior. Walking away from negativity without addressing it is the very sickness of the world. The only thing you walk away with is the negativity someone else gave you.

Why not give it back, return it to the sender? In other words, don’t accept bullshit. Do not let other’s tell you how to respond to their drama, keep the ego-centered leech off beat by operating with an air of unpredictability. If you haven’t read the 48 Laws of Power, please do so!

People are typically stunned at my audacity and taken aback. It’s so rare to love yourself that when people see you angry about being disrespected they don’t understand.

It’s hard for them to comprehend when they don’t love themselves the same. Anger is essential and appropriate and it has its place. The ego is critical in certain situations, so is the art of war and the power of duality.

The spiritual G-Code

It is better to fully address negativity the moment it starts, and let your ego serve up a cold and sour dish to whomever dares to question your worth. I promise after the wrath of your ego, you won’t ever have to worry about that person testing you again.

The stoic are pretenders who hold back their emotions to appear untethered. Like appearing unbothered is some kind of a strength, it’s laughable. What the fuck is wrong with me showing my disappointment? Absolutely nothing!

The ego has its place.

It is important to accept negativity when it rears its ugly face. There is a time to focus on the good and focus on the bad. Just focusing on the good makes you blind to the other half. Recognizing negativity does NOT make you weak.

Being all positive, and just spreading love and light is not working!

Spiritual people need to recognize a threat and address it instead of living in oblivion and pretending that nothing bad exist in the world.

Buck back and they will stay back.


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by Janell Hihi


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