Time For a New Dream: The Civil Rights Movement Failed.

I love, respect, and admire Martin Luther King. However, numbers don’t lie and statistics prove his beautiful dream is far from turning into a reality. Numbers represent a truth no religion, opinion or patriotic pride could ever compromise. Statistics are telling us there is still an unsettling, stubborn divide. Why?

Is it time to let go of his vision and create a new dream? Is equality in America a pipe dream that will never materialize? 60 years fly by and the only concept sticking is racism, covert, insidious, like a hard to detect rare disease with symptoms similar to many other ailments, it often gets misdiagnosed.

As a result, many suffer from what continues to go undetected. Is there really a such thing as equality in the material realm? Or is it some unseen, spiritual, esoteric thing that can only be achieved within? Maybe equality is incomprehensible in the 3rd dimension in which we live.

Is equality an unrealistic goal? It’s the only dream not coming true, it is stuck some place between the illusion of already being accomplished and to others never being accomplished… your perception depends on what side of the fence your on. Barbed wires severing our ties. What can be mended over jagged edges? Shreddings of hope that amount to nothing but leftover scraps.

Inequality is as embedded in the global psyche as the melanin gene coded within my DNA. It appears as though MLK’s dream got counteracted with laws that resisted it’s manifestation. The war on drugs was a counter move on the war on us. It made a laughing stock of MLK’s dream. One step forward and then two steps back. Aren’t you tired of doing that dance?

What’s the new dream millennials? Equality is a pipe dream, so now what? Shall we undo the merging of desegregation and paint an independent black dream? We are the life force of the universe, the infinite black matter. Forcing them to see us as equals won’t work. What’s the definition of insanity? It’s knowing the definition and still continuing to do the same things repeatedly. Can’t you all see? They keep moving the finish line back. There is no race, just the illusion that we actually get a shot to run and could be considered a worthy opponent. Do you want equality or independence? Of course, equality is dependence on them to see you as worthy. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and you had to keep trying to prove your worth? But despite your efforts they still viewed you only as valuable as dirt. We can’t force equality like we can’t force someone to love us.

Therefore, equality is bottom of the barrel, weak and pathetic co-dependence at it’s finest. The unwillingness from them to equalize can’t be cured by words on signs at rallies. Even the laws we try to pass get surpassed by new laws, loopholes and mockery. Hope is a hell of a drug and I’m sick of getting high. Waving goodbye to pipe dreams that will never materialize.

What’s the next move?

By Janell Hihi


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