The Matrix Inside the Matrix

I’m convinced we live in a double matrix. We must first break through our personal webs of illusion. If we can find an opening and climb out of who we were programmed to be we can climb into who we really are. Your soul is waiting for you to decide…

What is the body but a container? It’s the story they told us about who we are that is the prison holding us in a cell and if we can’t rewrite our own story we will stay stuck in their shitty idea of a novel. Breakthrough your matrix. Leave the illusion of you and meet the real you!


Once you’re acquainted with your authentic self, you will the have the knowledge, strength, and vibration to find a way out of the systematic matrix. Are you brave enough to be a virus in the program? Will you take the leap and wake up into consciousness? Be a glitch, run amuck, decode, wipe your drive clean. Reset, reboot and root yourself into the tree of divinity.

By Janell Hihi


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