The 7 Principles of Self-Love: eBook, Now available. What Self-Love Really Means



Self-Love is a verb.

Do you want to F.L.Y? If so, you must first love yourself. The next question is, how do you love yourself?

Let’s face it, everyone tells us we should love ourselves first. There are countless books, countless quotes, memes, and videos on the importance of self-love.

However, the one piece of advice that is missing is, HOW?

How do I love myself?

It’s hard to love other people because we do not know how to love ourselves. – Janell Hihi

Being told to do something and being taught how to do something is two very different concepts.

Empty advice sounds nice but it is missing instruction and so it goes in one ear and out the other followed by all the other meaningless chatter we hear throughout the day.

Loving yourself is a reflection of the quality of people you allow into your life and the type of behavior you accept from them.

It is also a reflection of your career and how well it is aligned with your passion. It’s a reflection of how you allow your family and friends to treat you. It’s a reflection of how well you trust yourself, your abilities and your intuition.

Self-love is more than just taking care of your body and eating well.

It’s not just about how often you get pedicures and manicures or whether or not you own a home. Self-love cannot be obtained by wealth, status or a relationship.

Self-love is intangible, it’s a belief. It can’t be bought, it can only be taught.


The 7 Principles of Self-Love is the first chapter of my upcoming book (Which is in the final stage of editing, to be released in February, exact date TBA.)

It’s an eBook designed to get you well prepared for the rest of the chapters in my book that will be sure to blow your mind into a thousand pieces of new perspectives that you can shape into your own. Download it now for only .99 Cent on Amazon… Click here!  or…

Download the PDF version of the book FREE! Click on the link below.


Self-love is about finding the beauty within you, and bringing it to the light so that others can see you for you, and love you for you. Are you ready to take off the mask?

The 7 Principles of Self-love gives you specific instructions as to how to love yourself.

I give to you practical advice, worksheets and step by step strategic moves on how to love the real you, through & through.

This .99 cent eBook is the no-bullshit catalyst that will change the direction of your life.

Self-love changes every aspect of who you are for the better!

Master the 7 principles of self-love. Your journey to happiness starts today!

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By Janell Hihi


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