7 Ways Empaths Read & Absorb Other People’s Energy.

#1 Empaths have access to 4th-dimensional information. However, many of them don’t know that they do. The akashic records left a door open for empaths to rummage through records unconsciously.

As a result, we get an overall sense of a person’s energy based on the totality of their energy field. It’s a lot of information to absorb, especially when we sense energy from a person who is not aware of the energy they are emitting.

The number one challenge for most empaths is that that they often question whether or not they should reveal the truth or keep it in hiding to remain in safety.

It is important that all empaths understand that the gift of seeing comes with a responsibility to speak the truth and give light where there is darkness. We must not be afraid anymore! We must stop judging and start healing.


#2 Empaths unknowingly tap into the subconscious minds of others. It’s a scary path to walk along and it is very difficult to explain on a conscious level. When I was not aware I was an empath, I would meet people and after seconds, make an excuse to leave their presence to collect myself.

Their energy communicated to me awful things. Sometimes it was pedophilia other times, just a mean, dark and cold energy. I often saw the lifelessness in their eyes. Someone used to live there but that person died, instead, a monster resides.

As a child, I prevented more than a few possible kidnappings among me and my friends. I just knew, in an instant, when something or someone was not operating on the frequency of love.

#3 Empaths can see the personal demons that affect others. I can see the demons that are hunting most people because they glare at me with glassy eyes, hiss and flicker their tongue out at me like a whip.

Most of the time, I’m alone because I don’t want to deal with it. Other times, I ignore the energy only to regret it later when something is said or done that confirms my intuition.

People always say, “Why do you focus on the bad?” I don’t focus on the bad in people, the bad in people focuses on me by immediately revealing itself in my psyche.

I know that most people are of good nature. I know beneath what their energy communicates to me that there is a god or goddess laying doormat.

I know this because I am still trying to remove the sleet from my eyes. I ‘m still half blind, and other empaths can see that when they are with me.

#4 People often feel the need to open up to empaths about personal matters. This is because, on a subconscious level, the wounded person feels that the empath they are about to confide in, knows them already. On a subconscious level, the empath does. The soul of the person in pain is seeking comfort and the soul knows a resting spot when it see’s it.

The people who open up to empaths about their problems somehow perceive subconsciously that it is safe to confide in an empath. Unfortunately, fearful empaths who do not understand their healing power may be overly critical, judgemental or even dismissive to the person in need.

These people want to lessen the load they carry and give some of it to the empath. Not to drain the empath of life force energy, but to get comfort and guidance from the empath. Make a decision to be the light or further perpetuate darkness.

Empaths that are not aware of their healing energy believe these people are energy vampires. This is not the case. They just need a little of your light. Give it to them!

#5 Empaths can absorb energy through physical touch. Shaking hands with others, and giving warm, heartfelt hugs automatically gives empaths the ability to read energy. Most empaths are afraid to read energy because they are not aware that they are energy alchemist. As a result, they try to avoid touching people.

As an empath, it is important to remember that your gift of seeing energy gives you the responsibility to change it by directing positive and healing thoughts to that person.If you shake a hand and instantly receive bad vibes, send good vibes to that person immediately through positive thoughts. As an empath you can emit healing and positive focused energy through thought and channel it to another’s psyche.

This can be done silently through energy alchemy or through powerful words or writing that burst from you and break through the bullshit. What’s said has to be said, regardless of how it comes off to those who can’t see whats under the veil, or simply choose not to.

Universal balance needs to be achieved and the passion of projection can make the empath come off as aggressive or even one-sided. This is because the empath always responds to the energy behind what is said or projected unto them, not so much the content.

#6 Empaths read emotions through the energy emotions emit. The Empath picks up on someone who has an issue or a problem, through the emotional energy they are expressing, even if they are not saying anything because they are a highly tuned receiver of this type of energy. This is a form of absorption on the Empath’s part and projection on the other person’s part.


#7 Empaths balance out energetic imbalances in the universe by offering solutions to those in need. The Empath begins to identify with this issue as though it was their own, based on their own experiences that closely relate to the other person’s issue or problem, and help to find a resolution to the problem.

And as they share this resolution, even if it is only calming words of comfort, emotional energy transmutation occurs, because the energy that was absorbed by the Empath is being transmuted into something much lighter, loving, and caring, which leaves the other person, if not with a resolution, then feeling like they are not alone and their feelings have been validated.

Be the light instead of being afraid to absorb darkness.

By Janell Hihi



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