Berated For Her Bloom

I’m single and low key berated for it by people who have significant others and somehow feel their existence is exalted because they found the one.

Like being coupled is life’s way of validating the fact that you are worthy… and I’m not.

They say. “That’s why your still single.” As if being single is one step closer to diving into the pits of hell. As if it’s an incurable disease.

I could of stayed but my leaving was brave, no longer a slave to loyalty that wasn’t loyal to me.

You call it lonely, I call it free.

What if my sense of worth and love comes from loving my child? My extended family, friends and charitable cause.

What if I don’t experience love the way you do? And what if the thought of commitment scares me a bit? So what…
Hold up, I’m not done.
With Valentines Day approaching it gets worse.

What if my being alone is empowering to me? Maybe for you the thought of sleeping alone is unbearable, but to me it’s peaceful, natural and comforting.
My lonely ain’t your lonely.

My love doesn’t read from your script

Just know that I am loving in every sense

And having a husband for me is irrelevant









It’s a resting place. Perhaps if you only knew what I’ve been through, you’d understand why I wonder alone in fields of bloom mesmerized by buds sprinkled in morning dew.
Like them

I just want to sit in the sun awhile and bloom

J. Hihi
Copyright @2017


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