Starbucks Offering To Employ Refugees But Ignore The People of Flint Michigan’s Water Crisis

I think it’s unpatriotic to support illegal immigrants and refugees from other countries  but ignore the dire situations in the inner cities in your own damn country! Where were all these companies during the Hurricane Katrina crisises? Starbucks offered jobs to refugees, are they offering jobs to inner city kids out there hurting with an unemployment rate over 60% in Detriot, Chicago, and Flint?

Where were all these so-called companies who claim to be moral champions when the black community needed assistance?


Most of them continue to turn their heads up at us, and say the black communities problems is not “their” problem. But when Maria, an illegal alien is facing deportation, they open their hearts and can empathize with her issues?! As if the African Americans are not a part of America. As if black communities need to figure it out for themselves… because after all black people put themselves in their own “ghetto” predicaments. Oh really?


Black people pay taxes to a government that is indebted to helping it’s communities financially and resource-wise. Immigrants, however, come over here legally or illegally and get ample empathy and support from so-called American patriots who continuously show disdain for dying communities in their own damn country and I am tired of it.

Black, descendants of slaves paid their dues with 50 lashes, 100 years of lynching and jim crow after slavery and now, water poisoning, predatory lenders taking advantage of black communities and immigrants being regarded as more American than the people that built this very country we all call home!


A women’s march. I almost choked laughing when they gathered. And for what, abortion rights? What about the people in Flint, Michigan who were poisoned? Why aren’t you marching for them? Kids dying from excess lead in their water. Why don’t you care America? Because they are black? Because they are not refugees from war torn countries? Because they aren’t facing deportation?

Immigrants who are more likely to work like slaves with no benefits are slowly but surely knocking Americans out of the employment landscape. These companies we buy from want cheap labor! Why are we continuing to buy from them?

I just hope, not for one second any illegal immigrant thinks that I will ever support their plight or their fight when none of them nor my government or fellow citizens will support mines!

By Janell Hihi




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