An Analysis of Janet Jackson’s Failed Marriage & The Dark-side of Interracial Dating.

Speaking from a very similar experience, my ex-husband is Arab (Except the billionaire part) I knew this marriage was doomed from the start.

There’s something about African-American women that attracts men who are obsessed with conquering women who exhibit independence, strong will and an attitude that takes no shit from anyone trying to come for her…

come for me

The obsession from this type of man is provoked by a strong desire to conquer strong women and break them. Break their will, their strength, and independence. Turning an independent woman, dependent is the ultimate high and the narcissist dream come true. It’s similar to how a hunter seeks to shoot wild animals. It’s something about making the free and wild submit and surrender either by servitude or death that gets them off.

In addition, I am certain Wissam is a long-time fan of Janet Jackson and the iconic Jackson family. To him, this is a fantasy come true. Marriages based on fantasy never last…

The euphoria that comes with getting a woman to submit who is fiercely independent is similar to how drug addicts feel when they finally get a hit of whatever drug they are hooked on.

Interracial relationships are slightly fetish based despite those who deny it and say it’s 100% love, I’m here to state the facts! As a bi-racial woman, I am certain my African American father was extremely attracted to my German-Dutch mother mostly because her father was extremely racist.

My father is almost 80 years old. He has had a fair share of unfair, demeaning and insulting experiences at the hands of white men. I’ve heard the heart-wrenching stories that anger me until this day. My father felt he would enact the best revenge he could on a white man which is to marry and breed with his daughter.

My mother who was mistreated by her father because of her learning disability, also had a hatred and resentment for her father that she shared with her husband. They both had hatred and disdain for white men, and that was the magnetism that made their attraction unbreakable.

I believe Janet Jackson was attracted to Wissam’s billionaire status and success. I also believe she was attracted to him because he is non-black. The majority of Janet’s husbands were non-black and this is because of her dysfunctional childhood.

Janet’s father made fun of his children’s black features. I remember he said to the late Michael Jackson as a child that his knows was wide like a bell pepper. This is why Michael Jackson had an on-call plastic surgeon. His childhood environment taught him that black was ugly. 

Of course, people who hate themselves are more likely to date outside their race. Dating within their race creates a mirror. A person with low self-esteem can’t stand to be with a person that reflects who they are.

Janet Jackson wanted an experience outside her own culture and race because she felt her race and culture was somewhat inferior. The euphoria of being “Chosen” by a man outside her race and culture validates her self-worth. The fact that he is a billionaire makes her feel even more special because he can have any woman but he chose her!

This is what I like to refer to as a karmic relationship. Both Janet and Wissam had to get this out of their system. Wissam, having everything he could dream of in his grasp needed a challenge. Janet presented him with the best opportunity to transform something wild into something tamed and submissive.

Janet’s karma was simple. She needed to be reminded that being herself and embracing who she is racially and culturally should be celebrated not negated. Janet want’s another life, a different existence. It wasn’t until the end of this marriage she realized that she would rather be herself. This experience will help Janet embrace who she is. It will help her love who she is. Now that she knows what it feels like to be transformed into someone else, she won’t ever try to escape herself again.

She will also realize the beauty of having cultural and racial similarities in relationships. It was time for her to learn that different isn’t always better. The karmic books are now balanced. Well, at least I hope so. Janet is 50 years old.

A 50-year-old single mother? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. However, she thought money was important in choosing a husband and she found out the hard way. A billionaire doesn’t guarantee a good father or a good husband. This is another lesson she learned.

Culture Shock on top of racial differences creates several obstacles.

It’s one thing dating outside your race. It’s another thing dating outside of your culture. The reason American white woman and American black man have lasting marriages like my parents married 50 years now! Is because they are both American. Yes, they come from different sides of the track. One being from the oppressive majority and the other from the oppressed minority, they celebrate the same holidays, speak the same language, share similar faiths and live in the same country.

Islam however, is starkly different than American culture, especially black American Culture. Islam enslaved Africans just like Europeans did and they share the same racial and cultural biases as the most Europeans who have deeply internalized on a subconscious level, horrific stereotypes, and ideas that are demeaning towards black people.

Black woman in Islam were never wives. Most of the times they were whores and concubines. They objectified black woman and were sickening fascinated with our body parts, hair texture, and dominant attitudes. They don’t like us and have spent centuries trying to change us. Hence the attitude of the colonizer. He wants to take land and convert people to their culture and their religion.

Any American dating a Muslim knows in order for it to work out in the long term she will have to convert to Islam. Are you willing to give up who you are to be loved? Becoming a Muslim is forfeiting your life and transforming into a different entity. It’s not for the weak at heart. You have to be willing to sacrifice yourself. They wish to fetishize black woman, not to love and respect them for who they are.

Arabs treat blacks very poorly in their countries. Check out the video below. They are very oppressive and racist towards Africans. It’s wicked and psychotic.


When the high wears off, the lows in a marriage is hard to survive.

This is when most fetish based married couples head toward the exits. The high wore off and the low is a mutha-fuckah! The marriage is more like a conquest than a thriving, morally sound relationship. I knew it was an inevitable end. I wish Janet and her child the best and I hope that more black woman is aware of the pros and the cons of interracial and intercultural marriages.

Take Heed.

By Janell Hihi



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