The Black & Brown, White Supremacist. Yes, Minorities Can Be Racist Too.


Social racism versus systematic racism are brothers from a different mother.

There is this notion in the mainstream circulating around that a minority in the United States or an ethnic group outside of the United States who is non-white can’t be racist.

Racism is believed to only be exercised by those who have the power and privilege to create systems that oppress and terrorize minority groups. That is the definition of systematic racism. Many are unaware that systematic racism uses minorities as tools to attack other minorities who are willing to sell out for a few dollars and a couple minutes of fame.

Those who hate themselves are sniffed out by white supremacy to create social engineering that is used to manipulate the masses into believing stereotypical and destructive views of BLACK people! Those who are picked to be successful have a great degree of self-hatred and self-betrayal. They are quick to deny racism even exist. I don’t see a ton of mainstream shows depicting Hispanics, Indians or Asians as thugs. Nor do I see them depicting other minority groups of women as they do black woman as aggressive, highly sexualized, bad mouth, baby mamas. The minorities that white media chooses to elevate are inherently racist to a degree and harbor a significant amount of self-hatred.


If any minority group allows themselves to be a tool to further perpetuate racism by dismissing that it exist or making insensitive and demeaning comments publicly while large audiences watch, they are just as destructive as a Klan’s member attending a Klu Klux Klan rally and they should be treated as such. There is black Bill O’Reiley’s among us who spew out false data that deflects from the real issues that plague the black community.  Sorry, but your brown or black skin won’t save you anymore! Being a minority does not make you exempt from being racist! I will no longer turn the other cheek when other black people, Hispanics, Asians, Indians do and say things that minimalize the ill treatment of African Americans and try to use the excuse that they are a minority as a way to hide from the title of being a racist.

We often confuse social racism with systematic racism. The truth is they are cousins. The truth is they are linked. The truth is ANYONE implicitly or explicitly who supports the notion of white supremacy is, in fact, a racist.

So, you do not have to be white to be racist. So, you can kill all that noise talking bout’ you’re Hispanic so you can’t be racist, talking bout’ you’re a minority so it is impossible to be racist, talking about your gay so it is impossible to express bias against black people.

Black people think that they are in some superior position in America (Like they are privileged like whites) where they can be a champion for the underdog a.k.a the illegal immigrants. The data shows a different story. All minority groups are economically surpassing African Americans. Black people have the highest unemployment rate in America, not Hispanics, not Asians, and not Indians from India.

Speaking of India, Annie Dookhan is the perfect example of a minority being an accessory to white supremacy in a vile systematic way…

Annie Dookhan is a former chemist of a Massachusetts crime lab who admitted to falsifying evidence, affecting up to 34,000 cases.


There is no doubt that other minorities and members of the LGBT community face discrimination. I am not minimalizing their struggle, I am just saying that it is NOT the same as mines. Quite frankly, I am tired of being put in the pool of being a minority instead of being recognized from the specific hardship and struggle my people have endured that makes us stand out from any immigrant coming into this country.

Ask yourself an honest question, Are you one of those white people who believe you can’t stand up to inequality because your white and your efforts won’t be accepted? Or do you believe that standing up to racism is in direct conflict of your level of patriotism to your country?

Are you one of those black people who believe that racism is an American problem because you can’t handle the magnitude of the hatred expressed towards Africans on a global scale that you’d rather believe other minorities are allies rather than enemies?

If you think Blacks are treated bad in America, travel to Spain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Brazil, Columbia or Mexico. These countries will give you a real life experience of what your ancestors went through in the early 1900’s in America.

I believe in the notion that if all minorities stick together they can make a difference. However, the reality of the situation is that they are NOT. We are willing to stand up for them but it is not reciprocated. Black people are scattered about all over Spanish and Arab countries and we are proving they can live among other races peacefully so we no longer have to be the sympathizer. Constantly being the sympathizer of everyone else’s plight is not your responsibility and it is not helping your fight against justice for your own race worldwide. The more you stick up for them without demanding respect and justice for your own people, the less they respect you and the more willingly they become to continually abuse you.

Are you one of those Hispanics who believes that you can get away with making snide comments about blacks and it will continue to go unnoticed because you too are a minority? Do you play minority when it is convenient for you? When it will benefit you economically? But in the comfort of your home, behind closed doors, you’re expressing hatred?

Are you an African American in support of Sanctuary cities? I’m certain if you are you do not live in California! The overt racism blacks face from Mexicans every day is appalling. If you’re bold enough to call out European racism against blacks, be conscientious enough to call out racism against blacks from other minorities. Unless you’re still denying that it exist because you believe you share some sacred kinship with them. Stop telling half the story. Tell the whole story of racism and how it affects Africans worldwide, within European and non-European countries.

Hispanics do crimes, they get sanctuary cities and amnesty! Blacks do crimes they get prison time ASAP!

Throughout this article, I will post videos and quotes regarding black white supremacist comments and how they insidiously promote white supremacy.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who said I am trying to put a divide in between black and brown people. Little does he know the divide existed long before I was alive. I didn’t invent it, I am bringing it to the light! He also believes that police brutality against white people is an American problem. Which reminded me that so many are uneducated! Funny how many people who don’t understand the global scale of racism towards black never traveled outside U.S country. Make travel a part of your education. It is priceless. Reading a book is fine but actually experiencing a culture is unmatched. Below is an example of the harsh reality black people in Brazil face daily in an Article from the New York Times.

“A study from the University of Sao Carlos showed that 58% of all people killed in the state of Sao Paulo by military police were black. They make up 62% of all people incarcerated nationwide.”

Doesn’t that data sound similar to American police killings and incarceration rates? But hey! You said they were our allies right? They are brown like us and they suffer like us? Their struggle is not the same. They come to America racist because they are racist. Systematic and socially racist according to the data.

But yet, black people continue to over-sympathize with non-whites, desperately seeking a relationship that is just not there!

It is almost important that African American people recognize racism as a set of behavior and words used against them to deny their struggles in terms of social engineering. We must stop refraining from labeling other blacks and minorities as racist just because they have melanin. Call a duck a duck, judge it by its behavior. White supremacy and black oppression is a behavior and a systematic structure all in one. There are many variations that must be considered when it comes to racism and how it insidiously expresses itself.Today, almost 70% of the people living in poverty in Brazil are black. Brazil was the last country in the America’s to abolish slavery. Brazil has the second largest black population outside of Africa.

What triggers me as a black woman is how black men lust and salivate for Hispanic woman not educated enough to understand that their lineage is just as oppressive to blacks as the Europeans. I know plenty of black men who justify dating other minority women who are not black by pointing out the fact they are a minority too, like there is some shared fate among us.  Again, assuming that because they are brown like us, they suffer just like us. Many black men I know who married Arab, Indian or Hispanic women found out after the fact how racist their girlfriends family is towards blacks.

Just because they are brown doesn’t mean they are down.

As if marrying a Hispanic or Asian is above dating a white woman. It’s not justifiable considering slavery among Latin Nations against Africans in history and considering the data in Hispanic countries that continually point out racism still exist against blacks on an astronomical scale.

I know many black people who say, Hispanics have African in their blood so they can’t be racist. I literally laugh at the ignorance. Since when did 5 or 15% of African blood determine whether someone is racist? Many white people in America have 5-10% African blood and they remain biased and in support of a system that degrades blacks.

Below is a video of Charles Barkley, an agent in an illusionary narrative that denies police profiling.

Yes, black people can be racist against black people! Hispanic people can be racist against black people. Asian people can be racist against black people. Time and time again, I see racist black people on TV being racist against black people. It’s like an autoimmune disease when the immune system attacks its own organs instead of healing the underlying disease. Of course, we can blame systematic racism for this, but it doesn’t take away the fact that these people have choices and they are choosing to sell out! You ain’t my brother just because you’re black.

Once you sell out, your out!

Blood type does not determine whether someone is your ally. Everyone who is black is not your friend. Everyone who is brown should not automatically gain your love and support because you perceive them as an ally in your struggle when you have very little in common. There is no other minority group that has endured the slavery, Jim crow era brutality, and systematic annihilation as African Americans. Although you want to include everyone in your struggle and be all empathetic towards other minority groups, little do you know, most of them have very little regard for you.

Even Afro-Latino’s try desperately to elevate themselves to appear better than black Americans.

The interesting thing is, if you go travel to any Hispanic country, racism is alive and well against black people. Brazil is a great example. The poverty among African Brazilians is a testimony of how racist and ill intended Hispanics can be towards blacks! Ask an honest black Hispanic how white Hispanics treat them in their own countries…

Check out this short skit from the show The View as Rosie Perez tells the truth about Latin Racism against blacks in reaction to a Spanish Tv Personality comparing Michelle Obama to an Ape.

It’s not just an American problem. It is worldwide. White supremacy is global. And white supremacy is multi-colored, it goes across all religious lines, sexual orientation lines and cultural lines.

Dave Chapelle did a great skit titled the “Black, White Supremacist”

It depicts in a comedic light how some black people dedicate their lives to white supremacy and we give them a pass because they are black.

I am half white. My mother is somewhat racist in terms of her implicit bias towards black people. Despite the fact that she has been married to a black man for over 40 years and has 7 half black children and over 25 black grandchildren she still says things that are damaging to the African American race.  She has said many things unknowingly that made me feel bad about myself. I educate my mother on her own implicit bias even though it turns into a debate every time.

News flash to all of you out there who believe that if someone is in an interracial relationship, that makes them exempt from being a racist!

I know some white people who are down for the cause, who in fact are fighting for justice until this day yet they are labeled as a white supremacist for the mere fact that they are white. All their good deeds are dismissed, their participation in the struggle disregarded. I know white people more empathetic to my struggle than some Hispanic, Asians and Indians I’ve met. Your skin color will no longer save you from the dreaded label of being a racist.

And social racism is just as horrendous as systematic racism. One can’t exist without the other.

Don’t let me get started on the rampant racism among the LGBT community. I know several gay and lesbian racists. I know liberal racist. Being a liberal doesn’t exempt you from being a racist and being a conservative doesn’t automatically make you a racist.

This is how social racism and systematic racism make the perfect dysfunctional society. Social racist who have melanin perpetuate white supremacy by over empathizing with other minorities and minimizing their own oppression which in turn, gives fuel to the fire of the justification of systematic racism.

Social racism stops the oppressed from fighting back for the justice they deserve by believing that everything is equal and success in an individual endeavor. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. Henrik, one of the most renowned African American scholars will remind you of the illusion of the relationships African people have with the rest of the world… You have no friends!

Dear social and systematic racist, I am coming for you and your minority status and amount of melanin in your skin, will not save you from my vicious criticism.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

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