Jesse Williams Files For Divorce & Was Recently Spotted with a Women in London.


jesse-william-babyAfter 5 years of marriage, Jesse Williams actor in Grey’s Anatomy and one of my favorite activist filed divorce with his wife Aryn Drake-Lee

Jesses was recently spotted with Minka Kelly in London where he tried to appear low-key wearing a hoodie. Allegedly he was showing PDA and appears to be dating the women he was with.


Jesse Williams is bi-racial, so that fact that he is now dating a white women is no surprise to me. He should not be shunned for this decision. Jesse is an affluent activist against racism and injustice despite his marital problems and as long as he continues to be passionate for those who are in the struggle… who he dates is none of my business.

I am not sure why he is divorcing his wife and not sure I even care. Jesse uses his voice to raise awareness to injustice and we need more celebrities of color like him to rise up.

It’s interesting how mixed people are told they cannot accept the white side of their genetics because being white is a pure race. Politics in the United States did not acknowledge mixed people as half-white, they acknowledged them as Negro/Mulatto.

The one drop rule severed us from the white side of us, leaving us only to embrace our black side which is the side that usually accepts us without any hesitation.

My German side of my family, the infamous Raduenz’s, rejected the black side of me and because of that, I have a very hard time identifying with white people.

Denying Jesse the freedom to date white women when his mother is white is idiotic but I must admit I have a tiny smudge of animosity towards him for doing so because of the betrayal I’ve experienced from white people who deny the other half of me, not allowing me to experience fully, the white side of myself.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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