Full Moon in Scorpio: Jump in The Water & Discover Your True Depth

Full moon in Scorpio. Weds. May 10, 2017


Full moons uncover what is hidden. Whether that is secrets, desires, emotions, personal revelations or hidden motives. Things become untangled within our lives when the sun illuminates the moon and ever crack, scrape, hole and ditch is exposed with the light.

What we uncover either completely surprises us, or it is simply a confirmation of what your intuition has been trying to tell you for weeks, months or years.

What you do with what you find out this Full Moon will determine your direction moving forward for the remainder of 2017.

The moon is sextile Scorpio whose ruler is Pluto and this energy encourages us to get rid of old habits that are keeping us stuck by challenging ourselves to change! Whether it’s eating better, sleeping more, taking up yoga, or learning how to say “No” to others, this full moon will challenge you to be more of who you are unapologetically.

However, devious Neptune is lurking and it is affecting our overall energy levels and motivation. We may feel unsure about goals we want to accomplish or insecure about our abilities at work or in our personal relationships.

It is essential that we examine why we are lacking motivation and look deep within by harnessing the energy of the full moon in Scorpio for the underlying issues that are creating feelings of low self-worth and doubt.

It’s time to face what you’ve been eluding. Do not be afraid. Your salvation and freedom awaits you on the other side. If you have to get counseling, speak to a spiritual advisor, forgive someone or sue someone in court to get justice, it’s time to start the process now.

Scorpio ignites the fiery feminine within. The feminine heals, creates, rebirths and nourishes us so that we can be healed by our own inner strength and resilience without looking outward for others to do the job.

Mercury and Uranus are traveling together to inspire great ideas, genius solutions to problems and cleverness. Harness this highly intellectual energy and couple it with the psychic and intuitive energies of this full moon in Scorpio and your life can change miraculously!

Scorpio is a water sign that is highly intuitive. This means when the full moon is in this sign, your intuition will be extremely heightened.

The universe is calling you to mute your societal conditioning and turn up the volume of the little voice inside you that is trying to guide you. Are you brave enough to listen to your own heart?

You May notice with Uranus just passing a conjunction with Mercury that you may get spontaneous revelations that change the way you see things! A change in perspective is needed sometimes as long as it is focused on positivity and your personal evolution.

If you are working on creative projects, now that Mercury is Direct, it’s time to revisit it and finish it once and for all! You won’t be disappointed in the final draft, go for it!


This full moon will increase your desire and inner yearnings to feel love and connection with others. Be careful not to sacrifice yourself and who you are as a person to gain the affection of others.

If you have to hold back, repress or get rid of any part of who you are to be in a relationship, the relationship is NOT for you. Carry on…

Instead of trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, focus on your inner vision, dreams and goals. The right person will enter into your life when you are in pursuit of true life purpose. The sooner you find out what you are here to teach us, the sooner you will find a life partner who vibes well with you.

I like to call it discovering your “Soul Purpose” I explain how to do this in my free eBook.

Check out my book “The 7 Principles of Self-Love” on Amazon or subscribe to my mailing list and I will email you the ebook Free.

Below is an excerpt Mystic Mama on the challenges and opportunities of this Full Moon in Scorpio: 

“Consider what it would take to commit to your own vision, to wrestle back control, to stand up for what you truly believe in.

“Look to where you may need to change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself and/or others in order to be able to live your truth.

It’s time to trust yourself and live your truth.


Janell Hihi



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