It is What You Are: The Power of The Mirror Effect


img_0113-1Ancient Egyptians believed that the Universe is Mental. What we think and how we perceive the world is how the world will be experienced in our everyday lives.

This is why there are multiple realities that exist at the same time. Everyone see’s the world from their view which is different from yours and mines. So many different aspects of life shape our mental perspectives from our race, culture, age, language, societal norms, home environment, upbringing, and religion.

To experience the world authentically, we must undo the programming we were taught and wipe our hard drives clean. 

Once we strip away all the layers of programming, the real work has just begun! There are people in the world who wish to control other’s realities. They create systems and institutions that we are forced to live within despite their inherent threat to our humanity. Those systems and institutions must be stopped.


We cannot control our reality if others are trying to control it for us. The real battle starts when we have to use our self-esteem, resilience, and creativity to shift power from institutions and systems and give it back to the people where it belongs.

The New Age Movement of positive thinking and meditation is only a half truth. Half truths don’t serve the overall good of humanity. It doesn’t feed our hunger to evolve as a species. Sitting around meditating your entire day away won’t bring world peace. Just changing yourself will not automatically change the world, you have a responsibility to God, the universe or whatever you want to call the higher power, to put in the WORK to change the world.

The Ancient Egyptians also believed in the Universal Law of Polarity. There is always a negative and positive aspect to everything in the Universe. Therefore, just focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative forces in our lives, is denying reality. We can’t change what we are unwilling to see. The positive thinking, “Do for self” Movement is an illusion because it does not practice the power of negativity and how acknowledging negativity gives us the strength and power to transform it into something that can work for us and not against us.

Thinking positive is not what makes us powerful as human beings. Transmuting negativity into strength and positivity is what makes us powerful. The ancients like to refer to this process as ALCHEMY.


I believe the Universal Laws of Ancient Egypt can help us find the motivation to start putting in the work needed to shift the power dynamics on Earth.

My book will be released soon and it will focus on self-love and relationships as a means to begin the journey within of deprogramming the clutter of misinformation we’ve accumulated throughout this lifetime.

The world needs you to be you! The world does not need you to be defined as just a Christian, or just an American. No, the world needs you to bring forth your unique gifts to start your part in the great shift of power that must be accomplished because our very survival depends on it.

Your contribution to the world lies dormant under all the mis-education, lies and false alliances you’ve been force fed since birth.

The world is waiting, start the process today.

Book to release June 2017.




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