Dear Americans Who Claim to be Colorblind


I didn’t know people could be selectively colorblind! I wonder if a drug company will create a condition for that new and popular disease and profit from its diagnosis because it seems like people who “See no color,” is becoming an American epidemic.

Definition of Colorblind:

The most common cause of color blindness is an inherited fault in the development of one or more of the three sets of color-sensing cones in the eye.

Every time I walk into a room I know you see my black ass! I can tell by the glimmer in your eye, the smirk on your face and your conflicted energy.

Question, how can you feel threatened by someone you judge as inferior to you?


Americans claim to see no color EXCEPT when:

When It’s time to hire for a job. Black men have a 45% unemployment rate and then you wonder why the crime rate is so high. Poverty breeds violence.

Don’t get mad at me, get mad at the data. I know black men with Ph.D.’s who are unemployed so miss me with the “Black men are uneducated,” justification.

When choosing who should be promoted for a job. Black people are often overlooked for promotions making our careers stagnant in comparison to white people.

When it’s time to report a case. Suddenly it becomes relevant to write down the race of the individual committing the crime.

When you get pulled over by the police. Since black people are more likely to be brutalized or killed in traffic stops.

When a black man is dating your daughter. All of a sudden, the racist emerges, I mean who wants a bunch of mixed grandkids running around?

When determining job wages since black people are paid less for the same profession as whites.

When being prosecuted by a court since African Americans receive harsher sentences for the same crimes.

When you’re a kid being disciplined like your an adult in grade school. Notice recently how police presence is a regular occurrence in the inner city, majority black schools. The school to prison pipeline is in full effect!

When you’re applying for a mortgage. Most mortgage lenders give African Americans predatory loans if they approve the loan at all! Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Suntrust Bank, and the list goes on and on, all have dished out millions of dollars in lawsuits


When you’re applying for an SBA loan and you get denied not because you’re not qualified but because only 1% of all SBA are approved for African American Businesses.

When walking into a high-end retail store. People automatically assume all black people are broke because, well, most of us are. we own less than 2% of the wealth in the United States. Even Oprah Winfrey who is a black billionaire, which is equivalent to a unicorn, got discriminated against in a high-end store overseas.

When receiving medical care. Have you read the Henrietta Lacks story? Read it here!We were used for medical experimentation during Jim Crow and I am sure we still are being used today! Read the book the Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington

When lead is still in your water and you’re a tax paying citizen yet illegal immigrants get billions of dollars in Amnesty given to them along with sanctuary cities dedicated to hiding them from ICE, you just happen to be black in America…

Chilli from the group TLC spewing out ignorance is also a part of social engineering. Of course, Chilli missed the point of Black Lives Matter like she missed the clauses on her contract for that shady ass record deal that she signed that paid her pennies on the dollar!

She is NOT that bright, so hearing the ALL LIVES MATTER statement from her comes at no surprise. I hope she enrolls in some course at a local community college in sociology or black history so for once in her life, she can KNOW what the fuck she is talking about. What an ignorant tool.


I guess sometimes they see color and at other times they don’t. It must be nice to be able to alternate between two different realities when it is convenient for them to do so.

To say you don’t see my color is to DENY my existence, it is not a nice thing to say, it is a neoliberal, alt right conservative thing to say. All you do is deny racism exist, deny color exist and deny inequality exist because acknowledging that you see my color when you look at me is admitting that you see me as different and treat like I am less than…

I need you to take off your blindfold and SEE my color and be honest about how my blackness makes you shrink into yourself, how it makes you feel small… even threatened.

I need you to tell me to my face you see my brown hues and golden mahogany undertones, my different hair texture, my swag and exotic style… because claiming you don’t see is the problem.

When will you see me?

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

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