The 4 Zodiac Signs That are Prone to be Narcissist

The psychology of narcissism fascinates me just as much as the ancient science of astrology. I’ve combined the two to give you a dose of “Astro-therapy.”

Yassss readers! I have compiled a list of the top Zodiac signs most likely to be narcissist despite their home environment or any other outside factors.

Let’s face it, some Zodiac signs are just natural born assholes. Thankfully, I’ve compiled this list so that you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did!

The Las Vegas Mass Shooter’s astrological profile will shock you. Several mass shooters share the same Zodiac Sign. Find out what sign is more likely to commit a mass shooting? Find out here.

Narcissists can be very powerful. They must choose whether they want to use their power for good or evil. When the Zodiac signs below use their power for good, the world changes and human consciousness elevates. However, when they use it for evil the destruction they cause can be catastrophic.

First, let’s define what it means to be a narcissist:

A person who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.

Below is a list of symptoms of narcissism according to the Mayo Clinic.

  • Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance
  • Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it
  • Exaggerating your achievements and talents
  • Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate
  • Believing that you are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people
  • Requiring constant admiration
  • Having a sense of entitlement
  • Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with your expectations
  • Taking advantage of others to get what you want
  • Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others
  • Being envious of others and believing others envy you
  • Behaving in an arrogant or haughty manner
  • Violent
  • Driven by fame and greed
  • Cold, detached, inhumane.
  • Calculating, cunning and callous

If you’re wondering, No, I did not just describe a Leo in the bullet points above. Although it sounds like every aspect of their self-centered, grandiose, sun-ruled, attention-whore like characteristics.

Let’s get started with the list. The 4 zodiac signs most likely to be NARCISSIST:

#4 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign: TAURUS

Taurus manages to get themselves on every Zodiac shit-list that I construct.

My Moon sign is in Taurus so spare me the bias bullshit. I am talking about myself to a certain extent.

Taurus just can’t stay out of trouble. This is probably because the Taurus is the Symbolic age of a toddler in astrology and if you’ve ever been around a two-year-old, all you say repeatedly to them is “No,” “Get out of there,” and “You can’t have that!.”

Taurus Marry for Money: Melania Trump is a Taurus and she married Donald Trump. The only thing good about him is his tactless honesty and the zero’s in his bank account. Taurus treat their possessions like Gods. It’s no wonder this Taurus was able to look past Trump’s personality to cash in on his success.

Need help understanding why Donald Trump is the way he is? Read his complete birth chart to understand his unruly and unpredictable behavior.

A sense of entitlement: Like toddlers, most Taurus have a natural sense of entitlement. Hitler, one of the most famous Taurus, grew up torturing animals because he thought he was superior to them and he found torture entertaining…

Taurus truly believes that they deserve more than the average person. This belief gets them far in life because they are able to attract good luck, success, and wealth based on the belief that they deserve it.

However, it also get’s them in deep trouble because they feel entitled to lie, cheat, steal and manipulate others to get what they think, they are entitled to.

Taurus require a lot of attention in general but randomly opt to be alone at the most inconvenient times. Mainly, when you need them!

Dealing with a Taurus you need to understand that it is required that you are always there for them when they need you but it is not required that they are always there for you!

Inability to empathize: Many Taurus are prone to narcissism because it is hard for them to empathize with people. If they didn’t personally go through it, they won’t understand it. Period.

Daddy complex. Taurus men want to be your daddy not your man. They have an annoying, parental style love that wants to take care of you and tell you what to do…

Demonically Persuasive. Taurus has the ability to talk you into things you’d never imagine doing ever! They are the sales rep at the used car lot who sold you a lemon for thousands of dollars over it’s value. They are the boyfriend who tricks you into believing that having a threesome will take your relationship to the next level.

Taurus are the Jehovah witnesses that has you hypnotized and totally brainwashed, following their cult blindly!

The notorious cult leader Jim Jones is a Taurus. He lead a cult and successfully persuaded his loyal followers into committing a mass suicide of over 918 people!

jim jones

Narcissistic Rage: Taurus are bullies and bullies are narcissist. A Taurus is not beneath hitting you or breaking shit to prove a point. Their tempers can lead them into violent rages which are often referred to toddler like tantrums or narcissistic, idiopathic rage. Taurus appear slow, calculating and relaxed but if you wave a red flag in their peripheral they will plow right through you.

Incredibly shallow and materialistic. Narcissist believes material possessions and the illusion of power is what make them happy.

They often use people to get what they want or spoil people, feeding on their desire for material things to manipulate them. The Taurus is either the sugar daddy or the damsel in distress who is milking her sugar daddy for every penny he has to offer.


One of the biggest Pimps in American history “Iceberg Slim” is a Taurus! They can be womanizers and very successful at it. Taurus will tell you what it is, and what they want from you, so eloquently and disrespectfully, at the same time. They are deliberate and afraid of nothing!

Let’s not forget the famous Taurus, Madam and Politician Sally Stanford who said;

“Romance without finance is a nuisance. Few men value free merchandise.”

Taurus are extremist. Just examine their pedigree… Hitler and Saddam Hussein! If these two tyrants are narcissist to the extreme! They want power by any means.

Niccolo Machiavelli (born May 3, 1469) Though little more than a political brown-noser during his day, Machiavelli gained infamy for his survival guide for despots, The Prince, which set forth the rules of maintaining power through intimidation and unscrupulous cunning.

Taurus are Master Manipulators. Have you seen the movie “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s a true story about one of the world’s greatest con artist Frank Abagnale, a former confidence trickster, check forger, and impostor between the ages of 15 and 21.


He became one of the most famous impostors ever, claiming to have assumed no fewer than eight identities, including an airline pilot, a physician, a U.S. Bureau of Prisons agent, and a lawyer. He escaped from police custody twice (once from a taxiing airliner and once from a U.S. federal penitentiary), before he was 21 years old.

He served less than five years in prison before starting to work for the federal government. He is currently a consultant and lecturer for the FBI academy and field offices. He also runs Abagnale & Associates, a financial fraud consultancy company.

Taurus are very cunning and manipulation and narcissism comes very easy to them because it is a part of who they are. You’ve been warned!

#3 Most Narcissist Zodiac Sign is VIRGO

Virgo’s are walking talking paradoxes.

“Dear Virgo’s how can you be powerful and insecure at the same time?” Hood X (Checkout his video on the dark side of Virgo click here)

Virgo’s are earth signs. If they wish, they can be very successful. Earth signs are manifestors and they typically make shit happen.

However, some of them are too self-destructive and narcissistic to ever see true success unless of course, it is stepping on the backs of everyone they know.

Virgos want you to be successful but not more successful than them, this is why the movie Horrible Bosses was inspired by an employee with a Virgo manager…

Narcissist secretly does not want you to succeed, neither does a Virgo.

Narcissists/Virgos are never satisfied with ANYTHING you do ever! They will find something wrong with everything you do and point it out without hesitation.

Virgos are detail oriented, but they pay attention to the WRONG details. They pay attention to IRRELEVANT details no one else pays attention.

If a Virgo is reading this now, they are angry and in total disbelief. Many narcissists cannot handle people calling them out neither can a Virgo. 

It is very easy to irritate a Virgo because they are so insecure. They get so easily annoyed, they probably won’t get past the 2nd paragraph of this blog without closing the browser.

Virgos make people feel like they are walking on eggshells. People find it hard to be themselves around Virgos because Virgos are too sensitive to take a joke and are easily annoyed by anything you do and say, just like narcissist.

Virgos have Political or money motivated agendas. Virgos are famous snipers who kill to manipulate politics and earn a huge payout. A famous Virgo, Charles J. Guiteau shot and killed President James Garfield.

Another Virgo on a killing spree with a political agenda is Eric Robert Rudolph, also known as the Olympic Park Bomber. He’s an American domestic terrorist convicted for a series of anti-abortion and anti-gay-motivated bombings across the southern United States


Virgos live a double life like most Narcissist. Virgo’s, like Gemini’s, can be incredibly two faced. Most abusive male Virgos that I know are charming and very social outside of their home. They are respected and admired by many. However, at home, and behind closed doors, they are monsters to their wives and children.

Stubborn: Narcissist, like Virgo’s, never change their mind or consider others points of view.

You are only there to serve them: Your opinion doesn’t matter so stop talking.

Controlling: Virgo’s need you to be what they assigned you to be. As their lover, you have job responsibilities you must not falter from. Get on your job! No slacking or the berating and nagging will never end.

Easily irritated: They walk around like Ebenezer Scrooge, grumpy, tired and full of complaints.


Possessive: You belong to them. You are a possession. They are insecure and jealous and they need to know where their possessions are at all times.

Virgos Can’t keep secrets. They are ruled by Mercury, never tell a person ruled by Mercury any of your secrets. They will put your business out there in the streets for entertainment purposes.

Judgemental: Virgos love to judge, especially people who are different from them in any way. Virgos are simple minded and they believe everyone should live their lives the same way. Diversity and change frightens them.


Routined Robots: They hate being surprised and don’t you dare try to be spontaneous with them.

Neat Freaks. Most Virgos spend too much time cleaning and not enough time living. Everything has to be perfect according to the Virgo.

Insecure: Virgos are special because they act insecure and powerful at the same time. They are confident in one breath but then they say or do something that shows that they are also totally insecure and self-conscious. WTF?

They are psychoanalytical and too identified with the mind and the ego. They need to get in touch with their heart and their feelings!

Bottle up anger and then explode. When a Virgo unleashes everything they’ve bottled up, they are not verbal, they are physical and you might end up dead. Be very careful.

Virgos are Revengeful. Bad Girls Club star Tanisha Thomas let’s it be known how immature, reckless and vengeful she can be every minute of the show.

virgos funny

Narcissistic Perfectionism: Virgos believe in the illusion of perfection which makes them absolutely unbearable to be around at times.

Michael Jackson a psycho perfectionist. Beyonce’ another psycho perfectionist. These people MUST be the best and when it comes to their careers, many of them are. Like a true narcissist their fame comes before everyone and everything in their LIFE.

Virgos often suffer from OCD and they believe EVERYTHING has its place. Even you! And your place is beneath them!

They need to THINK about everything and are slow to make decisions to the point where it tortures you and everyone involved! They have to think about what they will wear, where they want to eat, what they want for breakfast, blue socks or white socks, like really just make a fucking decision already! Geesh

Virgos will sell out for coins. They will sell out for prestigious positions. Ben Carson who is a Virgo is Donald Trumps bitch! Go Figure


Most Virgos are condescending and talk to you like you’re a child in true Narcissistic fashion. Virgo’s astrological age is the adult, and they think they have authority over everyone including you.

Virgos think everything is permanent often confusing temporary emotional states with permanent characters traits.

Virgos are habitual but not progressive. They have strict routines but an inability to change to be progressive. This is why they are prone to narcissism!

Virgos make the list of the most Notorious Serial Killers – Check it out here!

When Virgos loosen up and give in into the fact that they are imperfect, they are quite gifted human beings with a sense of humor that is magnetic! Dave Chappelle is a Virgo, and when I tell you he is one of the funniest, most controversial comedians ever, that is an understatement!

Virgos will pick apart every little flaw you have effortlessly and with child like enthusiasm. They pay attention to everything negative about you, never the positive. This is why they are textbook narcissists.

Virgos’s can’t forgive themselves or others, ever! If they do something embarrassing or if someone hurts their sensitive little egos, they over analyze the situation and continue to relive it until it drives them absolutely insane.


The 2nd Most Narcissistic Zodiac Sign is LEO

I was debating whether or not Leo should be number one but I gave them a pass because there is one more sign in the Zodiac more narcissistic than Leos, believe it or not!

Poor Leo, with an ego the size of their ruling planet which isn’t even a planet, it’s the sun… how can they NOT be narcissistic?

The sun is the life force of the Universe. Without it, we’d all be dead. Everything and every planet revolves around the sun.

The Leo truly believes the world revolves around them. The minute you stop stroking their egos and not making them the center of your world is the minute the Leo goes into a narcissistic rage!

Secretively Insecure: Leo’s brag a lot, they are known to be conceited but they manage to hide their insecurity very well behind their exaggerated self-confidence! I’m sure you’ve seen The Wizard of Oz The Lion without a heart is the perfect example of the tragedy that is the Leo!


Selective Honesty: Just like a narcissist, Leo’s only share half truths and half stories. They are liars plain and simple. I’m certain the father of all lies, Satan was a Capricorn sun and a Leo moon because these people stay lying.

The sad part is they suck at lying. So, it’s pretty easy to see through their bullshit.

Leos are People who say ‘no offense but…’ just before saying something really offensive.

Leos are a slave to pleasure: They will do ANYTHING that makes them happy regardless of who they hurt. This is why they are born Narcissist!

Leos dangle carrots of hope in your face: Classic narcissist tactic, promise but never deliver! Leos are full of shit and never deliver on their promises. President Barack Obama promised the black community that voted him into office so much! But he only delivered on about 3% of what he promised. He has 1,000 excuses for why he couldn’t do anything for African Americans.


They Demonize their exes: Leo’s demonize their ex to ensure the two of you never meet. Typically, the Leo was the one doing all the dirt but they will never admit that. They have to play the victim to gain your sympathy. It’s part of their deceptive, narcissistic charm.

Leos Love Bomb: Narcissist love bomb too! What a coincidence! Love bombing is being the women’s night in shining armor during an extended honeymoon phase. Buying her flowers, sending good morning and goodnight texts daily, phone calls twice a day, fun, expensive and adventurous dates… you name it! All to get you hooked on them so they can go in for the narcissistic kill!

If Leo’s are nice to you, best believe there is an agenda behind it to get something from you whether its sex, a relationship, money or an ego stroke, Leos attention comes with a price.

Cheap: Leos are financially tight-fisted, selfish and cheap. It’s not to save money, it’s to show you how they feel about you. A narcissist doesn’t believe that you deserve much if anything and as soon as the honeymoon phase is over, be prepared to hear them gripe and complain about money. Be prepared to open your wallet more than 50% of the time.

Selfish: They will never do ANYTHING for you without first weighing the benefit they stand in gaining from it. Doing things from their heart is not an option. Natural born narcissist!

They Brag. A Lot!: Leos love to hear themselves talk about themselves like true narcissist. Leo’s are either complete losers or complete winners. The Leo’s who are successful, you’ll never hear the end of it! The Movie Meet the Fockers is a great example of how narcissistic Leo’s love to brag about their careers and so-called humanitarian efforts. Watch!

Leos love to one-up people: Leo’s just can’t congratulate someone and move on. They find it hard not to be a hater in general so when you tell them good news about yourself, they tell you something about them that’s even more spectacular then what you just accomplished.

Leo’s philosophy – Life is a competition and they just gotta win. Regardless of the cost!

Leos are passive aggressive like most Narcissist. They don’t mean what they say and they don’t say what they mean. They communicate honestly only through their actions. They purposely ignore you, they don’t return your calls and they make jokes that are not funny at your expense to express their repressed aggression.

Sarcasm is their 2nd language. Leos gaslight as a first language. They always avoid the point of the conversation and deflect onto issues that revolve around you questioning your own sanity.

Leos love to answer every accusation with, “You’re crazy!”

Leos are clingy: They have to see you every day and talk to you or text you every hour. They smoother and suffocate you with attention and expect you to do the same to them.

Leos feel that they are superior to everyone just like most narcissist.

Leos are CONTROL freaks. Fidel Castro is the perfect example. They are tireless in their attempts to control everyone and everything. 


“Fidel Castro promoted younger men only to discard them if they aspired openly to succeed him. Fidel was the inspirational leader, the man of action, the master strategist, the obsessive control-freak who micromanaged everything from hurricane preparedness to the potato crop. He was, above all, tireless. In marathon sessions, often beginning after midnight and ending after dawn, he would interrogate visitors about every facet of the political situation in their country.”

Leo’s need to know that they come before your kids. Leo’s want to see you put their needs before your child’s needs consistently to feel loved and supported. Narcissist look at kids as competition to gain your attention. It’s pretty sickening if you think about it.

Leo’s can’t be alone. They always NEED someone. Whether it’s someone to fuck, someone to talk to, someone to hang out at their house, someone to go to the damn grocery store with them, someone to watch them while they take a shit. They NEED someone all the time.

Leo’s will bargain with their life. Leo’s would rather die than be alone. If you were the one to leave them they may say they will kill themselves if you don’t come back.

However, if they leave you, bye bye! And don’t you dare come back unless you want to give them no strings attached sex and leave as soon as he’s finished with you. A Leo will pimp you if you let him, he will put you on a corner 1.5 seconds.

Leo’s discard you when there is no more benefit from being with you. Leos’s invented the discard because they invented narcissism.

Leos are walking talking contradictions. Leo’s never practice what they preach, they are the pope that is secretly a pedophile, the Civil Rights Movement leader who is a secret Klans man, the nun who preaches abstinence by day but is a pornstar by night.

Get a restraining order if you break a Leo’s heart. If you leave him while he is still in love with you or not finished using you, he will stalk you, harass you and even threaten you because he has NO self-control. He’ll even ask you to pay you back for all the dates he took you on and that time you used his car and didn’t put gas in it. Pathetic! It’s hard for Leos to believe anyone could leave them! So they don’t take your restraining order seriously either… Be safe and protect yourself.


Covert & Overt Racist. Leo’s are either extremely Alt right or extreme Neo Liberals. The keyword is extreme. Narcissist are extreme, they cannot be well-balanced even when medicated by a psychologist. Tami Lahren is the newest generation of covert racist born on August 11th.

Pure example of how all Leos talk when they are passionate about their extreme ideologies that swirl around in their tiny little brains.

Leo’s preach constant narcissist rhetoric like “All lives matter,” and “I’m colorblind.” Leo’s look on the bright side only to cover up their darkside… they are completely and utterly UNREALISTIC. Jennifer Lopez is the classic Leo air head, read her tweet below.


Leo’s have addictive personalities like Narcissist: They are addicted to alcohol, tattoos, weed, prescription drugs, antidepressants, food, sex… you name it, their addicted!

Leos are narcissist, proceed with caution. Sad thing is, there is NO known cure for narcissism. So good luck, you’ll need therapy when your relationship is over!

#1 Most Narcissistic Zodiac is Capricorn

Selfish, sadistic, self-centered, egotistical, opportunistic, narcissistic Capricorns take the number one spot!

Narcissist quietly plot, just like Capricorns. They are conniving and strategic in their endeavors to attain money, status, and power!

Lack empathy. Capricorns don’t want to know your point of view, your feelings or what your going through. All they hear is their own voice, your feelings, wants and needs are irrelevant.

Capricorns are the supervillains with the most staying power. Deeply resentful of their inability to love or be loved by others, evil Capricorns apply themselves to an overall strategy of world domination.

Capricorns are slaves to money, status, titles and power.

The tarot card that represents the Capricorn is the devil. Need I say more?


Being in a relationship with Capricorns requires you to sacrifice your life, your goals, your health, and your soul for the sake of submitting yourself to their mission.

It’s all about them! There ain’t no you! When you’re in love with a Capricorn you disappear and only they exist! Are you willing to completely lose yourself? If so, the Capricorn man is perfect for you.

Capricorn Quotes: “By any means necessary!”

Capricorns are too logical and not in touch with their hearts! They are too logical and cerebral. They rarely think with their hearts and this is why they are generally HEARTLESS people!

Capricorns literally judge a book by its cover. How something looks is more important to them then how someone actually is in the inside.

Capricorns won’t commit until the very end of dating, when you’ve had enough and ready to leave, that’s when they’ll commit. It’s an obligatory commitment that doesn’t feel real.

They won’t commit unless they have something to gain from you, a ride to work, a place to stay, sex on demand, money….

Two-faced & Disloyal. They will turn on you to cut a profit, get a promotion or win a bid that will financially benefit them. They will have no remorse! Capricorn, narcissistic logic is “It’s just business, never personal.”


The most famous traitor in the world was a Capricorn by the name of Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold (1741-1801) was an early American hero of the Revolutionary War (1775-83) who later became one of the most infamous traitors in U.S. history after he switched sides and fought for the British.

Racism, classism, sexism and all the negative connotated isms are Capricorn philosophically derived ideologies that have literally ruined the world!

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn, and Saturn rules systems and systems are killing off millions of people and disenfranchising nations all in the name of colonialism and capitalism.

Thankfully the age of Aquarius is dawning and these systems will be torn down to pieces.

Capricorns, if awakened and conscious can help change the world in a positive way. However, it is their obsession with power that they need to overcome to meet their salvation.

Extreme Opportunist: Capricorns are high paid whores. They will sleep with you for money for the right price or the right promotion.

Capricorns are stuck in the past. They are NOT progressive people. They only wish to maintain the laws, rules, and cultures of the past to ensure humanity does not evolve into something better.


Rush Limbaugh is a Capricorn, I’ll just leave that there…

They will sell their bodies, their soul and even their children for fame, fortune, stardom, and power. 

Capricorns always go too far for success. They go too far to achieve wealth and status. They need power like they need water and oxygen and that is the epitome of everything a narcissist is!

Capricorns are Ambitious, Hardworking, and The Stickler For Rules.

They follow rules and laws and systems without questioning whether the rules, laws and systems are even humane!

Capricorns are loyal, but they are loyal to the wrong things! They are loyal to power!

Capricorns are Superior, Snobbish and Aloof. They are aloof until money or power is involved then all of a sudden you have their full and undivided attention.

They lack empathy like most narcissist and they never feel sorry for anyone, not even themselves. Capricorns beat themselves up behind closed doors and they typically suffer from low self-esteem. They keep their insecurities hidden so you’ll never know their weakness.

They will kill you if it advances their career. The president of North Korea killed his own brother to earn his current title. Talking about heartless and scandalous! He also launches test missiles as a cherished hobby.


Capricorns show their love by buying you things and taking you to expensive places. They rarely compliment you, unless they can get something out of it. They hardly ever tell you they love you, they’d rather buy you a designer handbag and then leave in the middle of your anniversary dinner date to go back to the office and finish a proposal.

Dating a Capricorn is like dating someone in the military.

Shape shifters: they are fake and will mirror you, act like they have the same interest and hobbies just to carry on an agenda to get something from you.

Capricorns are boring! Hanging out with them is like watching paint dry! Unless they are doing something that really interests them! Of course, when that happens, they are so involved in the activity they forget you are there.

Capricorns marry brainless trophy wives who they can control with money.

A Capricorn see’s women who are intelligent and independent as too much of a challenge. They don’t want an intellectual match, they wany a submissive doormat who will tolerate their narcissistic abuse.


American Billionaire Howard Hughes was a Proud born, tirelessly ambitious American billionaire who was once kicked out of a hotel in Vegas, and as a response in true Capricorn fashion, he bought the hotel just to prove to them:

“No one kicks out a Capricorn.” A Capricorn will literally buy you and one of their favorite lines is, “Everyone has a price!”

Capricorns are intuitive: They know how to sniff out fear and weakness within you and use it to exploit you for anything you have that can benefit them.

Cold as a corpse: Capricorns are cold people, born in the dead of winter, they have no feelings! They are also as rigid as a skeleton.

Capricorns are Snitches: they get people locked up!

Alpha personality: Capricorns demand you make them your priority or they won’t even deal with you.

Capricorns are Corrupt: J. Edgar Hoover, a sadistic and evil Capricorn, was the first FBI Director was the most corrupt federal agent ever, killings thousands, framing many and setting up systems and traps of racism, harassment and mockery of African Americans including the Civil Rights Movement and the black panther party.


FBI spied on MLK religiously. The FBI used some of this information obtained from spying to break into one of King’s hotel rooms and recorded evidence of an extramarital affair.

Afterward, they sent a letter to King directly, claiming they would blackmail him and implying they would leak the information if he didn’t commit suicide in the next 34 days.

The FBI  Director Edgar Hoover told King, “You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.”

Capricorns invented scandals. Let’s not talk about President Nixon and the Watergate Scandal. He was the first and only president to Resign as president after he was exposed for manipulative and cunning conspiracies.

They ALWAYS have something up their sleeves.

I know a Capricorn female who calls my sister for advice asking her, “How can I get guys to buy me things and pay my bills?” It’s really quite pathetic how ruthless they are.

Slaves to Lust. Like most narcissist, all Capricorns are slaves to lust. They can’t turn down a good time even at the risk of them being exposed and losing millions of dollars in advertisement endorsements.

If a Capricorn is breathing, they are cheating on you. They are skilled cheaters who come home every night but somehow manage with their excellent time management skills to sneak in an affair during a 15 minute break at work.

The narcissist never think they’ll get caught cheating. However, they always do eventually! You’ve heard about the infamous Capricorn Tiger Woods scandal, right?


Actor, comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey ex-wife is suing him for murdering her soul… because he probably did. Most narcissists take every virtue from you and suck you dry, leaving you on the side of the road to die!

maxresdefault (1)

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Proceed with caution and understand if you plan on dating, getting into a business deal or starting a friendship with any of the above Zodiac signs, you are out of your Goddamn mind.

They are all prone to Narcissistic Tendencies naturally.

Stay safe out there…

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

148 thoughts on “The 4 Zodiac Signs That are Prone to be Narcissist

  1. I’m a Virgo that read through the whole thing 😂
    No worries, homie.

    That said, the worst narcissists I’ve ever personally met were all Libras or Scorpios. My abusive, sociopath ex husband was a Cancer. And a little strange that you left out Aries because… you know… Hitler.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. Hitler was born in late April and he is a Taurus, I did mention Taurus were prone to narcissism. Do you know the moon signs of these people? The moon sign is just as important as the sun sign and if their moon is in any of the signs I listed above, I am sorry you had to experience narcissistic abuse. Please keep reading and commenting. I appreciate it. Thank you for sharing your experience.




      2. What is your moon sign? There is more to you than being a Taurus, you have an entire birth chart with other elements that explain your selflessness. This article explains Taurus in their dark element, not in their highest self. Sounds like you are living in your light!


    2. Hitler was a Taurus. Scorpios are too obvious of a choice. Librans are superficial, true, but have a social instinct by nature. Cancer is a difficult sign for a man, he is a Mommy trapped inside a Daddy’s body. Maybe that’s what you were dealing with in ex-husband. I think Virgo’s should be at the top of the list. I’ve known quite a few ‘socio-virgos’! It’s ironic because I like Virgo’s and always seem to get along with them, even the “pathos” ones.


    3. I just had to comment, because from experience and someone who studies astrology, I am amazed at how wrong a lot of these things are. For me! It was just a reminder how people tend to generalize by their own personal experiences. I am a Leo and I will bend over backwards for anyone I care about, sometimes even those that have crossed me because at the end of each day, hate just doesn’t fit in my being .I rather stick to myself and I can definitely do without attention and I shop clearance lol. My dad is a Taurus and he is the humblest person I know, my sister is a Virgo and is not at all as described. My experience with a covert narcissist is from a Libra. So again, this was just a reminder that we should not be generalizing any birth sign because it is about who we are as individuals and assholes come in all sizes,all signs and etc.


  2. Well Jesus Christ was born on December 25. Do you consider him a devil too?
    What I think of this whole blog is bullshit… You cannot judge someone by his\her sign. it’s completely insane


    1. This article focuses on the dark side of Zodiac signs. I know amazing people born in both December and January. This article focuses on the bad, which is not the entire story. Stay tuned. I’ll be posting positive insights on each sign too.


      1. I agree with the Author, just by understanding the nature of earth signs. They focus solely on outcomes that have a tangible result in gain and status. Narcissists are known for their gravity of nature in trying to pull down everyone around them. (planet)earth=gravity It’s that simple.
        This blog is not bulls..t as you so eloquently stated (and offended my Libra Moon’s distaste for coarseness)
        A discerning mind would know how to assimilate the Author’s information without passing inappropriate judgement on others. The Author did not intend this as a tool of hate, and only the hateful will use it that manner. I think the Author carefully thought her ideas out and is not a product of wishful thinking for signs she may dislike.
        But, hey, what do I know!? I’m a Libra Moon and many websites claim we’re the most sociopathic.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I wasnt expecting a Virgo at all lol i came to see if sagittarius was gonna be one on that list, cause im unsure if i wanna date a virgo or sagittarius lol


  4. Your Capricorn description was spot on. It was very healing to read that because you hit every point of what it was like being friends with a Capricorn narcissist for four years. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same again. I’m surprised not to see Sagittarius here.


    1. Sagittarius is walking a thin line, they can switch from codependent to narcissist fast. However, they are more codependent then narcissist. Different sides of the same coin. But I agree their darker side brings out a sadistic selfishness and conceit very similar to narcissist.


      1. I’m a cancer female with moon and ascendant in sag. I agree. They want to be close yet free. It’s a constant struggle! But my most perfect relationship was with a Pisces man with moon and ascendant in Gemini… so he was a complete gushy romantic but had to be alone a lot to make his music or go out and socialise. It worked for both of us in that sense. So I think different partners bring out different things. My recent ex was Scorpio with Virgo moon. He couldn’t stand me being happy at all! Dragged me down with his insecurities. Never will I date a Virgo anything again! Especially moon! So self-centred, selfish, yet thinks he is the opposite, and … everything you said about Virgos was him to a tee!


    2. I-I am capricorn. ;-; no one likes me because they say I’m mean ’cause I didn’t have money for the book Fair. ;-; you ruthless human beings.


  5. Thanks for this. My Mother is a Taurus. My Father is a Capricorn.
    My daughter’s are Virgos.
    They’re all not speaking to me.
    I am a Pisces who has told them all, my door is always open.
    Good God.


      1. Thank you! You have no idea how much this helped me. All signs have good and bad traits, some worse than others. Yes, check moon and rising signs if you have them.


  6. that whole thing about leo is far from the truth, not all Leo’s are the same there is a difference depending on month of birth..Im nothing like what was described and my bday is the day that leos starts.


    1. You’re right all Leo’s are not the same. So much depends on your overall birth chart. These traits describe the dark side of Leo and if this article doesn’t resonate with you it means you embody the positive side of Leo and you are living your best life!


    2. My Ex is a Leo/Virgo cusp, maybe you landed on the better edge as he followed traits from both Leo/Virgo explanations!
      I’m Virgo and whilst I am hopeful the article didn’t describe me in full I was interested to note that the insecure/confident trait was a Virgo thing, I’m confident when I know for sure I’m right or am doing a task right, it is the open interpretation of anything that makes me insecure!


  7. I’m a Taurus and my sister is a Leo. Your definition of a Taurus absolutely doesn’t fit me at all. I’m very careing very considerate of other people’s feelings and I emphasize with anyone who’s having a hard time. I love to spoil my grandkids and I’m ALWAYS THERE when my family needs me for anything. So much so that I’m the first person they’ll hit up for helping hand because I rarely say no. I go out of my way to help my family and friends and when I make something that I would like to have myself, all anyone has to say is I wish I had one and I’ll give it to them. I’m extremely loving, caring, emphathetic, generous, loyal and reliable. I do not steal, and I live by the golden rule:treat others the way you want to be treated. I didnt agree with your statement at all.


    1. Hello Janice. This is article high lights the “Dark side” of Taurus, not Taurus living in their highest light and with love, patience and compassion. I have a Taurus moon and I am not narcissistic, however, that doesn’t mean if I start living a negative life that I am not prone to be. I know amazing Taurus people and again, this article only highlights the dark side. Thank you for reading and commenting.


  8. I’m gonna say this, and be done, because this entire thing was absolute bullshit.

    You CANNOT base someone’s personality off of their sun sign. It’s incredibly vascuous to even assume you could.
    As an ASTROLOGER, I’m a Virgo.
    I do not fit with any part of what is said about Virgo.
    My first is a Taurus. He is EXTREMELY humble. None of what was said rings true.
    My ex is a Pisces. Oh? Guess what? He was diagnosed as a Narcissistic Sociopath! And he’s abusive, manipulative, a liar, loves playing the victim.
    He has 14 KNOWN kids, and 1 on the way.
    He takes care of NONE. Is still married to the wife he also abused.

    Now, from a “sun sign” view point, he should be soft and gentle, right?
    From an astrological viewpoint, I take into account how his sun, moon, and mercury are all in Pisces. How his sun and mercury make a tight conjunction (narcissistic personality). His cap Venus, Taurus Mars may or may not play a part.

    Me myself? A Virgo sun in the 10th house, pisces moon in the 4th, Libra mercury in the 11th, scorpio venus in the 12th, and cancer mars in the 8th. Im also a scorpio rising. I more closely identify with Scorpio and Pisces than any other sign. But I’m supposed to believe that Virgos and Taurus are narcissists? I’m, unfortunately, the last person to be one. And I say unfortunately because, I WISH I could think that highly of myself, and be that selfish. Pisces moon be damned.

    My input.


    1. Thank you for your comments, it’s greatly appreciated. This blog is about the dark side of the zodiac signs listed. One of my best friends is a Virgo and I know Taurus who are amazing people. They are living they’re best life. However, if for any reason they turn to their dark side they can become narcissist faster than a flick of a light! I have Pisces heavy in my chart and my moon is in Taurus, I know that I could turn narcissistic if negatively triggered and I wasn’t identified with my higher self.


      1. I understand that. I just cannot stand to see everything based on sun signs alone. Especially after my experience.
        I’m sure you understand.


  9. This was spot on for Virgos!! I’m a female Virgo and can attest to almost every single item on that list. Good thing is, I have come to terms with my perfections are imperfect-had to for my own sanity!!

    Interesting that Capricorns and Virgos are a great match and I am surrounded by Capricorns in my family and get elong exceptionally well with them when no one else does…hmmmm


  10. I am an Aquarius with moon in Leo, so I am often attracted to Leos (I am a lesbian) but the relationships don’t work out. I have known some Taurus and Virgos and I mostly agree, though not all are like that. I have had a couple unpleasant experiences with Capricorns, though some can be decent. I have to say some Scorpios though can be very manipulative and vindictive though.


  11. Well. This explains a LOT! Dad=Capricorn BIG NARC
    Me= Sagittarius
    1st fiance=Taurus
    1st husband=Virgo
    2nd big Love= Taurus
    2nd fiance=Taurus
    Why me universe?
    Currently=Single and loving it.


  12. Hi Janell. This is a cute article, truthful in some points, but way off when it comes to Taurus. I’m a cancer. I know (and have known) many Taurus people in my life. Yes, they can be single minded and stubborn when they want a certain something really bad. But habitually narcissistic? I disagree. Now if you want to talk narcissism, let’s talk Leo. You’re on point 100% there. Leo should be THE NUMBER 1 NARCISSIST. And they are the #1 manipulators. My ex boyfriend is a Leo, my nephew is a Leo, two of my close cousins are Leo, and my current boyfriends brother is a Leo. All of them talk about themselves and their accomplishments incessantly. And the only time the Leos in my life compliment someone is when they want something in return. And they dont want to hear other people’s problems either. Capricorns are hit & miss when it comes to being narcissists. Some Capricorns are, but a lot of them arent. It all depends on their moon sign & ascendant, and their life experience growing up.


    1. A “Cute” article, why thanks! Leo is almost number one, have you dated a Capricorn long term? Trust me if you have you would know why they are number one if they are in their dark side. My moon is in Taurus and I know my Taurean tribe has a tendency to be narcissist when we are in our dark element.


    2. Taurus are no 1 narcissists along with cancers at no. 2. Majority of NARC’s I met belongs to these 2 signs. I am not Leo but yet to see any Leo who crush others to feel better about himself like Taurus or Cancers. You as a cancer always defend yourself by plying victim or passive aggressive way. Ask people around you do they like you?


  13. As a Capricorn female. I read some of it as true but most of it not. I know its the dark side. I dated a capricorn and it was bad. A lot of my partners were cheaters or liars. So trust issues are a big thing. Taurus can be very possessive and yet not care about your feelings. Unless its for their own gain. As a Capricorn I come across as very caring and loving to those I love.(Family wise or partner) I however dont care so much for others who harm me or my loved ones. I am very protective. One thing though .We may forgive people but we never forget. And kind of wish bad things to happen to those who harmed us. (Karma mostly). And yes we had a dark side just depends on how we use it. Interesting post. Thank you. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading. I can’t seem to escape Capricorns because Caps living in their highest light are some of the most powerful people in the world, and they do amazing things. My ex husband is a Cap and although he is a narcissist he is also very protective and supportive. A friend when I need him most, and an anchor in my stability


  14. Well I’m a Capricorn to the fullest and whoever wrote this has CLEARLY been on our bad side. We are very loyal, patient, aware and drama free. We are private and uncomfortable with others emotions. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care. We like to have fun and enjoy ourselves but sometimes we want to be alone. Me personally if you get on my bad side or if I find that I can’t trust you I’ll just write you off period as if you do t exist. Easily! We love hard and take our friendships seriously but when we’re done we’re done! And if we don’t know you we definitely DONT care about your opinion what so ever!!!


  15. Gosh you described a tarty LEO guy INo know to a tee … even the “no offence but…” to tell me how ugly I am (I am not by the way) after I found out about his 2 concurrent gfs, and “you are crazy you need a doctor” when I happened to remind him that he is hurting me and everyone else with his infidelities and constant pathological lies. Never known anyone to be so cheap, selfish, must win at all costs, addict, liar, cheater, constant need to have his ego stroked, and the most cruel person if he didn’t get his way. Good riddance!!


  16. As I have enjoyed several of your articles and some of the things you have described in the signs, not all are this way. As my sun sign is Leo and I’m way way far from what you described, yet I had a Leo friend (only a 5 day birthday difference) she was/is a lot of what you wrote. As well as my Virgo sister 😂!!! I guess I’m writing to just point out that all are not like this and that people’s Rising Sign and Moon Sign play a roll in who/how they are…


  17. I would like ask you a question Janell Hihi – I have been educating myself on tactics used by Narcissists for a few years now because after almost 20 years of marriage my ex narc decides to rid himself of me. He is a Virgo and I am a CAPRICORN (which according to your article “We” are the #1 zodiac that are prone to be Narcissists). I have also read the above comments and your replies to them and learned something I found interesting…..You stated you were married to a Cap and he is a Narc – I’m wondering if the fact that we Caps have the #1 spot according to your article has anything to do with your ex narc being a Capricorn? When I scrolled down to see the #1 and saw “Capricorn”, I was SHOCKED and a bit upset because I am the furthest thing from a Narc…..Please check out my Facebook under the name Sue Vaughn & if you private message me I will temp add you on my friends list so you can see everything that I share and post. I am an Empath (for the most part), I do lack one major quality of a true empath which is I cannot tell if a person is lying or deceiving me (and that’s why I married a man that was a narc). I was truly offended by your choice of number one zodiac prone to be Narcs….. 😦


  18. Sad to know most people dont know their zodiac signs. Real zodiac is the moon sign representing inner nature. And sun, mars, mercury signs shapes outer nature. Hitler is Saggittarius(inner-moon)+aries(outer)(sun,mars,merc conjuctn). His major planets are ruled by fire signs which shows his high agressive nature.
    Iam a Cap(inner)+libra(outer). ( sun mars n mercury are in conjunction at libra & hence a strong influence).
    Yes, Capricorns can be the most narcissists. They are more mysterious than anybody can see. The symbol itself shows a mysterious animal which is simultaneously on both land & water.


  19. Very interesting! I do think these may be tendencies that though these signs do have, they are able to overcome them. Note that none of the positive qualities of these signs were mentioned. I am an empath and also a Taurus. With age I have been able to overcome a lot of the negative aspects about myself. Unfortunately, I became overly loyal and instead of being selfish became a people pleaser. I ended up getting a “best friend” who shares the same birthday. So on the surface we hit it off. For 17 years she has manipulated me to the point of emotional damage. She’s like everything negative about a Taurus with no positives. Constantly using me for money, rides, favors, doing dirty work, causing drama,…just endless. Yet never available if I need a friend. I have been limited to no contact with this person for almost 3 months now. My husband is the one who really helped me to see how toxic my supposed best friend really was. And he never sugar coated it. He put it to me straight…. I let it happen so I had to stop it. He was right. my husband is a Capricorn. And yea he’s quite narcissistic. He gets so mad if I point it out! But those qualities are what attracted me. Capricorns are also very strong, self-sustainable, loyal, and know how to show respect. Not affection necessarily, but respect, definitely.


  20. I was sad after a breakup with a Capricorn. Thinking about going back, but after reading this, which by the way makes a lot of sense, I’m done with it hahaha. So accurate. Though it looked like she cared about me, because she asked how my day was. Sometimes.


  21. This is the funniest thing I read in a while besides memes on ig.. man im a Virgo and I was rolling cause it’s kinda true and the Capricorn is my bf that’s definitely true awww you did a great job with this article… very witty like a Virgo and detailed with humor & facts. Good read!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Good read , i agree on most of it since i have no real life experience with Virgo but agree very much on Capricorn , Taurus and Leo had encountered many of them , many Leo friends ( don’t count as real friend as they knew ) , my father was Taurus all about increase influence range money and power so much greed also some Taurus friends experience , worst true to be Capricorn i was in relationship with one before also had couple friends deep down they almost feel nothing , in my contacts now days i avoid people from Fire or Earth elements ( Fire element mostly like :- Ego , center of attention , i am always right …. Earth element all about physical needs/desires of themselves perfectionist in ways like all in their reach belong to them and have it place and priority depending on the value of use to them , salves for their desires :- money , power and lust no emotional depth not real explorers of values and the only values they have for themselves all ) .. Also not trying to offend anyone but stating facts from my own personal views also those views doesn’t effect how i would treat someone , simply i avoid or if have to short topics connected to work only ..

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  23. You’re an idiot. The most horrid of all is I the Scorpio male sitting at the bottom of evolution. the Spider. Zodiacs have so much more to them, hence why you are an idiot that understands nothing of this psychological analysis.


    1. I agree with you, Scorpios are the worst. I’m actually working on a blog that puts them in a league of narcissism that far exceeds the level of this blog. An idiot? That’s hurtful. But you’re entitled to your opinion. Just curious, most people don’t see Scorpios for who they are… what is it exactly that you find repulsive about them?


  24. Oh my! What an article!! This explained a lot to me about some people in my life. I have your top 4 running all around me.
    #4) Taurus. There were 2 of them. The first love of my life. And my stepmom. The girlfriend was a quiet NARC, the stepmom is no doubt a NARC.
    #3) Virgo. My younger sister. A World class NARC, with OCD and control freak add-ons. She could give lessons on how to be a NARC.
    #2) Leo. My wife. I’m so crazy I remarried her 7 years after our initial divorce. But I came into the relationship this time with my eyes wide open. I am taking notes this time, in hopes of writing a book about NARCS, and how to deal with them if you don’t want to leave them.
    #1) Capricorn. My Dad. May the man rest in peace, I didn’t realize the level of his NARC personality until after he passed. Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, since I can look back on our interactions, especially the more emotional moments, and see the patterns of a classic quiet NARC.

    I will be spending more time on your website, reading your blog, and eventually buying your books.

    Keep it coming young lady!


    1. That’s a great book idea. We really don’t have a choice but to deal with them, they’re everywhere! I touch on that a little in my upcoming book. Thank you for sharing your experiences and my may the force be with you!


    1. @NIKHIL SHANKAR My thought exactly. Where is Scorpio. I am a Capricorn with a moon in Capricorn (Venus in Scorpio and Mars in Pisces), but all I’ve experienced so far in my life is a failed high-school friendship with a Scorpio who always played the victim card and always tried to get things from me at my expense (even though I lost my dad and was a member of a poor worker family, while she lived in a big house as a daughter of retired flight director and a flight attendant), then years later came a relationship with a Scorpio who was somewhere in between narcissistic and antisocial personality disorder, then that was followed by a friendship with another Scorpio who was a full-blown narcissistic sociopath, and now I’m married to a Scorpio (ascendant Leo) who is somewhat narcissistic, but I am more capable of working around his narcissism after my previous experiences. Oh yes, very important, my bff is a Scorpio too, and I love her to death. The most caring and loving person out there, she’s dating a Virgo man, who reminds me a little bit of my husband. He lashes out easily, rages on the road etc. Back to Scorpios, honestly, in my experience Scorpios throw an emotional dramatic fit whenever something is not the way they want it to be, and that is a trait of narcissism. Myself as a Capricorn and most other Capricorns that I’ve met are usually the first ones to calm everyone down and say things like “Don’t”, “Leave it”, “Calm down”, “It’ll be fine”, and get them out of their narcissistic unrealistic episode. HOWEVER, I am going to say all of us earth signs can get damn ruthless and put on a friggin’ coldest its-just-business mask when faulted that you’ll think Antarctica is Cancun in summer. And yes, that appears sooo narcissistic (and in those who are, it is a terrible tool), but in normal earth-sign people, you experience coldness only after you’ve been given too many chances. We’ll still be very calm and spill out all the situations where you were not grounded in reality and earned a strike (and it is NOT just 3 strikes and you’re out; it is usually a very prolonged abuse or an event or situation that may jeopardize our lives or health). To me, it’s not holding grudges, it is keeping a ledger of bad behaviors that I haven’t addressed at the time when they occurred because I wanted to get back to reality and harmony as quickly as possible.
      BUT, even if I didn’t address them, I’ll hold the perpetrator accountable, almost as if they have a record with me. Having said all this, I believe the article should be entitled “The 4 Most Ruthless Signs of Zodiac” (Leos fall into that category too, but they just give you intense scorching), but as for narcissists, I’m afraid Scorpios (Cancers and Aries too, Pisces to an extent, but much less) are more prone to such behavior than any earth sign, simply because we are described as, and we usually ARE, quite grounded in reality. Libra, Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini, they are THE most jovial and laid back people of the zodiac (to us earth signs sometimes overly jovial and relaxed, because we tend to like our rules and boredom. When exaggeraged, I take this as our very bad trait, but hey we all have our good and bad sides.


  25. Hm….as a Leo I must say that this list is well put together…HOWEVER I can’t believe you did not put Aries on this list when they are simply the worst and MOST narcissistic sign EVER. Childish babies who want to boss everyone around and swear that they are right 24/7. Ridiculous!


    1. Aries are codependent, the other spectrum of narcissism which highlights the whining, childish babies they are. Funny you mentioned they are babies be cause you’re right! They astrological age as the first sign in the Zodiac is the infant.


  26. Most narcissists are Libra types or they have a locomotive in their charts. Melania Trump is “not” a narcissist. She is a co-dependent. You can tell this by the way she socially orients and thinks about other people’s feelings when she is talking. Melania Trump is a victim. That she is attaching to rich men who can protest her is because she is a Taurus and they are passive. Her strategy for her beauty is to try to find safety because she is a victim and she finds the wrong people. Libra is by far the most narcissistic sign and this is furthered by their inability to tolerate any criticism whatsoever. Leos can handle criticism, it just really hurts their feelings. Libras cannot handle it and deflect all their actions onto their partners. They are dishonest and they use people to get the things that they want. They steal things that do not belong to them and say they are being “nice” when they are in fact stealing. They may cheat and compare partners like objects to each other and then switch for supply. Narcissism, in my personal opinion, is a defection of Libra some where in the chart. Leo’s are not stalkers; stalking comes from Libra because Libras fear losing partners more than anything else in the entire world. Leo’s approach to the end of the relationship is to tell themselves of course, they can get another because they are so cool. All signs can be narcissistic, but narcissism in the pathological term is problem aspects with Libra. Libra is the only sign in the zodiac that is almost incapable of self criticism. It is very rare to find a Libra type who can self-evaluate at all and admit they did something wrong. They also are totally unwilling to go to therapy themselves, but don’t mind being therapists because they like to judge and compare.


    1. Your comment is the best reply to this stupid shitt.. I am a capricorn..and I almost like…phew…..good to see an level headed strong comment.I I am a capricorn married to an aquarious..and the way she described capricorn was horrible..


      1. You’re a Capricorn, go figure. Now I know why you’re wasting your time being petty and bitter about a humorous astrological blog. You didn’t read the disclaimer? It’s entertainment… with some truth added of course. Obviously there are amazing Capricorn people in the world but I can’t help you if you can’t laugh, lack a sense of humor and refuse to accept your dark side. GTFOH kick rocks, visit another blog – byee


  27. sooo good lol, leo sun’s are my mother and best friend since elementary school, dated one virgo sun, another best friend who’s a virgo moon, dated a cap sun, dated three taurus sun men.. all very accurate.. 😷


  28. Man oh man! I just knew all the earth signs would round out this list. I’m a Virgo, my husband a Capricorn. We’re supposedly very compatible but I am a very sensitive Virgo female. I’m giving, receptive, and helpful and I like to avoid conflict (libra rising). 5-6 years ago I used to be so shocked and hurt at how ruthless, cutthroat, and vindictive he could be. I always had an interest in astrology but it was always the surface stuff ( the horoscopes, traits, etc). Not until I got really deep into astrology last year do I realize how *every* *single* *adjective* I used to describe him as… IS a dark sided Capricorn trait to a CAPITAL T! With me, being of the servant/helpful way I am, always used to feel so used and abused by this man. I endured his negative, Debbie downer, vampiristic way until I’d had enough. Funny hat as soon as I was ready to leave and grew tired of him did he show any yearning or need for me. I’ve grown to despise Capricorn men and their inherent nature unless they’re evolved and awoke (which is almost impossible to come across because caps are, in their own eyes, the epitome of perfection and correctness). In my case I was dating Dr. Jeckyl and as soon as we got married and I became pregnant his true Mr. Hyde showed his ugly ass face! YUCK!

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  29. You put all the earth signs here. The fact that Gemini isn’t on here makes this list hogwash. Definitely biased. In truth, all signs are capable of narcissism. Overt narcissist tend to be air and fire signs where as covert narcissist fall under water signs and earth signs.


  30. Spot on with Capricorn, I dated one 4 months it was grand at first but boy did it change…I almost went out of my mind for months after trying to talk to her, it’s as if I didn’t exist or what I said went in one ear and out the other. And don’t tell them they are wrong, because they never are.


  31. Interesting and unique article. I recognized a few people I am in daily contact with described here. I was surprised to see my sign listed as #1. Although it is possible that I show some of the traits listed, everyone that knows me would disagree with some traits listed under Capricorn. My point, humans are individual and unique. While we adopt traits from our birth signs, our choices develop in us traits that may help us to become more than or less than our birth signs( just my thoughts – agree or not) Question – How apt is a male Taurus to physically abuse the people in his life he already has emotionally abused? Or, will the Taurus be satisfied with the terror of continued emotional trauma?


  32. Hey I want to hear your take on evil libras Janell. I like the fact that you mentioned your own sign in the comments and how destructive you can be. I think astrology does to some degree explain human behaviour. My aunties are capricorns and they are workaholics and can be very controlling at times. I’m am libra. Sometimes I feel I’m becoming evil but then someone talks to me or hugs me and that evil feeling disappears. I can be very passive aggressive and superficial especially with females. But I’m also very nice by nature. I find astrology to be very interesting because I feel that there must be some set of variables that human beings are controlled by to some extent .


  33. Capricorn no.1 on the list, not too surprised there lol. And talk about projection, these guys think they are the life of a party and claim others are boring, sigh. If they cannot control you, then they try to break you down using insults, depreciation, back handed compliments. They dont care, nor will they ever, so if you got a Capricorn crush, just let him/her go. Save YOURSELF the trouble


  34. I am suprised, but this is actually one of the most insightful, intelligent and accurate things I’ve ever read in my life. Of course not all the mentioned signs behave this way– and other aspects of the chart will have big effect…. But really, thank you. Pretty much every word rang true for me and matches my life experience almost exactly. Thank you!! Amazing observations!


  35. I studied western astrology as a personal hobby for 20yrs. All the dots never connected n I finally switched to Vedic astrology and found all the pcs falling into place. Thats y I stuck with it… So the western is like 23°-24° off of the total 30° in each astrological sign… So after checking all the bdays you had listed starting with “taurus” all of em were vedic Aries, then “virgos” mostly were all Leo aside from a couple, “Leos” were all Vedic cancer… And the infamous cappys, “Capricorns” were ALL, aside from 1, Vedic Sagittarius sun… So its just sad that the wrong signs get the bad rap. All’s im sayin…


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