Are You an Option or a Priority? If a Man Makes Preparations for you, he values you.


Boss bitches know, adequate preparation from a man is a requirement.

What is adequate preparation? It is men who pay attention and get into formation in preparation for being with quality women.

Ladies, when you first meet a guy, pay attention to how he prepares for you. Is he asking you to go out on dates a few days before the actual day? Or, is he calling you last minute to ask you out?

A man who prepares for you, values your time and calls you several days before to ask you out on a date. He’s not lazy when he asks you out on a date, he has plans and wishes to entertain you…

A man who doesn’t value you enough to plan ahead, will tell you in a lazy way that he wants to see you. Example, “I want to see you this weekend.” If he has no follow up details on what he wants to do with you  on that day, he is not preparing for you.

It’s human nature to prepare for things and people that we value. If you want to test a man, ask him specific questions regarding what the two of you will do that night, where you will go, what time, etc.,

If he is reluctant to give you details, he doesn’t value you enough to prepare for an actual, traditional date.

He probably just values you enough to see you after he has hung out with his friends and decides to hit you up for a late night “Let me stop by and see you,” non-eventful evening that might position him to get sex.

I had plans to see a guy once and when I went to his house to go out on our date, he had on a t-shirt and sweat pants, and was glued to his computer.

I knew that he did not value traditional dating nor did he think I was worth at least getting dressed up to prepare for our so-called date. I had to wait for him to shower and get dressed, we left an hour later than we scheduled the actual date.

Set the standard that a man has to be prepared to enter into a space of friendship or a relationship with you in the very beginning of your interactions with him. Make him plan dates with specific times, settings and events that will take place.

Preparation equals value. You are valuable, demand that he respects you and that he makes preparations to see you in the same capacity that you make preparations to see him.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017



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