Liberals Think they’re Tolerant but they’re not


Fareed Zakaria of CNN News who is an Aquarius/Capricorn cusp nailed it! Aquarius/Capricorn cusp people have a magical way of finding the middle ground of any issue and remain unemotionally attached.

Freedom of speech isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it’s having the self-discipline to sit down and listen to opposing views. 

Recent college graduations had students walking out and booing alt Reich and conservative speakers… which proves liberals are just as intolerant as conservatives- when do we listen to find middle ground or understanding?

Or is finding middle ground impossible? Martin Luther King understood negotiating with white supremacist and politician who opposed his views was imperative to achieve civil rights?

Is walking out on Pence the answer? Is booing Betsy Devos productive?

Check out this short video on liberal intolerance by Fareed Zakaria


By Janell Hihi @copyright 2017


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