Relationships Do Not Provide Security: Unless You’re Married, You Are Still Single

Men in relationships are only committed to being committed to you right now. 

Not in the future, because there are no vows, no engagement rings and parts of your life that are still private, like your residence, and your finances. Don’t let a boyfriend flatter you, only a husband can do that!

Ever noticed on the census bureau that you have 2 or 3 options to choose from when choosing your martial status? It’s either single, married or separated.

There is no option for dating or in a relationship because dating or being in a so-called committed relationship means that you are still single.

If there is no ring on your finger and you haven’t signed the legal marriage licensing paperwork and said your vows, you are still single. The U.S Government doesn’t recognize you as married and neither do I.

Women who date guys for 2 or more years without getting engaged, moving in and splitting expenses or getting married are just dating and fucking these men. There is no commitment to stay together or have children or build a real life together. It’s just going to the movies, going to restaurants, and on occasional trips together.

As far as men are concerned, you need to make it hard for them to win your heart in the beginning and hard for them to leave in the end. Leaving should involve lawyers, paperwork, and hard contemplation.

Prenuptial agreements can’t be narcissistic and one sided, you are always owed something if you raised kids especially if they work a lot and you are stuck doing most of the work raising the child. Stay at home moms should NEVER sign prenups.

I had a boyfriend I was deeply in love with and when it hit 1.5 years of being together, I unapologetically gave his ass an automaton, we either move in together or I leave. We couldn’t get married because he was legally still married but was working on finalizing a bankruptcy to get divorced. I know what your thinking “Bankruptcy!”

Yes, I wasn’t in my right mind at the time but regardless we both had challenging circumstances so I decided to accept his. The relationship needed to move forward but he became reluctant. So I left. Thank God I didn’t waste any more of my time. Neither should you. It is important not to date forever, it’s counterproductive and useless for women.

When it’s all said and done, all the years you spend together, regardless if you live together or have even if you have a kid out of wedlock together, it won’t mean ANYTHING in the end because legally you have NO leverage whatsoever!

So please, ladies stop bragging that you have a man when all you have is a sex partner and someone to get Chinese take out with on the weekends. You really ain’t got shit until you have a ring on your finger.

I was married, I know the power of and importance of marriage for a woman. Commitment is who cool but marriage ensures you don’t waste your time or resources because it ensures you have legal protection.

I am not the one to waste my time, my love and divine energy to just be dated a man for years without protecting my investment with legal marriage.

What’s in it for you to date a guy for years without engagement or marriage?

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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