If Someone Asks You Why Are You Still Single, Say This.


Have you ever met a guy, he seems great, you’re on your first date and he begins to play 21 questions?

After he asks a few normal questions, and he finally hits you with the dreaded question, So, why are you still single?

No one really knows how to answer this question without feeling deliberately put on the spot and slightly embarrassed. Some women even feel insulted or disrespected.


First of all, it’s a stupid question. A smart man knows he won’t get an honest answer anyway so he won’t bother asking that inconsiderate question.

A smart man will make a statement instead. He will say, “Your amazing, I’m lucky you’re still single and I have a chance.” There can be several different reasons why your still single, and one of them can be by choice. There is no need to go into great detail as to why your still single because the question is a setup.

This open-ended, loaded and manipulative question is asking you to defend your status of being single. When a person puts you on the defensive they are digging for information about you so they can use that information to get what they want from you.

This question should be dodged and not answered directly. A smart knee-jerk reaction to that dreaded question is answering it with a question. For example, He asks, “Why are you still single?” Instead of answering the question you ask him the same question, “Why are you still single?”

Or instead of asking the same question, ask him a different question. Example ask him, “Why do you think I am still single?” This question will force him to answer you and you can use that information to uncover his motives and how he views you as a woman.

Smart women don’t answer stupid questions.

If the date is not going so well and you’re already highly annoyed by the time they ask you this question then answer like a bitch, “I’m still single because of assholes like you.” Then slam the rest of your drink like a sailor, slam the empty glass on the table, look him in the eye and walk off flipping your hair and swinging your hips like a boss.

Smart women answer stupid questions sarcastically, with a question or with complete and utter deflection. No one needs to know why you’re still single, they just need to be grateful that you are. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have a chance with you.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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