Aquarius Have a Misconception of Intimacy.


I am known to criticize the downfalls of every sign in the Zodiac and you’d be surprised by how much hate mail I receive from various people who claim I am attacking their sign.

I also receive emails and comments from people who are in complete agreeance with my character analysis of each sign. Regardless, I haven’t clearly pointed out the flaws in my own Zodiac sign.

What the hell is wrong with Aquarius?

Aquarius is fixed and detached. This means we are stubborn and we do not easily conform to anyone or anything. This may appear as a strength but it could breed disloyalty and an inability to commit.

Speaking of commitment, Aquarius feel that if they commit to someone or something completely, they sacrifice their freedom. As an Aquarius, we always think we have to trade in our freedom to be in a relationship.

Aquarius are deliberately ambiguous in our intent because we have no idea what we want most of the time. We just want the freedom to want what we want when we want it without giving an explanation.

Did that confuse you? Well, that’s what Aquarius tend to do…. confuse people.

The lesson all Aquarius must learn is that there is a unique freedom within love itself. Love is freedom. Intimate love is not restrictive, it’s the opposite. It gives us wings.

I talk a good game, and I am aware of my dark, shadow characteristics. However, it is nearly impossible to take my own advice. I can’t comprehend my aversion to closeness, my fear of falling so deeply in love I think I will lose myself.

Aquarius are low-key obsessed with themselves. Our deepest fear is being so entrenched in love, our work, humanitarian efforts, goals, friendships and various projects will fail to be accomplished.

Aquarius doesn’t want to be lost in anything but themselves. That is slightly narcissistic.

Aquarius always remain friendly, yet objective. Open minded, but critical, adventurous but cautious.

We don’t rush to fall in love but we rush into everything else! We hate slowness. We think fast, talk fast, walk fast…


We are the yin and the yang and there are some Zodiac signs that find that characteristic annoying, indecisive and contradicting.

We remain in the middle, unattached, refusing to take any side. Except when it comes to human rights and equality. Our passion for life and protecting other’s is always made crystal clear.

However, when it comes to love, we harbor a misconception of intimacy. I must admit, love makes me claustrophobic. I dread the responsibility of “Making someone else happy,” and I’d much rather be in a less restrictive relationship where we love each other deeply but there is more of an element of freedom. Not the freedom to cheat, but the freedom to continue to explore our true nature.

Friendship is how Aquarius love. We express our love as a friend and we recognize love only through friendship. When friendship, respect and that air freedom we need is missing, we run away from love.

Aquarius want closeness but they also want freedom. Aquarius want commitment, but they also want ample free time to continue to check off items on their lifelong bucket list.

Unlike any other Zodiac sign, we are not afraid to be alone. The problem is, we get attached to our aloneness and have a difficult time coming out of it.

Aquarius who are single for a long time will have a very hard time adjusting to a relationship.

Aquarius is fixed. We are controlling. Not overtly, but in a manipulative and secretive way. 

Aquarius make awesome sales reps and con artist. We have a mind that can read other’s almost instantly and use that knowledge for good or evil.

Aquarius are very attracted to intelligence. Good looks are great but a lack of intelligence, passion and drive is a COMPLETE turn off to Aquarius.

Aquarius hate strict schedules and routine. This makes it hard for us to stick to long term goals. We can be seen as less serious and unfocused. This is not true in most cases, we just do things our own way and in our own time. To maintain our obsession with freedom.

Other’s see us as weird. We do odd things because we truly are different. The problem is different is not always good.

As soon as we feel smothered, we retreat into ourselves. We get busy doing other things. We need breaks from boring routine often.

Aquarius astrological age is the 2nd childhood. We are close to Pisces, which is the oldest sign in the Zodiac. So, we are like the fun-loving grandparents who spoil their grandchildren rotten. We want to explore, play, nap, eat, and travel.

We are at that pre-elderly stage where we want to do all the things we couldn’t do because we were tied down raising our kids and working. It’s like we are in a mental retirement. This is what makes us artistic, genius and highly imaginative.

On the flipside, we can be cruel, judgment, condescending and overly critical like most people in their mid to late fifties. 

aqua facts

Aquarius are inconsistent by nature and obsessed with constantly switching things up to keep things interesting. This is why we suck in relationships.

We want to be in love, but not so much in love that we are joined by the hip. We are cowards who run away from closeness with others. If it get’s too deep, we swim to the shore where it’s safe.

We use humor to soothe our pain. Hey, it’s better than using drugs! Sometimes we over do it with joking and don’t know when to stop. Joking when we should be serious. We like to “Appear,” as though we are not hurt, upset with the direction of our lives, or lonely. We enjoy Playing when we should be focused. Daydreaming when we should be working.

We crave change but we are fixed and stubborn. Therefore we are too comfortable in our ways at times and this stunts our spiritual growth as the war inside of continues to rage between fear and courage.

We say things we don’t mean when were angry. We have random, built up, outburst and follow that up with the silent treatment for days or weeks on in.

We repeat ourselves and talk in circles often. Many find this annoying. Especially Scorpios and Virgos. They always point that out to me.

We try to appear too aloof because we’re afraid of rejection. Aquarius will always appear overly nonchalant and casual as a shield to protect themselves from being dependent on other’s approval or affection. It’s really sad.

Please like, share and comment if this resonates with you or an Aquarius you know.

By Janell Hihi







15 thoughts on “Aquarius Have a Misconception of Intimacy.

    1. As of January 20 Aquarian I feel this has been the most accurate Description of my faults challenges and love and relationships.
      My recent ex always complained about my inconsistent nature lack of routine so much so that I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD it was a constant struggle in our relationship for him which is so weird because he is a mail Aquarius I thought if anyone understood me it was him but I guess not


  1. On the I know my Aquarius man so much, who is already my ex. It was really difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who doesnt make you feel the closeness, whatever way you try.I am an aries woman who is very passionate about love and relationships, and this kind of nonchalant behaviour blows me off.


    1. Aries being the first sign of the zodiac, can lead Aquarius to the benefits and blessings of expressing and embracing closeness and intimacy. Aquarius in turn, can teach Aries the benefits and beauty of space in relationships. It’s more of a karmic relationship than it is compatible. In fact, Aries and Aquarius can be best friends and Learn from each other for a lifetime.


  2. This me to a T! Lord be with me lol everything you said made perfect sense . January 31st here . Do you have Instagram ? Also I’m dating a Leo and it’s very difficult but we have been together for 2 years. Any advice on that?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Leo will teach you how to be vulnerable. He’s your opposite. He will hurt you but you will learn from him. You will also teach him how to use logic in love and balance his emotions. It’s a karmic relationship and trust me when I tell you it will help further your development as a person regardless of the outcome – It most definitely will!


  3. Can we change ourselves a little against our sign to adjust better if we try enough?
    I am all this but I don’t want to be so detached and restrictive to love at times. How to embrace these things and change things for the better?


    1. Be more expressive without over thinking. Act on your emotions instead of just logic all the time. However, you can’t change your true nature so explain to your partner who you are, that you need space sometimes but you love them very much. If they can’t accept that find a partner who respects that.


  4. Yes I am a horrible human being that’s why I detach myself from people, I just can’t help that I’m the way that I am. I don’t try to justify it anymore because it just leaves me frustrated with my entire being. I make people feel worthless and disliked for wanting to be alone and be in my own world. Yes, I’m horrible and selfish I have to get over myself and face reality.


  5. I am a Cancer female exploring a relationship with a male Aquarian. He seems very interested and is thoughtful and kind; desires physical affection and time together. But, I’m concerned he does not have the desire (or ability) to get to know one another to a greater depth. When I try to ask more meaningful questions, it’s not reciprocated. He self admittedly cannot emote empathy. Conversation is superficial, and he often comes off very narcissistic. I fear I will feed this narcissism with admiration and praise, and receive nothing emotionally meaningful in return, leading to frustration and disappointment.


    1. Aqaurius men need time and patience to open up. Please understand that air signs take a while to express emotions verbally… if you lack the patience it’s going to be a rough ride. Cancers are very warm and affectionate and the more loving you are, the more he’ll feel safe in opening up eventually. Judge him by his actions for now and as long as he’s “showing” he cares through his behavior cherish that.


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