When Things Don’t add up, Subtract Yourself.

subtract yourself

Relationship math is simple. If you are in an exclusive, monogamous relationship, you are number 1 in the equation that solidifies your relationship with your man.

He’s your number 1 and you are his number 1. Beyonce’ sang it in a song. 1+1=2.

However, when things get tough in relationships, which they inevitably will, simple math turns into mind- bending algebra.

When the number one turns into an “X” and you’re up all night, losing sleep trying to figure out what “X” is equal to, knowing how to simplify an equation is essential in regards to relationship survival.

A healthy relationship is simple, 1+1=2. It gets complicated when another 1(the side chick) is added to the equation turning short division into long division.

Side chick equation: 1+1+1= 3 

Relationships are living, breathing, unfolding phenomenon’s that aren’t fixed equations. They can vacillate between simple math to calculus depending on the obstacles you and your significant other faces. Solving equations in a timely manner determines the longevity and success of your relationship.

If the equation turns into advanced calculus for an extended period of time, it is imperative that you know when to throw in the towel and leave!

Maybe your relationship isn’t adding up because it is littered with so much bullshit it can’t add up. If the math doesn’t make sense, don’t stick around trying to make it make sense.

When his actions don’t match his words, give him one chance to correct himself. If he fails, subtract yourself. It’s easy if you make it easy.

If he is adding other one’s to your equation, bringing other women into the mix, making short addition, long addition. Subtract yourself and go find another 1.

relationship math

You don’t want to divide him into two, sharing him with other women. You will get a percentage of him and not the number. You deserve the whole number, not a minuscule portion. Division is equal to getting played. Don’t be a victim.


When men start spreading themselves out into pie charts, is it really worth staying until the end of the presentation?

Instead, subtract yourself from the equation. Sometimes, simplification is easy subtraction. Without the other 1, you are still a number one regardless.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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