How to Get a Man to Respect You


I keep getting emails from ladies who complain that the guy they are dating can be so disrespectful at times.

Eventually, after they share their stories of disrespect with me, they end the email with the same question. How can I get him to respect me?

Let’s define respect.

Admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
“she was respected by everyone she worked with”

The core principle of getting a man to respect you is to DO what you say you will DO.

Men only interpret actions. Men respect how you act and can care less about what you SAY.

This is why nagging is so ineffective. Stop complaining and use your actions to communicate to him that you will not tolerate his bullshit.

How is that accomplished? By distancing yourself. Stop talking, ignore phone calls, ignore text messages, get busy hanging out with friends and let him sit and wonder why you’re not around.

You’ve already warned him of his actions once and he will figure out why your distant once he doesn’t hear from you in a while.

The key is letting him figure out why you’re acting differently without complaining, nagging or explaining it to him.

The number one way to lose a man’s respect is to say you won’t accept certain behaviors from him, but accept those behaviors anyways.

Once a man knows your word means nothing and you do not mean what you say, he will run all over you. In fact, he will have no respect for you whatsoever.

How to get a man to respect your body:

Early on while dating him, (first 3 months) Never accept late night “WYD” text A.K.A “Booty calls.”

He will try to make sexual advances with you early on. He’ll try to sleep with you on the first date. He’s a man, and they will try. If you give in that’s on you! Just keep in mind he will lose respect for you simply because if your too easy, he won’t trust you.

If sex is all you want, by all means, go for it. Just don’t get it twisted.

Respect and trust go hand and hand.

Men believe, that if you let him sleep with you with so little effort and so early on, you’re the type of girl that will do this with every man. 

Immediately he categorizes you as not girlfriend material.

However, he will continue to use you for sex every opportunity he can until he finds a more respectable girl. So don’t be flattered that he likes having sex with you, it means nothing in the long run. In fact, there will be no “Long-run or Long-term” anything!

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle in earning a man’s respect is being yourself.

Confidence in who you are and knowing who you are makes him proud to have you as a girlfriend. Insecure women get NO RESPECT.

Self- confidence will automatically make him respect you. Be you, do things on your time, be passionate about your goals and the things that matter most to you.

NEVER put him before yourself, your pride or your dignity.

Never recite so-called relationship rules you read from books or my blog to him. Speak to him from your heart and be genuine about what you want in a relationship naturally.

For example, that Steve Harvey (bullshit) 90-day sex rule etc., never let him know you believe in stuff like that. He won’t respect you because he will realize you’re not being yourself.

By all means keep reading my blog and my books but keep it to yourself!

Let him know you love him BUT… NOT more than you love YOURSELF.

ALWAYS keep him on his toes by letting him know with your actions that if he fucks up you will leave!

Let him know you love him but you can live without him, not by saying that, but by showing him through your actions you respect yourself too much to tolerate any disrespect from a man.

When he knows you are a woman of your word he will always be a little afraid he could lose you. And you always want him to be a little afraid he can lose you to keep his respect!

Men take for granted those women who they “know” will always be around despite their behavior.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017





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