Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

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There is a dark side and bright side to every Zodiac sign. We all have our yin and your yang. Unfortunately, our dark side is what get’s us into life altering trouble!

It’s important to understand our shortcomings so that we can take the necessary steps to  to overcome them.

Each Zodiac sign has a lesson to learn and a hurdle that stands in the way of achieving the loving and lasting relationship they’re hearts truly desire.

Each analysis is based on each zodiacs signs gender.

Why your relationship is doomed based on your Zodiac sign:

Leo Female:

She’s the queen of the jungle. Okay, maybe not but she still wants you to treat her like royalty! She can be a bit high maintenance but don’t be fooled, she goes hard for the man she really loves!

Leo’s are the teenagers of the zodiac, that is their fixed, astrological age. Therefore, Leo’s tend to appreciate what gives them a challenge, what is hard to conquer and those who don’t treat them very well. She is tons of fun to be around and most men find it easy to give her all the time she desires of them without objection!

It’s odd isn’t it? How the Leo woman wants to be praised but she won’t appreciate at that praise unless it is very hard for her to earn. This is why she typically falls for assholes. Many Leo woman are bored in relationships with complete pushovers who give them everything they want (more than likely she is cheating on the pushover) or she is head over hills in a relationship with an abusive man who uses her in every which way he can.

Her biggest hurdle in achieving lasting love is being overly emotional, too needy, too demanding and unappreciative of the men who come into her life and treat her right. She wants a bad boy badly. She usually turns down good men to her own detriment until very late in life! Leo females need to be number one even if she doesn’t make you number one. Her entire self worth is tied to her man’s time, attention and praise.

If you give her an inch, she’ll take a mile and brutally use and bully you if she can! She can become violently jealous over minuscule perceived threats and things can get physical if her ego is bruised. Watch out, she has a temper and her temper is a huge hurdle in achieving relationship success.

Leo Man:

He calls too much, texts too much, wants to see you too much! He’s just too much. When a Leo really likes a girl he showers her with attention and puts on a show to prove his worth. He is also very argumentative. They will call you while your at work to talk shit and complain, this has happened to me on more than one occasion with Leo exes. I helplessly attract them. God help me! An argument with a Leo doesn’t end until you agree with them. They are a fixed sign.

It’s tiring to watch. He goes out of his way to be perceived as the perfect man for the first three months with objective of getting the girl he desires hooked on him. Then after the honeymoon phase it’s “Mask off.” And the selfish, narcissistic, ego maniac emerges from the fog.

Leo males biggest hurdle in achieving lasting love is his inability to keep it real. He wants to impress you, he doesn’t want an honest, genuine love connection. He’ll buy you things he can’t afford, take you to places that ruins his budget and acts as though he has to be perfect for you to fall in love with him.

But that’s not all, not only does he expect unrealistic perfection from himself, he also expects perfection from a woman. If you fall short of his fantasy of who you should be he will criticize you to no end. He may even start to cheat on you and put on a long and heart wrenching trail of events that will lead to a slow and painful breakup.

Unfortunately, Leo men know all too well that act they put on can’t be played for long. They have to come clean eventually, and when they do be prepared to be devastated.

They run game like no other, telling you everything you want to hear. Then they unveil their false self to you and tell you, “Oh, I am still married but were separated.” or “My ex is 4 months pregnant but I love you baby and I am not going back.” Just be prepared to be shocked and bamboozled. Nothing is what it seems with a Leo and his relationships will suffer if he continues to be dishonest and deceiving.

Romantic couple. Love the boy and girl against the backdrop of a starry sky.

Aquarius Woman:

Aquarius women have their heads so far in the clouds it rebounds and lands up their ass! She’s waiting on her “Dream guy” who is the perfect friend and lover. She confuses friends with lovers. Talking about detached? I am an Aquarius woman and I just don’t get the concept of closeness. I am similar to a Gemini man. Aquarius woman believe relationships are a hindrance yet they always complain about being alone. Hmmm?

Aquarius woman is a walking, talking paradox. She wants to be seen as unique she tries very hard to be different from every other woman. She wants a man to need her but she’d rather jump in a pit full of snakes before she admits that she needs anything from her man.

She thinks vulnerability is illogical and stupid. She is too intellectual for her own good. Aquarius will sabotage her relationships because she doesn’t know how to just feel instead of thinking all the damn time.

Dear Aquarius, some things just need to be felt, not over-analyzed. Her tireless mind can turn into nagging and nagging is a toxin that poisons relationships. Nagging is man repellent but some Aquarius confuse nagging with speaking their mind… Note to self, it’s not the same!

Aquarius woman fall in love with how a man acts, his personality and charisma. She wants a man who is friendly yet over protective, nice, but has a mean streak. She wants all the extremes and everything in between. She thinks a simple relationship is settling. Aquarius must be more realistic, less analytical and stop talking so much to be successful in relationships. If she keeps running away from vulnerability she will never receive the relationship she craves.

Aquarius men:

He’s with you but not with you. Aquarius men make woman who they are committed to feel alone, even when their together, sitting on the couch watching Netflix. He’s in his own little world, which is okay but the problem is he won’t let you in!

Maybe after years and years of work, you’ll be able to get a peak inside his fantastical mind but most woman tap out and leave this lame before that happens. It just takes too long for him to open up and it makes women feel less connected and unloved. Don’t get me wrong he is definitely witty, charming and a ladies man but it only goes surface deep. He won’t let anyone, especially a woman, really get to know him thoroughly.

Aquarius men are too mysterious and too difficult. They don’t understand vulnerability and that is the biggest hurdle they will have to overcome. They are also passive, beta males who they think are too cool to pursue a woman. They confuse pursuing with chasing and too often use the friend approach to attract girls they want to have sex with. Their friendship is a fraud! They just use it because they are not assertive enough to actively pursue a woman.

Aquarius men are passive aggressive. They sulk, resent and rebel all without directly communicating the issue they have with you. They are always on social media venting.  He talks way too much! He doesn’t know what to say and what not to say and doesn’t read in between the lines. He’s nice but a bit conceited.  He thinks he’s way too amazing and he’s stuck on trying to prove just how amazing he is. He is also absurdly picky and overly critical about the woman he dates even though he looks like a troll more often than not!

They can desire a committed relationship, but still show a standoffish attitude towards it at the same time. They want love, yet can live with out. They can stay single longer than ANY other sign in the Zodiac. Facts! They are typically unstable career wise and are always selling shit through multi-level marketing and various companies they alternate between every 3-6 months!

He’s in his own world and let him stay there! Aquarius men need to embrace vulnerability instead of running away from. They need to be less passive and more direct. And they need to let women into their inner world otherwise they will stay single indefinitely. Not that they care, but I’m just saying.

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Sagittarius Woman:

She’s a freak! She’s mighty mighty, letting it all hang out! Yeah Sag females are tons of unapologetic fun! If she likes you, she’s generous with what she has and her time. She has no problem sharing but her sharing comes with a price. She is calculating. Sag ladies use their generosity to lock down yours. She believes in a favor for a favor and if you don’t reciprocate she is bound to replace your ass in 5,4,3,2,1 seconds with a man more willingly to try to please her.

She wants what she gives and like most fire signs she gives too much too soon. Damn Sag gals, I know you and this new handsome guy has been dating for only 4 weeks now, but do you really think it’s necessary to be doing his laundry, giving him a key to your house and taking care of his dog while he is out of town for work?

Fire sign ladies just do too much, in general! The Sagittarius falls in love too fast and when she realizes she chose the wrong man it’s too late, she already sacrificed her bank account and her soul for him. What a waste! The Sag ladies must understand that falling fast and hard is not how to secure a lasting, healthy relationship. Sag woman, your challenge is to take your time and fall in love gradually.

Sag women can become obsessively jealous. She wants a good looking man but she is also threatened by him at the same time! She tries to dictate his schedule, where and when he can hang out with his friends and will even intercept the relationship he has with children from previous relationships. She can be a bit of a control freak. She has to learn how to go with the flow and be patient to succeed in love.

Sagittarius Men:

He’s probably the number 1 ladies man. This man has charm, swag and manipulation unmatched by any other sign! He gathers information to use it to his benefit and believes he deserves everything from life, especially his lady. She better bow down and serve him up everything she has. All her time, sexual energy, money, resources and good looks!

He’s addicting to be around and is the center of good times, parties and he’s effortlessly the life of any party! Behind this walking, talking show biz of a man is a sadistic, cunning and manipulative liar! He will fuck with your head to the point where you believe him when he says your crazy.

Sag men need to learn to stop being so demanding! They need to learn patience just like the Sag woman does. Everything is an open buffet and you can’t always eat until your full. Boring is not a bad thing, sometimes it’s freeing to not have anything to do Sag. Chill the hell out!

Boy are they balls of high strung energy that can leave a woman completed depleted of her life force after spending a weekend with him. Sag men will use you us until there is nothing left for you to take care of yourself. They lie often and if you catch them in a lie they go from cool to crazy in a millisecond. He is a charming pyschopath and when you call him out on his bullshit, be prepared to feel the raft. Actually, I’d run if I were you!

Dear Sag men, stop lying all the time. Life is not all about who you can hustle to come up and who you can use to get the hook up. Try really and truly opening yourself up to a woman with the intent to give rather than receive.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

7 thoughts on “Why Your Relationship Will Fail According to Your Zodiac Sign: Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius.

  1. Omg this is so true about sagittarius men! I am a Leo woman. He has a whirlwind of issues and drama and expects his mom and step dad, and brothers to get him out of his situations. Childish, irresponsible and super petty to add on to your list of things. He’s almost 40 years old. If he hasn’t learned by now, he never will


    1. i am sure there must be somethings that still making you both attract each other. acting like child. or drama or angry is part of your life. he is mutal he can understand more faster and follow you more faster then you did. pls don’t get me wrong but it true i am too in relationship with leo woman.i found many time she able to change my mind easily because i am mutable but if i feel she is wrong and i try to change her mind. it make me hard to change her mind. so if u asked me u both child and mature in some way


      1. There is no changing the mind of this sagittarius. He always stays in his situations and blocks my number but replies through his work email but now he hasn’t responded that way in 2 weeks. Everything is on his terms thats selfish. I feel like he is tumbling down the rabbit hole… all i want is to help him in any way that I can. He’s a contradiction. He wants to break free from his situation but doesn’t pursue it. Smh…. I just need to let go.


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