Racism is Narcissism


The psychological make up of narcissist is a popular topic of conversation especially went it’s regarding the breakdown of work relationships and intimate relationships gone wrong.

However, not many people discuss the obvious link between narcissism and racism. It’s a connection worth discussing because as most of know who studied narcissism, there seems to be no cure.

What else still exist besides greed, jealousy, abuse, and deadly authority? RACISM.

Narcissist operate like intelligent bacteria that roam and dominate the earth. They can’t be seen by the naked eye and they literally make us sick, mentally, physically and even on the ethereal vibration of our souls!

How is it that narcissist survive without being found out and boycotted for good? Or without being thrown in isolated mental institutions?

It’s because like bacteria, narcissist evolve and reinvent themselves. Bacteria recreate themselves to be resistant to the antibacterial medications that doctors create to get rid of them.

Bacteria are so smart and so insidious that a great fear in the medical industry is that the genius bacteria will create a super bug that will be resistant to every medication are limited brains can think of and another Black Plague will take place wiping out a significant amount of the population.

Like bacteria, narcissist have succeeded in creating chaos and unrest in the world by wiping out millions of people in various holocausts throughout history. The Native American Holocaust being one of the bloodiest in history!

Racism is a preconceived superiority over others who are not in your same racial group. Hitler and many colonizers throughout history who colonize just like bacteria and infiltrate mass killings of all the “good bacteria” operate off of a sense of entitlement and privilege.

The fear of being outnumbered by brown people and eventually ruled by them is what edges most racist on… If you haven’t seen the War of The Planet of The Apes, go see it! It’s loaded with racial allegory of the insecurity racist harbor.

The most narcissistic statements I’ve ever heard in my life are from racist and sexist. Most people who justify mass murder and colonization say narcissistic things like, “It’s the battle of the fittest.” Or “We went into Africa to civilize it and bring people law, order and industrialization.”


Meanwhile, industrialization is destroying the planet. But I won’t get too much into how narcissism doesn’t respect their own planet because they don’t respect anything.

Most racist are also sexist who believe in patriarchy and that woman has a special place in the world, and that is beneath a man! She is here to follow his command. Remember woman weren’t allowed to work, vote or speak without a man’s permission. This is the epitome of narcissism and how they fear sharing power and opportunity.

Narcissist believe in the success of the INDIVIDUAL not the COLLECTIVE. However, if you are not narcissistic you will have issues comprehending the fact that there is no such thing as indiviudal success. Only success as a collective is real progress and real change.

This is why so many impoverished countries stay impoverished. The collective are poor and powerless while the kings, Queens and Government officials are inhumanely, and unbelievably filthy rich!

People who are narcissist believe it’s the people’s fault they didn’t work hard enough to achieve success while ignoring the systems and government corruption that makes it impossible to achieve success for 90% of it’s population.

A simple question that will determine if you are a narcissist or if someone you’re dealing with narcissistic: Do you believe in individual success or narcissistic success?

Unbalanced thinking is the foundation of narcissist. If you are not a critical thinker and linger to far left or too far right with a degree of objectivity, you are a narcissist.

Racist and narcissist believe that if they allow a fair and equal opportunity to succeed between all races and all genders, that they don’t have the intelligence, grit or natural athleticism to stand a chance of winning. So they have to keep an unfair advantage and maintain a head start. 

Narcissist, like racist will never, ever admit they are sexist or racist. In fact, they truly believe, deep within their hollow souls that racism and sexism is a thing from the past and no longer exist. However, they still use it in the laws, institutions and systems of oppression they create, support and operate within, daily!

Narcissism is never what it seems. It looks like a well-educated, successful person who goes to church and volunteers at animal shelters. But if you crack them open, you realized the outside is just a front and on the inside, they are power hungry, insecure, greedy and operate on an over inflated sense of entitlement.

Nothing is ever what it seems with narcissist, racist, sexist or bacteria! If you do not know how to read between the lines, you will often be a victim of the narcissist hypnotic spell. Many of my clients who have been burned by narcissist, harbor narcissistic, racist views about minorities in their own country.


How can they complain about their narcissistic, abusive husband, and their sexist boss who only promotes men into management, but then claim how they feel black people don’t deserve reparations whose ancestors suffered through the terrorism of Jim Crow and slavery?

Many of them harbor significant stereotypical views of black people and feel a sense of privilege and entitlement over them but hate their sexist, narcissistic boss for ignoring their efforts at work just because they are a woman!

Narcissist make no logical sense with their confusing and hypocritical double standards, being a victim and a predator at the very same time.

The two-faced snake is a sure indication your dealing with a narcissist. The “I can dish it but I can’t take it,” motto of the cowardly and insecure narcissist.

Racist are driven by fear and so are narcissist. Here is a list of common psychological traits of narcissist:

  1. An insatiable appetite for the attention of other people. Good or bad attention will do.
  2. Every racist use deflection like their life depends on it. In every sentence that comes out of their mouths!
  3. Gas lighting. Narcissist shames their victims and tells them that they are crazy, lazy, promiscuous, and stupid to justify how poorly they treat the victim.
  4. They behave as if they deserve special treatment. “I’m white so I’m right!”
  5. Commonly exaggerate their achievements, talents and importance.
  6. Easily feels rejected even if they are not(insecurity).
  7. Appears arrogant and proud to protect their fragile egos.
  8. Guilty conscious. They feel bad about how they treat people but would rather victim shame then take corrective action.
  9. Usually expects other to agree with them and go along with what they want.
  10. Responds to constructive criticism with anger, humiliation and shame.
  11. Lack of EMPATHY Need I say more?!
  12. Obsessed with themselves.

There is no known cure for NPD.

So unfortunately, there is no known cure for racism. However, I do believe it starts in the home. Narcissism can be taught indirectly as a result of child abuse or directly by being taught by parents, caregivers and society that being a certain color gives you a free pass to shit all over everyone with melanin and suffer NO consequences.

Good Day!

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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