Kamala Harris is Pro-Bank, Pro-Immigrant, Pro- Mass incarceration and Anti-American.


Kamala Harris is a joke. Like Obama, she is attempting use the black vote to push her pro-bank political agenda into American Policy.

She is the child of immigrants and has NO real interest in this country. Her mother is from India and her was born and raised in Jamaica. Her people weren’t even here during Jim Crow.

She married a white banker. She also decided not to charge a white predatory bank of any charges. Sounds like Kamala is Pro-Bank before she is Pro-American worker.

Read this article regarding Kamala’s failure to explain why she didn’t prosecute that corrupt bank.

She is a hypocritical fake who doesn’t impress me one bit!

Like most immigrants,  her parents came here to find a career and make money. They do not come here to assimilate into American culture. They wave their home country flags proud.

There is nothing wrong with this except, they shouldn’t be immediate competition to the American workforce. They should have to pay higher taxes or stay in the country 10 to 15 years before they are afforded the same employment and educational opportunities.

Subjecting immigrants to slavery for 300 years is also a good idea. Since they want to jump on the African American band wagon and reap the Affirmative Action benefits we died for during the civil rights movement, they should be subject to the same brutality we had to endure.

There is nothing wrong with immigrants. They should start their own movement, not piggy back off of ours. It’s blatantly disrespectful and unacceptable. 

Immigrants benefiting from affirmative action is like Austrailians moving to Germany after the Holocaust trying to cash in on programs set up to exclusively benefit Jewish Holocaust victims. It’s unacceptable.

It’s like Black people trying to cash in on Reparations and land paid to Native Americans specifically. We don’t have a right to Native American benefits. However we do have a right to get paid what we are owed for services rendered through centuries of slavery and unpaid labor by our ancestors.

Part of that was supposed to be honored by keeping Affirmative action as an exclusive benefit and privilege for black descendants of slaves only.

Now what we have fought for has been diluted by gays, and immigrants. They need a movement but they cannot steal ours!

Checkout the Yvette Carnell show – This show breaks down how Affirmative action has been diluted.

African Americans built this country. Not immigrants!

Kamala Harris is concerned about the wrong things, like most neo-liberals. She is fighting to pass a bill to help curve mass incarceration rates for woman but the data shows mass incarceration is disproportionately targets African American men! This affects African American women and their communities and families the most.

The real issue is the epidemic of African American men being disproportionately targeted by the judicial system into mass incarceration. Woman’s mass incarceration is not as alarming. FACTS!

Kamala Harris, believes they did. Yet, she went to a black college, pledged to a black sorority and used Maya Angelou’s famous title to an award winning poem, “Phenomonenal Women” To sell t-shirts benefiting organizations founded by the Clinton’s.

The celebrities supporting this are all a bunch of sheeple, neo-liberal, anti-American clowns. Serena Williams, Issa Rae and Traci Ellen Ross. Vomit!

Funny how Kamala and the Clinton’s both capitalize and support mass incarceration.

Kamala is NOT Pro-American or Pro-Black. She is Pro-immigrant like Barack Obama. She is pretending to be pro-black just to earn our vote because blacks tend to be very Naive’ and she knows that.

With her history as a prosecutor and pro bank agenda, any American who supports this un-American candidate needs to reassess their values.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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