2017 Karmic Audit: Mercury Retrograde in Virgo is in Full Effect. Caution Advised

In the picture below, Virgo is trying to tame the lion. Not to harm him, but to tranquilize his wild ego. This is what the energy of Mercury retrograde in Virgo will challenge everyone to do!


Mercury Retrograde started dishing out Karmic paychecks August 12, 2017 and will continue to audit our karmic payroll until September 5, 2017.

When Mercury moves backwards, you’re forced to move inward! Expect delays and setbacks and forget about meeting deadlines. It’s not going to happen.

Events and circumstances will transpire that will force you to stay at home, be alone and cultivate that much needed alone time to communicate with your higher self.

Bad things are going to happen. But remember it is how we react to them and how we grow from them that matters most!

On the Eve of Mercury Retrograde, Virginia stepped up to incite violent protest spewing hateful rhetoric. Several people were killed including law enforcement officer, members of the Alt Right and the anti-alt right protesters.

There is so much planetary activity this month. Were approaching our second New Moon in Leo which is very rare, usually there is only one per sign per month.

It’s time to look within to see if our lofty goals are coming from our ego or from our hearts? Are your goals not only going to benefit you but the world too? What’s your soul contribution. Leo energy is being challenged this month to surrender the ego to the soul.

The question to ask yourself this retrograde is: Does my life align with a higher purpose? or am I living just to satisfy the shallow needs of my ego?


leoWere also approaching a total eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21st, 2017 – The eclipse is in the revolutionary sign of Aquarius and the energy is heavy. The spirit of protest is well and alive and people are tired of injustice.

Is protesting in the streets working? Is it changing the world? Maybe it’s time to take a more in depth political stance. What else can be done?

This is a “Fight the Power” and “Don’t turn the other cheek” by any means necessary kind of energy. 

If you plan on attending a protest, be careful. Violence is sure to break out.

Every suppressed is boiling deep within us and exploding to the surface demanding to be dealt with.

Do you owe karmic debt? Or is it owed to you. If you’re anything like me I feel sorry for you! On the first day of Mercury retrograde I lost $120 – it just disappeared out of my pocket. I also felt annoyed, easily irritated and lethargic.

There’s too much going on in the world and each and everyone of us, regardless of our race, religion or Zodiac sign has sat around for too long being passive, inactive and complacent.

We will be forced to act in one way or the other. But you better think before you act. Karma is dishing out heavy consequences to every move we make right now.

As with every Mercury retrograde, set aside extra cash for unexpected tragic events like car accidents, replacing expensive items you lose like cell phones or iPads. Unexpected car trouble and home repairs can pop up out of nowhere.


The ex may call if issues from a past relationship are still unresolved. Talk it out not with the intention to get back with them but to bury the hatchet once and for all. It’s time to lower coffins into graves and top it off with a fancy tombstone and be on your way!

This Mercury retrograde will cause astronomical miscommunication. Trump the jlly Gemini and Blong Yang the Unruly Capricorn, may accidentally take the world into world war 3 by misconstruing each other’s narcissistic back and forth banter.

Take caution to not react in extreme emotion or anger during this mercury retrograde because the consequences can be devastating!

Don’t seek revenge instead seek courage to change your life and remove anyone or anything that is not serving your higher purpose.

It’s time to evolve!

The Lunar eclipse in Aquarius will challenge the Leo to listen to his heart instead of his ego… Individual success is not the answer, collective success with an emphasis in the interest of humanity is what we need to see the majestic light of a new dawn!

People are thirsty for real change and the Aquarius, who proudly walks about the cosmos with an endless fountain of water pouring from her hands will happily arrive to quench our thirst!


A mercury retrograde in Virgo can have you meticulous about every detail of your life. Beware that insomnia will be rampant as the Virgo energy forces us to over analyze every single detail of our life and the people in it!

Careful not to over-criticize. Mercury is the planet of communication ruling Virgo and Gemini and during this retrograde phase your words will have the power to destroy relationships to the point of no return.

If you feel like you’re gonna snap, walk away. Take a deep breathe and use your words to heal rather than to tear others down.

Gather information, watch and observe. However don’t make any major decisions or impulsive reactions until Mercury retrograde ends on Sept 6, 2017.

Virgo is the adult of the Zodiac so this retrograde energy will have you making life changes to get rid of childish habits that are stopping you from accomplishing goals.

You will work hard to start organizing your home, dieting, exercise and budgeting because Virgo energy demands that we be more responsible.

Jupiter Pluto Square: It’s time to even the score.

The world is suffering from a devastating imbalance of power. Now more than ever, you’ll e asking yourself what you can do to help foster change. Power struggles will erupt as the powerful fight to hold on to what they have without sharing it or giving opportunities to others. You’ve probably had enough as your day to day life is affected by ill politics. Everyone is fed up more now than ever!

Saturn Retrograde Ends:

Yes! For some reason this Saturn Retrograde had me in somewhat of a slump and it’s ending the end of August. Expect to feel less restricted and more energized to accomplish your goals. Things will look brighter if we can walk together through this dark tunnel that will challenge are fears and force us to grow.

With a total eclipse in the sign of Aquarius during Mercury retrograde and a second new moon in Leo… Be expected to feel everything and cherish it for the mere seconds you have it in your hand. As it leaves your tight grip, you will be overwhelmed with the peaceful wisdom that everything is beautiful and everything is fleeting.

Keep walking. I know it’s hard to see in the dark, but I’m here with you in the shadows.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017

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