Can Everyone Be Bought?

What’s your price? How much money will it take for you to betray your so-called values in exchange for a prize you desire?

More importantly, what’s your justification? Is it to support your family, feed your kids or finally get ahead on your bills?

The narcissistic mentality of the individual looks out for his own interests while ignoring that of the collective. In the end, as a society a few win big while the masses continue to lose.

If you accept the hush money and the silent pay off thinking you’ll be better off, it’s your ability to be bought that will chip away at our potential revolution until it will be no more.

Today, ask yourself what have you done to benefit the collective. Ask yourself how many shares of yourself have you sold and to whom. What is left of you that cannot be bought?

Your strongest weapon in a captilistic society is your inability to be bought!

By Janell Hihi copyright @2016


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