Las Vegas Mass Shooting: The Astrology of the Shooter Stephen Paddock

First of all, my heart, prayers and most sincere condolences goes out to the victims and families affected by this tragic event.


A few weeks ago I realized Pluto was going direct on September 28, 2017. Pluto is the planet of known for it’s maleficent energy mostly because of how far away it is from the sun. It emanates darkness.

Named after the Roman god of the underworld itself, the mysterious reddish colored planet could have a series of craters, canyons, plains and chasms named after dark gods and demons from Greek mythology and different cultures all around the world.

While Pluto might sound harsh, it ultimately acts as a catalyst to transform a person, a city, a country or an entire generation. After destruction comes reconstruction.

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The American terrorist, murderous shooter known as Stephen Paddock, checked into the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada the same day the sinister planet Pluto went direct on Saturday, September 28, 2017.

With over a hundred assault rifles and 200 or more full magazines in his hotel room positioned directly over a crowd at a country music concert, Stephen prepared a disgusting master plan to slaughter innocent people on the night of Sunday, Oct 1, 2017.

vegas shooting

Stephen Craig Paddock (April 9, 1953 – October 1, 2017) with his Sun in the sign of Aries broke the mass shooting record in the United States with a death toll over 50 and an injury count of over 400 people.

Eerily similar is the Charleston shooter Dylan Roof, born April 3, 1994 (Also an Aries) who shot and killed people at a church with a mostly black congregation. The shooting was classified as a hate crime. The shooting occurred June 17, 2015. Nine people were killed, shot in close range, their bodies riddles with multiple bullets.


The Columbine school shooter was also an Aries. Eric Harris born Born: April 9, 1981 Along with Dylan Klebold shot and killed 13 people and injured 20 at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.


Do you see a pattern? I can’t make this up. 

Aries is in planetary opposition and for the fiery, emotional, cardinal zodiac sign, they react firecly and aggressively. People that are Aries are born in April, and that is the months when Pluto’s change in motion is initiated.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus and Uranus is in the sign of Aries. Uranus is the planet of electricity, creativity, genius, and rebellion, and revolution. Be it for good or bad. Aries are on fire right now, standing in their truth and on the edge of changing the world by unveiling truth.

Jupiter in a tug-of-war with Uranus, which is exactly what an opposition is (a tug-of-war), Uranus has the ability to blow in like a tornado and turn everything upside down.

Aries are the bridge leading to human revolution and equality. They have the edge, stamina, will power and intelligence to surge through and dismantle systems of oppression, therefore Aries is under overt spiritual attack.

Hug an Aries today. Encourage them to vent, sit there and listen. Suggest ways they can cope with the stress. Aries needs protection because they have a message to deliver that can change humanity as we know it. However, their are dark forces trying to infiltrate their divine light.

Aries possess within a key leading to freedom. However, that powerful energy can be used for good or evil.


Back to the Aries Stephen Paddock, there are conflicting stories circulating on the news. Some stories say authorities entered his hotel room and shot him, other’s say he committed suicide by shooting himself.

Paddock was known to local authorities before his death. Paddock lived in a three-year-old, $396,000  two-bedroom home in the small retirement and golf community of Mesquite, Nevada​, 80 miles north east of Las Vegas near the Arizona state border.

Eric Paddock, the suspected shooter’s brother, told ABC News that the family was completely “dumbstruck” by the news, likening the revelation to being “crushed by an asteroid.”

“We have no idea how or why this happened,” Eric Paddock said. “As far as we know, Steve was perfectly fine.” Pluto has a way of resurfacing deep seated depression and psychological issues within individuals influencing them to act on them immediately. It’s as if a state of psychosis (demonic possession) takes over the individual and a tragic event takes place as a result.

Pluto direct urges us to take care of fears, our anxiety and depression before it takes over us. Book your appointment with your religious group, a deacon, a priest or a medical professional in the role of a psychologist or therapist. It’s time to face your fears, ease your anxiety and heal emotional trauma before you begin to change into the darkness within that you try so desperately to hide from others.

I expect a surge of demonic possession, mass shootings, passion crimes, suicides, homicides and sudden cases of schizophrenia under this planetary transit.

Take care of yourself.

By Janell Hihi Copyright@ 2017


10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Mass Shooting: The Astrology of the Shooter Stephen Paddock

  1. The questions needing to be asked here are how does a civilian in your country manage to amass over 100 assault weapons and get them into a motel in the 1st place?
    How many more innocent people just out having a good time will have to be slaughtered before your country decides to stand up to the gun lobbyists and ban this insanity?
    There will always be irate, crazy Arians with a grudge that they want to unleash on the populace.
    You will never stop that.
    The real issue is when are you going to stop arming them with semi automatic weaponry which is designed to inflict massive carnage in a very short time?
    The rest of the world shakes its head at your collective insanity.


    1. Excellent questions. Although this blog was about astrological motive, you ask the questions I want the answers to… why is it legal for civilians to obtain assualt weapons? It’s absolutely insane and I agree with you 100% Unfortunately, the majority group in this country vote against their own safety… it’s hard for me to comprehend


  2. Dear Ms. Hihi, I have read your article several times, and I respectfully disagree with much of what you have written. Please correct me if I am mistaken. First of all I feel that the title of this article is misleading. I am a professional astrologer and this is hardly an astrological analysis of Stephen Paddock. You have only referenced his Sun sign of Aries and nothing else about his natal chart. You also listed two other mass shooters that had Aries Sun signs, but this is certainly not proof that Aries individuals are more prone to become murderers. If you are going to make such implications then you must provide statistical evidence if you wish to convince people.

    Your claim that Mr Paddock was a terrorist is inaccurate. His motive has not yet been established and he has been classified as a mass shooter instead. Also your article states that he had over 100 rifles in his room, which is also inaccurate. It was more like 23.

    You have implied that Pluto stationing direct has influenced this tragedy, but Pluto’s cycle shifts between retrograde and direct motion frequently and it does not influence events like this that often. The transiting opposition between Jupiter and Uranus on the horoscope of Las Vegas’s MC/IC axis was far more relevant than Pluto’s change of direction.

    Valet records show that Mr Paddock actually checked into the hotel on the 25th of September rather than the 28th, as you have claimed. Also there are multiple witness accounts and youtube videos that show evidence of multiple shooters that are not being addressed by the mainstream media.

    Your advise to “hug an Aries” is not very practical to prevent these type of situations. Aries individuals have the potential to be warriors, however we must take into consideration the entire natal chart of the individual in order to gain perspective, and even then, the individual’s free will is the deciding factor.

    There are still many details that have yet to be revealed, and I hope that the truth eventually comes to light. If you plan to write about astrology in the future, then please do more research, and do not speculate, or make such generalizations.

    -Respectfully yours…


    1. Kevin, this is surface Astrology. Most my readers don’t understand nor are they interested in moon signs, tribes, conjunctions or the complicated understanding of birth chart analysis. I write mostly about sun sign aspects only. For my followers who prefer only limited depth astrological analysis. Nowhere do I mention I’m a professional astrologer so you’re not reeading a competitors blog I’m not in your league nor do I want to be. Thanks!


  3. Ha Ha, So my boyfriend’s last name is Paddock, has a son name Steven and I am born April 9. Bad, Bad combination! You cannot imagine the canary I had when I read that incident on the web the next morning! I prayed to God it was not one of our clan. Smh Interesting article. As and Aries, I can’t see an Aries plotting a mass murder over a long period like planner Capricorns and they don’t hold grudges like Scorpio. Now, that is an F up sign. Talking from experience! Lol Aries are straight forward and honest. If they are mad, they say what’s on their minds and keep it moving. The fact that these guys all share this passive- agressive personalities, speaks volumes. Aries cannot stand for injustice and lies! They don’t keep quite about! It runs deep and you really have to do some mean stuff to them, for them to take anger out to this level. We are impatient and impulsive and I am sure if you research further, you will see more causes of manslaughter and temporary insanity type crimes, than premeditated murders. Because they have a very strong sence of justice, I can only see this man dying for a cause that will never be revealed, because like you said, it is to bring our attention to something we all need to be looking. That day I was watching the news in Puerto Rico and kept feeling this heavy pressure that something terrible was going to happen to us, the Americans. To many groups of people were crying out for justice at the same time that day. We can’t continue to dimiss injustices without Karma. There are just simple laws of cause and effect. A week before that incident, until that very day, I had a feeling that just gripped me, it was not anger, but a heavy anxiety that sometimes big was coming, something that is going to force us to expreience pain and compassion. I never expected a mass shooting! I was thinking more like another natural disaster or war. Aries can feel very strongly about injustice and a cause, they are honest and feel a strong need to voice their opinions, so these quiet types are not normal for the Aries’ character. At the same time, I can see how suppressed feelings over time can make the Aries pot boil over and go postal, where other signs may choose suidcide, but still something had to trigger that behavior. I can see Aries having a temporary insanity moment, not a pre-meditated one, so I truly believe he did it for some cause, or was somebody’s fall guy! It is very strange this guy has no history whatsoever.


  4. What about James Huberty he was born Oct 11 1943 and is accused in 1984 of murdering 21 people in a San Yisidro McDonald’s, and seriously injuring 30 others, was there an astrological retrograde in 1984?


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