Pluto Goes Direct in Capricorn September 28, 2017: The Evil That Lies Beneath Surfaces

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Whatever hate, depression, anxiety, secrets, sadness or negative beliefs you’ve hidden the past 6 months when Pluto was in Retrograde will suddenly bubble over and explode in one way or another.

You might just snap.

Pluto, also known in mythology as the ruler of the underworld is named as Hades (“the Hidden One”)

Whatever is hidden within yourself and others will surface, un-apologetically. It may come as a shock, shaking your current foundation in life.

Unless you face your fears and deal with your dark side head on, your dark-side may just take over you. Similar to demonic possession. If you don’t seek counsel, help from your local religious establishment or therapist, you might just become compelled to act out in a sinister way.

One of the most deadliest domestic terror attacks just occurred in Las Vegas Nevada by the Aries Stephen Paddock. 58 plus people dead and 400 injured, and they’re still counting. Checkout the shocking astrological profile of the Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock here.

The danger in not dealing with your dark side and facing your fears is self-destruction and destruction to others beyond measure.

Although transiting Pluto is often associated with such things as separation and deaths, it is important to note that Pluto’s action is to revolutionize parts of ourselves, and events that take place at this time can just as easily be new relationships, births, and new beginnings in general.

It’s time to let go of relationships that are toxic, and people who are holding you back. It’s time to live in your truth and create new relationships that support your truth and who you are as a person. Whether it’s a job, a friend, an abusive lover or a toxic family member, remove them from your life. If you don’t, during this planetary transit you are bound to snap on them violently and uncontrollably, releasing all fury on them. Severing ties indefinitely.

Don’t deny your dark side. We all have one. The yin and yang is the duality in which we live. Embrace, learn it and conquer it. The first step is accepting it.

Expect paranormal activity to be heightened during this period. Intense nightmares, spirit encounters and magical synchronicity is abound.

When Pluto goes direct in Capricorn, creepy, evil and inhumane things can happen. Since Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, another partially malefic planet… Pluto in Capricorn together spells destruction, deceit, betrayal but also a light at the end of the tunnel. Like the calm after the storm.

Live your life but be very cautious of your surroundings. Observe crowds and be on the lookout for odd people and odd behavior. Anything can pop off anytime.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol to the point where you get drunk because spirit and  mind possession from dark forces are waiting for opportunities to enter entities and work through them.

Light sage daily, pray, keep black protective crystals near you. Maintain a positive attitude, don’t succumb to chronic sadness or depression. Take deep breaths and stay grounded.

During this phase, people, things, and jobs no longer serving you will end abruptly or even chaotically. The beautiful thing about destruction is, reconstruction follows.


By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017


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