When Racism is Disguised as Feminism

In regards to modern day racism, the content never quite matches the label.

Racism lurks behind feminism, the LGBT community and religious organizations using the so-called objectives of their organizations to justify anti black rhetoric.

After writing a racist article, tweeting anti black slander or posting a demeaning stereotypical post about African Americans on Facebook, covert racist use the following statements to justify their racism.

I can’t be racist I’m a Jew.

I’m not racist, I’m a feminist.

I’m gay/lesbian, I know how it feels to be oppressed. How can I be gay and be racist?

I work as a teacher in inner city schools, I’m not racist.

I have half Black kids, I can’t be racist.

I am married to a black person, no way I’m racist.

I’m a liberal democrat, I believe in equality.

I’m a conservative, I’m not racist, I just hate liberals. (Yeah right!)

I donate to black charities, I’m a humanitarian, I can’t be racist.

If you can think of anymore statements, please write them in the comments below.

My social media news feeds are infested with articles written from self-proclaimed white feminist using sexism as an outlet to express overt racist views specifically against black men.

What’s become vividly clear is that Feminism is being used as another veil hiding anti black racism. White supremacy hides behind many ideologies, isms, social movements, sexual orientation and so-called social justice organizations.

Recent articles published by questionable online publishers like The Root, with demeaning articles going viral accusing black men of being the white person of the black race.

It gets worse, another article pointed out that black men art the biggest threat to black women. As if the rift between black women and black men isn’t wide enough already!

Masters of Deflection

It amazes me how the same people who write these socially damaging articles that divide back women against black men are the exact same hypocrites who blame the broken black family for black on black crime.

They create systems that keep the  black family impoverished and unhinged then they deflect their wrongdoings by singleing out black men as the culprit.

Someone has to be appointed as the villain, and as an American tradition, it continues to be the black man.

Donald Trump won the white female vote by a landslide after he arrogantly spouted sexist slurs such as “Grab em’ by the pussy!”

Yet Cam, an NFL player, not a man whose running the head office of the country gets dragged through the dirt by stating he was shocked a female knew about routes!

What the fuck is a route anyways? Yes, I’m a female asking that question.

Being knowledgeable about football doesn’t subjugate me as a female. Knowing what a route is won’t ensure I’ll get equal pay to my male colleagues. How is Rodrigue’s claim of sexism against Cam going to put the first female president in office?

Her entire premise is elementary, futile and more in alignment with what a spoiled, privelege brat would say to demonized an NFL player because of her hatred towards them for taking a knee.

Rodrigue isn’t about women’s rights. She is out to get black men. This isn’t the agenda of a feminist, it’s the top priority of a racist. To destroy black men.

Ridrugue, the girl crying sexism from Cam’s comment is a confirmed suspected racist based on her history of racist rants on Twitter, prior to talking to Cam.

This is a perfect example of feminism being disguised as racism. Their deflections, justifications and blatant “cover-ups” are becoming more obvious.

When we lift all their veils and they have nothing else to hide their racism behind, will the monster they’ve been trying to tame unleash itself? Will Jim Crow re-emerge?

What’s going to happen when they are totally unmasked?

By Janell Hihi Copyright@2017



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