Psychopath Free? No Such Thing


I was recently browsing books on narcissism on Amazon and came across a book titled, Psychopath Free. I thought to myself, what a crock of bullshit!

There is no such thing as being psychopath free if your still alive and breathing. Psychopath are lurking around every corner. You may not be married to one, but there’s a few in your office, a few in congress, a handful in your neighborhood, at least one at your church and your child’s school.

Psychopath are everywhere. Face it, you even dated one in the past! They are an unfortunate infestation on earth and absolutely inescapable unless you live in a cave in a remote mountain with no technology, WiFi or access to human civilization.

It’s impossible to be psychopath free, unless your dead. However, it’s not impossible to learn how to deal with them and navigate through their incessant bullshit.

This book is unrealistic but the title is a great marketing scheme. Who wouldn’t want to be psychopath free? Who wouldn’t want a few colorful, flying, pet unicorns?

I had to click on the title to read some of the reviews and also take advantage of Amazon’s “Look inside feature.” This is what I found interesting…

Here’s part of the Book description:

“The psychopath carefully selects the most indifferent and heartbreaking way imaginable to abandon you. They destroy you as a way to reassure themselves. But most importantly, they destroy you because they hate you. They despise your empathy and love, and to destroy you is to temporarily silence the nagging reminder of the emptiness that consumes their soul.”

Maybe they leave you in a callous way because they just don’t give a shit about you? I’ve ghosted a few boyfriends in my day and that’s the worst way to leave someone, by disappearing without an explanation.

Does my cowardly, immature behavior make me a psychopath? I thought it made me immature. Besides, I was in my twenties at the time. I guess the next question that comes to my mind “Is a narcissist and a psychopath the same thing?” I looked to Webster dictionary for help.

  1. a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
    synonyms: madmanmadwomanmaniaclunaticpsychoticsociopathMore

    • informal
      an unstable and aggressive person.
      “schoolyard psychopaths will gather around a fight to encourage the combatants”

    My next question is when someone decides to leave you and you love them unconditionally, no matter how they leave you, you’ll be heart broken and you will always find fault. I don’t care how a so-called psychopath chooses to leave me.

    I just want them to leave.

    Poof ~Vamos

    By Janell HIhi @Copyright 2017


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