Scorpio: The Worst Sign Of The Zodiac

All my life I’ve struggled to understand why everyone I meet who annoys me to no end, just happens to be a Scorpio!

Sadly, that’s not where it ends. Many corrupt moguls, psychopaths, serial killers and con artist I Google just happen to be Scorpios.

That’s when I realized this was not some personal vendetta I had against Scorpios. Rather it was a generalized opinion most people shared that is backed up by facts.

Below is a list of the most common reasons Everyone Hates Scorpios!

1. Scorpios are loyal to their secrets.

They have a graveyard of skeletons in their closet. They love secrets, not people. Scorpio will take a lifetime of secrets to the grave. The best thing about this dark characteristic is their less likely to snitch even if tortured or threatened.

Scorpios get off on knowing things others don’t know. Unlike Aquarius who like to share and pour out knowledge, Scorpios hoard and monopolize knowledge.

2. They use their intuition to manipulate and deceive others.

They aren’t as pyschic as the astrological community claims them to be. They’re more demonic then they are angelic and can sense weaknesses like vampiric parasite.

They sneak attack when victims least expect it like the venomous scorpion they are named after. They can and will kill you eventually. Maybe not your body, but definitely your soul.

3. Scorpio has a dominating alter ego

Women in the streets but a whore in the sheets is an understatement! The Scorpio is the Preacher who has congregation of 10,000 people at his mega church who spends summers in Thailand raping children.

Spy on a Scorpio and you’ll witness their double life. Be prepared to be shocked to the core as their contradicting identities are revealed before your very eyes.

4. Scorpios are Perverts

My sister dated a psycho Scorpio once. Every time he breathed I was annoyed. He was a lying, cheating and abusive lunatic. One day my sister was doing laundry, emptied out his gym bag and guess what she found?

A PROSTHETIC PUSSY! With a bottle of lube.

These people are school teachers by day and Swingers by night. Sex is just as important as water. Especially kinky, taboo sex with their best friends boyfriend type of shenanigans.

Not to mention porn addiction and weird fetishes not limited to beastiality.

5. Scorpios are extremely paranoid

Any perceived threat or slight to their ego ignites extreme paranoia. Scorpios are always looking out the side of their eyes. They have a tendency to believe everyone is out to get them.

Appointing everyone around them as enemies gives Scorpio a narcissistic grandiose image that everyone is jealous of them or hating on them.

However, it’s their guilty conscience that makes them believe others are untrustworthy.

They remain quiet to remain observant because they always have to size every up around them in order to come out of their shell.

6. Scorpios believe in Petty Revenge

If you don’t replace the roll of toilet paper instead of telling you how that annoys them, they’ll give you the silent treatment for two weeks!

If you asks them what’s wrong, they’ll unemotionally retort, “Nothing!”

They’d rather get even by stone walling people then being an adult and talking about their feelings.

Scorpios don’t get mad, they get even! In fact, they have a secret vault of animosities and they must invoke revenge upon the perpetrators. The revenge will be enacted when the victim least expect it. Sometimes years later!

7. Scorpios are so quiet it’s creepy!

You’ll notice a Scorpio in a crowded night club sitting in the back alone in a corner with a expensive bottle of Champagne, wearing all black, people watching with a Charles Manson grin on their face.

They are loners who crave love and sex. They hate the spotlight but love dark alleys.

When asked a question Scorpios take a very long time to answer. They’re not slow. They have to strategically calculate everything they say. Unlike they’re tactless opposite sign Aries.

Scorpios want to be around people, but they don’t want to be around people.

They’ll go to a party or event and act hella anti-social confusing everyone around them. You might find yourself thinking, “If they aren’t going to socialize, why’d they come to the event?’

Just give them a few drinks! They’ll suddenly turn into a social butterfly gracing the room with their bipolar presence.

They’ll talk a lot when drunk but not about anything that allows you to really get to know them. Superficial topics that protect their vulnerability is all you’ll get!

Why are they social yet anti-social at the same time?

No one knows the answer to that question. Oh wait! Maybe a psychotherapist does…

8. Scorpios Mastered the Poker Face

Literally! Some of the worlds most famous Poker players are Scorpios sun, Scorpio rising or Scorpio moon.

What’s confusing is astrologers worship these demonic, duplicit, manipulative assholes as if they are in touch with their emotions.

They’re not! They hide, evade and deny their emotions behind a smiling face, a fake friendship, a charitable cause or a poker face.

If you’re supposedly emotional but you hide it all the damn time, what’s the point?

Water signs are Emotionally Imbalanced most of the time, all this hype about Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces being in touch with their feelings is laughable.

9. Bill Gates heavily invest in Monsanto

A classic Scorpio move is to hide an evil agenda behind his fake charity. Is there a company more evil to invest in then Monsanto? This is what makes Scorpios more two faced then Gemini’s.

10. Scorpios are extremely jealous

They must underhandedly one up you. Unlike a Leo who will blatantly one up you, Scorpios try to be sneaky about it.

Highly perceptive people notice Scorpios are so jealous and petty it’s almost pitiful. Anyone whose attractive, talented or smart makes the Scorpio feel small and threatened.

The Scorpio then unloads competing for admiration and attention. They can be fierce yet quiet competitors who secretly want all eyes on them. They are incomprehensibly contradicting.

11. They are terrible parents

Scorpios trust no one! Not even their kids. They can easily dispose of them allowing their parents or the foster care system to take care of them when the Scorpio is in their feelings and just don’t give a damn!

Their kids never, ever come first and are often neglected. Scorpios children feel like they barely know their parents because Scorpios rarely talk to their kids or open up to them.

12. Sarcastic, underhanded comments

You can count on a Scorpio to have a quick sarcastic and sadistic comeback for everything you say to them.

It’s annoying. They’re so defensive and talking to them is like an endless game of ping pong with long spaces of silence in between and psychotic, blank stares.

Side Note: It takes Scorpios too long to open up in relationships.

It’s exhausting dating someone who just wont let you in. Scorpios think vulnerability is a weakness and trusting others is foolish. No wonder they’re relationships are just based on sex the majority of the time!

If they eventually let you in after 4 or 5 years of you fighting to open their heart, the minute you hurt them all hell will break lose. Run!

13. They speak in a soft, fake innocent low volume/tone.

When a Scorpio talks it sounds like a whisper. Nothing annoys an Aquarius more. Speak up or shut up. No one has time for that Michael Jackson soft tone. Lack of base in your tone conversation.

Grab your hearing aids, you’ll need it. They talk low because they think everyone is listening in on them or eavesdropping. Truth is no one gives a damn about what they have to say.

Scorpios strategically talk in inaudible tones so that the person who is asking them a question has to say “huh, repeat that I didn’t hear you.” Until they eventually forget what they were asking in the first place.

Every time a Scorpio speaks they move in on your ear and whisper like they’re telling you Classified government information but you just asked for directions to the Nearest Popeye’s.

14, They’re always looking around like someone’s watching them

They are people watchers. Not because they’re interested in people, but because they’re secretly at war with people.

Scorpios remind me of fugitives on the run. It’s comical how they look around at people like people actually notice their existence.

Scorpios love to “say so and so is stalking me…”

Scorpios put restraining orders on imaginary people. It’s called delusional paranoia, and there’s no cure.

15. Everything is a Strategy

Imagine how it feels hanging out with someone who always has a hidden agenda. Well just hang out with a Scorpio.

Everything they say or do is to appear to you a certain way but under the veil who they really are stays hidden.

They’re motives behind their agenda is for selfish means to attain business, a love interest, money, fame or pity.

There’s nothing authentic about these calculating, selfish, scripted pricks!

16. Low key shoplifters

A Scorpio can be filthy rich but still go to Macy’s and shoplift. They get off on the thrill of tricking people.

It’s orgasmic to a Scorpio to get away with stealing things without people finding out.

They’ll steal your belt or a small accessory and find it amusing to witness you go crazy looking for it while they have it in their pockets all along.

17. They collect things from people

They steal things and collect them. Every Scorpio has a box of trinkets they’ve stole from people at work, past lovers, friends, and strangers.

Don’t be surprised if you find a pair of your underwear, used condoms and a piece of weave in their creepy trinket box. Look through it if you dare!

18. Scorpios are connected to the underworld

They see ghost, monsters, demons and are obsessed with cats and religion. They like Tarot cards and occult artifacts. They like the graveyard shift and volunteer to witness exorcisms.

They have sex dungeons and exotic pet reptiles. Weirdos!

19. Manic depressive control freaks

One day they love you. The next day they hate you. Other days you just don’t exist because they create an eerie space between the two of you out of the blue!

They are mostly depressed and can be really fun to be around one day and really miserable to be around the next.

20. They have a psycho blank stare

You know that feeling you get when someone is staring at you? Then you turn around and it’s a Scorpio staring into your soul.

It’s a blank stare that immediately makes you uncomfortable and uneasy.

Regardless of everything horrible about Scorpios, I still admire a few of them who overcame their darkness or have undergone a successful exorcism.

By Janell Hihi @copyright2017


28 thoughts on “Scorpio: The Worst Sign Of The Zodiac

    1. I agree for the most part I laughed about the part you said that Scorpio look around them thinking that people are watching them like if they feel they been hunting or if they are running away like fugitive. It is a guilt they have inside them. I am married to a Scorpio and I adore him. I love this sign because it is true they can be evil, but when they love you they love you yo the end s d they are very loyal now you will never find out what they are thinking or what their true feeling are it is very intrigued, but that is the true about every sign st the end we are people and we are not perfect. Scorpio are very dark and very secretive, you only need to be a Virgo like me with Scorpio rising to understand Scorpio, now I wouldn’t trust a scorpion woman friend, I think they are worst than scorpion man.


  1. At first thought you were being serious coz some of this is true, then it started getting weird and sounded like you’re just hating on Scorpios because of a past ex that just happened to be a Scorpio, then I realized as I read more and more, you were just messing around :’) then I got to the comments and thought, das right, better not hate me, Scorpios lose there shit and become demons if they’re tested. (RUN)


    1. Lol you’re dumb.. Why is it that people ALWAYS assume harsh information is generated from past lovers? SMH stop being delusional/dumb and accept the truth for what it is! There isn’t a single sentence on this page that isn’t true!! Scorpios are easily one of the worst signs in the zodiac.. I find this obvious! Ya’ll are complete CREEPS! Ew.. especially that uncomfortable stare of yours which you guys think is sexy or something lmao I checked out your facebook buddy and you definitely need to chill with that stupid stare of yours.. You guys have very ugly souls and everyone knows you’re liars.. OH! How could I forget.. You guys are VAMPIRESSSS.. Completely draining/selfish people it’s crazy.. The world would be a much better place without you manipulative evil scorpios


      1. Maybe you just think that because it is true. Words only sting when its the truth. Maybe you had a bad relationship with a scorpio. Stop judging us before we start judge you. Peace out.


      2. Wow your hatred is showing, yes I see that you’re obsessed and I didn’t even have to stare into your soul lol! We are the most intriguing sign and the best (google that) outsiders just doesn’t understand us and sorry to say, they never will because we want it that way, only if you have been chosen, then you’ll understand. As far as being in touch with feelings, we are and we know how to control them and can feel yours and know everything about you because we feel everything.


      3. I’m a scorpio and a lot of the stuff on this was wrong but based on the truth. Where it says we look around as if someone is hunting us or something I do that except I do it just because I’m paranoid someone might try to kidnap my little sister and because I watch way too many movies. And I don’t stare at people unless they are doing something strange and suspicious. I am not selfish I’m selfless, I put everyone else before me. The only reason as to why I’m quiet and secretive is because I don’t want anyone to worry about me. I blame myself for things that weren’t even my fault. I don’t agrue that the world would be a better place without me, but thats because I just feel like a waste of space and a burden to everyone else.

        You can’t confirm if anything on this page was true because you are not a scorpio and I’m guessing you just assume that all of us are bad because of some bad scorpios


  2. ¡Hola, amiga! Tis I, a Scorpio!! Aaahhh. Better run, better hide. I think my exotic pet may have gotten loose. You’re right though, I am pretty weird. And gross. From the comment section I can see that people are taking this as a joke. Well what they don’t know is their fault. This is extremely offensive and not all of us are like this. I don’t know who you are, but I’m sure you’re not all pretty in pink, innocent god child. Look, I get it, we all have bad days. It’s fine that you decided to take all your self-pity anger out on us. 🙂
    WOAH. SORRY XD. I WAS KIDDING THAT ENTIRE TIME.. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE BUT, I love you and I’m sure you have a wonderful personality. I’m going to be honest and this is going to be so confusing XD. One of my biggest fears is that I’m
    not actually “in-touch” with people. Like I’m faking it all the time. This can make it hard to talk to people. And yes I know, it sounds like I’m maybe using that “charm” right now, but I’m not. I think that’s why a lot of Scorpios are distant from people. Maybe it’s hard for them to be honest because they’re afraid that if they are people will take that honesty and throw it away labeling it as “fake” or “manipulation”. And sometimes it probably is. No one’s perfect, and no, not everyone is like that. But maybe that’s why we shy away from being open and talking about our complexities. Because sometimes, it’s hard for even us to understand it. Anyways, I was just about to look for some dank memes on le Youtube, have a great life 😉


  3. I just kind of shrug this article off because yes, some of it’s true but I’m pretty sure Scorpios aren’t the only one’s like this. For example, my girlfriend is an Aries, and she’s very jealous and possessive over me. Oh, and did I mention very sexual and perverted? I’m a Scorpio and I’m more chill and laied back. So even though some of the “secretive and sexual” things are somewhat true, everyone is different no matter what your zodiac tells you to be like. Bye guys<3


  4. First of all I don’t give ppl weird ass stares and don’t glance around to see where the hell my “enemies” are. And Scorpios are not all about sex. Yes, not all of us are the same but some of us actually have a care in this damned selfish world. I’m proud to be who I am and i sure as hell dont seek attention or get jealous.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lmfao you say Scorpios are twisted, that we are but all we ask it’s for loyalty and truth. If you fail then yes we are the type of person that will make you question your existence. We don’t play but if we have to left it be known that we never lose 😂😏

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow scorpio aren’t good parents. Reading this low key make me feel like gods in correction I guess it’s cause I have if not all some of these traits. But hey so is any human being once the situation is ripe enough we all monsters inside.


  7. They’ve either got OCD, or they don’t wash and they stink. I recently experienced the latter as a flatmate. They used their “Asperger’s” as an excuse, but in reality were just too lazy/ determined to be different from everyone else.
    Nowhere else but in the sign of Scorpio is the faking of mental illnesses to garner sympathy/ financial support, alive and well. When you call them on their crap, they immediately start shrieking and threatening you with the police (Venus in Scorpio is a big one for doing this). With any luck, they will disappear soon thereafter.
    Put it this way, they are not fun to be around.
    – Aries


  8. I’m a Scorpio and can relate to most of this, BUT what you don’t understand about us, is we react to what OTHERS do, we don’t just pop off for no reason. So all of the things you listed is a reaction to what you did to us or made us feel. Not our fault you cant take our heat when you screw up. You betray us, lie to us, hurt us, or pretty much wrong us all together, then yes the stinger comes out and you’ll never get a second chance to wrong us again. The reason for such hostility is because we feel things very deeply and we put ALL of ourselves into the relationship whether it be friends,family, significant other, etc. We value the people we do allow into our life despite what your list says. It’s absolutely wrong about that. But if you’re lucky enough to have a Scorpio love you and/trust you, you have a partner for life. Were not all bad so you just must of pissed a lot of us off and probably deserved whatcha got in return.
    So…maybe it’s you that’s the problem :]

    Liked by 1 person

  9. How dare you expose my deepest darkest truth. I have practiced that stare for all my life, well at least since I became consciously aware of it… at 6 yrs of age.
    I am sending this to my wife so she can node along with your analysis as I did. Chuckling to myself at my own deep dark mind and completely agreeing.
    I am a good Daddy to my 3 girls and they may have had to maneuver around the beast but are all wiser for it. Funny and entertaining read.


  10. I CAN’T STOP LAUGHING AT THIS ARTICLE! I could relate but the one thing you fail to understand, We are not like this until you wrong us… I myself cut people off and let them comeback with some petty excuse after realizing they
    F’ked up and lost someone who is TRUE & REAL, that’s when my stinger comes out because its your time to get hurt.
    I don’t stare at people lol or give a look into your “soul” I don’t have to, to know you… A Scorpio broke your sensitive & sad heart. now, regretting it you felt that you needed to write this article about how you “see” us to be when infact we reflect your emetions and actions towards us back in your face, simple minded people as yourself see things one way and until you embrace & learn your faults and actions, you’ll forever be the same


  11. the author is on point….im a saggitarius knowing that u should know we honest as ever….i have acknowledged all these scorpio traits aswell….i dont know if they dumb enough to see it their self ….if they in denial?….or if they just plain evil like the devil who says he is just a whisperer when he has caused so much havoc on earth…


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